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Xonar essence stx

Xonar essence stx

Further testing was done using my reference monitors and the forward imaging produced was amazing. Sound imaging produced could trick you into thinking there was phantom center channel present as the stereo imaging was that convincing. The music has an almost layered sound with great depth giving the impression you could reach into the sound. All the testing material was in Lossless FLAC file format as I wanted to have pristine copies of my favorite test tracks for testing.

This card also has incredible clarity and detail present. The card has a very balanced bass response with no tubbiness, or looseness to notice. The bass heard was tight articulate and both punched and kicked with ease. Log in Register. Search only containers. Search titles only.

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It's also conceivable that enthusiasts would pay for an optional front-panel display with a quality bit volume control and LCD. Topics Audio. See all comments Awesome, and a very thorough review. I applaud the review, and the effort.

Keep up the good work. More please. Sergey Remizov 19 Jun Good afternoon. I'm from Russia, I use a translator, so I'm sorry if something is not clear. The device by default tried to select both "Speakers" and "Digital output" in general, the response is a full 0, which just did not try.

I reinstalled the drivers, tried the modified UniXonar drivers, tried the standard ones from the official Asus website, nothing has changed. I thought maybe the problem is in the Toslink - Toslink mini adapter, I bought an adapter, with the usual square SPdif input, connected it to the card, the connector lights up, but that with the adapter, that on a straight line, the reaction is again 0.

I began to sin on the receiver, checked it with a friend, through his sound card Asus Xonar AE the sound was output and everything worked. What could be the problem? I don't know what to do anymore. Thank you in advance. Sergey Remizov 23 Jun Guys, can anyone at least tell me what the problem is and where to look? I have been suffering for several weeks, for some reason there is no digital sound on the Xonar D1. I found the Dolby Digital format here, but the error pops up "the format is not supported by the device" can I fix it?

CarvedInside 04 Jul Did this issue started only recently, like in the past months? What is you complete version of Windows? Based on other reports I suspect this issue may be caused by Windows 10 version 21H1 update. Rolling back or installing a prior version will tell us that's the issue for you too. I tried all version, but just not launch panel.. C-Media panel working and cannot allow change sound from back ports and front output on case CarvedInside 21 Jun Your comment lacks essential information.

Please make more of an effort explaining next time. Did you notice a pattern when these random white noises happen, like when skipping a youtube video? Which IDs have you tried? Have you verified that the restored hardware ID is correct? For ASUS Xonar Audio Center not working, after changing your Xonar's hardware ID do the following: uninstall the Xonar drivers, restart, and when installing the drivers do not select another card other than the one that's detected by the UNi Xonar installer.

For the random white noises you should check this page for possible solutions. Yes 3. I reverted back old id after this problem with xonar panel 4. Yes I tried reinstall drivers, all methods not working, only reverted id helped and white noise fixed after all steps.

MT 21 Jun CarvedInside 23 Jun With the other Xonar DX ID , I think because the drivers and software can't access and control most of the card functions is why you don't get the random white noises. Or you haven't tested long enough to get one. Probably, but it seems I found a solution with white noise and a fading of one of the channels. Add HsMgr. So do it with AsusAudioCenter. So far, that it has for a long time of use has helped. By the way, try to make a new installer that removes all spaces in the names of folders from the installation paths, perhaps somewhere with this too, there is an incorrect work of executable files from drivers.

CarvedInside 20 Aug Did you had any white noise issues since then? If yes, I ask that you remake your comment under the dedicated page. If yes, add those as well to the comment remake. I will adjust your comment if needed. About the spaces in the name of folders. There is no indication that there is any problem from this, not to mention, one level above, you have "Program Files" name which has a space. Question: when I get an inquiry via email and I click it to respond, why this site doesn't direct me to the inquiring individual's post?

I always end up on a page that doesn't contain it. This is why my reply here is a post because the Reply button doesn't lead me to the person that sent me the email. CarvedInside 29 Jun The e-mail link didn't direct you to the inquiring individual's post only in one instance, with Sergey's comment that was made in that separate discussion thread that was to be deleted.

For that, it didn't direct you to his exact comment because I moved the comment, and instead of his original text, the linked comment had the message "Comment moved here ". This new card has been highlighted as the pinnacle of the Xonar soundcards at least as far as 2. The Essence STX boasts extremely impressive numbers across the board and this card has a dedicated high impedance headphone amplifier meant to power those high end headphones which usually require an external amplifier unit for maximum audio enjoyment.

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  1. Essence STX II delivers industry-leading dB SNR audio clarity, a much-envied quality inherited from the revolutionary and widely-acclaimed Essence STX sound card — and up to 64 times (64X) better than typical onboard audio hardware. Headphone output reaches a fantastic dB vivaldiaudio.combility: In stock.
  2. Jan 24,  · Technical details ASUS sent me both the Xonar Essence ST and Essence STX cards. They appear to be identical, other than the ST being configured to fit into a standard PCI slot on a legacy computer's motherboard, the STX conforming to the newer PCI Express standard. From here on, unless otherwise noted, my comments refer to both vivaldiaudio.comted Reading Time: 9 mins.
  3. Four years after the debut of Essence STX — the long-term holder of the number-one position in Head-Fi's Sound Cards segment, as voted by highly-satisfied users globally — ASUS remains committed to delivering ever better high-end sound cards to delight the most demanding audiophiles.4/5().
  4. Feb 12,  · The Essence STX boasts extremely impressive numbers across the board and this card has a dedicated high impedance headphone amplifier meant to power those high end headphones which usually require Information: website.
  5. ASUS Xonar Essence ST/STX soundcards With all the current fuss about getting audio data from a computer to a standalone D/A processor via S/PDIF, USB, FireWire, WiFi, or Ethernet (footnote 1), it has been overlooked that the oldest way to get audio from a PC is to use a high-performance soundcard plugged into the host machine's motherboard.3/5(1).
  6. The ASUS Xonar Essence STX is a PCI-e audio card that is designed for the music enthusiast. Equipping the Xonar Essence STX with the best components and the finest design, the STX delivers a top-of-the-line audio experience with a dB SNR rating.5/5().
  7. Aug 23,  · I've owned a Xonar Essence STX for a few years now and it's a great sound card. But today I saw a new card, the Xonar Essence STX II, in Asus's website. It might have been their for a while, I haven't checked for a new sound card since I bought mine in
  8. Fig.5 ASUS Xonar Essence STX, D/A waveform of undithered 1kHz sinewave at –dBFS, bit data (left channel blue, right red). The Essence STX's line output stage offered very low levels of harmonic distortion. Fig.6, for example, shows the spectrum of its output reproducing a full-scale 50Hz sinewave into the demanding ohm vivaldiaudio.comted Reading Time: 7 mins.
  9. Feb 25,  · The Xonar Essence ST (X) was one of the first cards designed specifically to support high-end headphones and bridge the gap between PCs Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins.