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X1 innerfidelity

X1 innerfidelity

Joined Nov 26, Posts 60 Likes Indeed I am sensitive to treble. Most hifi equipment is a bit "hot" in treble. We tend to like it. I visit classical concerts with big orchestras often no ear damage for those who may think Sure, if metalic instruments like copper or triangles step in, there is a lot of treble.

But I find that a lot of hifi equipment magnifies the brilliance of those instruments, at the expense of the harmonic structure in the mid and presence area; say from to Hz. The HD has been given a diffuse field response as much as possible based on measurements, and after that has been tuned with the bass as if you would listen to loudspeakers in a practical situation - to make it closer to a reference that is used for final mixing music in recordings.

For a lot of people without giving it a judgement! If you take a graphic equalizer, tune down the HD with 2 dB on the Hz and Hz, and add diagonally an increasing curve from 4kHz, via 8kHz to 16kHz, you get a headphone that emphasizes the pluck of a guitar instead of the guitar enclosure.

A record engineer could do the same BTW, by putting the microphone closer versus further away from an acoustical guitar. It's all a matter of preference, and there is no absolute reference. So, at the end, it depends on the records that you like to use as a reference. I do disagree with you on the mids from to Hz , there I find the headphones even pretty equal, supported by the measurements.

It's more like how the mid is relative towards the fundament area Hz and the treble 4kHz which are the biggest differences. Joined Jul 14, Posts Likes By the way I never tried the HD, but Hifivoice has perfectly described my feelings about the X2, I couldn't describe them better. Joined Jul 8, Posts Likes I did some measurements to see if I could equalize it properly. If you look at the on-ear performance, the look pretty similar, where you see the lack of energy in the fundament area of the X2 yellow and a nasty peak at 9kHz.

You also see a resonance of the enclosure at Hz. Or would it be better to down the freq around 9 a little bit. When I just bought the X1, there were only rumors about the X2 and couldn't wait buying one.

I haven't heard the X2 but I'm sure both are great phones. Joined Dec 16, Posts Likes Joined Jan 22, Posts 15, Likes 3, Joined Sep 15, Posts 25 Likes OK so I just exchanged mine with Amazon and the new pair is sounding much better. Seems like there are duds. Though I still get a weird faint hiss in my right ear when a specific drum hits or a cymbal like sound occurs. Anyone else have this sort of issue? I'm beginning to think that there's something wrong with my right ear.

I can flip the headphone around Left ear to right earcup and not hear the sound in either ear, though the X2 drivers are tilted so flipping the headphone doesn't exactly reverse the sounds. Joined Jan 29, Posts 1, Likes Busta Uppa New Head-Fier. Joined Jan 6, Posts 4 Likes I want a good stand to go with these. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Desire to learn and share knowledge of science required as is 20 years of participation in forums not all true.

Come here to have fun, be ready to be teased and not take online life too seriously. We now measure and review equipment for free! Click here for details. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter amirm Start date Jan 10, First Prev 4 of 9 Go to page. Tks Major Contributor Jan 10, Joined Apr 1, Messages 2, Likes 4, A lot of people complained about the numbers they generated.

I too had a lengthy talk with Sam about this. This was the solution he came up with. It makes sense for measurements but doubt it is accurate. My proposal is to have a rather large LF swing and superimpose a many dB's smaller frequency and measure what happens to the smaller signals only. That test signal doesn't exist AFAIK but would give more clarity as to what happens when a large LF swing modulates other frequencies in music.

Sam's goal was to use weigh the distortion measurement a bit better in the headphone ranking. That one is not solely based on FR conformity to a standard and tilt but also weighs in distortion and all other aspects. Robbo said:. It's absolutely definitely positive that I can know I wouldn't like a headphone from it's measurements.

Tks said:. I've heard something like this before. But aside from "complaints from people". What exactly was the problem in reality with their older graphs? Jan 10, I'm just not sure if that is actually from Philips or just made by an Amazon seller.

The older distortion plots showed substantial distortion in the bass but the numbers were for or 1kHz or so. There was no correlation and the weighting in the final 'rating' also was a bit off because of this.

It's just the way that Rtings rates That differs from Harman rating as well as the subjective rating from Oratory For this reason rating headphones is nonsensical.

Sure you get a ranking in all cases. You can put them in a list and publish it as evidence but in reality it isn't. In fact the rating from crinacle makes far more sense to me than the Harman rating and mostly would agree with that list the ones I know. MrOtto Active Member Jan 10, Joined Nov 4, Messages Likes Note Rtings do not use industry standard measuring equipment.

Pdxwayne Major Contributor Jan 10, Joined Sep 15, Messages 2, Likes I have always thought the low bass is a bit lacking. I have yet to be able to distort the bass before the sharp highs got to me first. I wonder what normal songs amirm used that can be played loud enough to produce the bass distortions, without the piercing highs get to me first I have the older X2 without the HR marking I purchased 5 years ago, the ones that were made by WOOX, before Gibson and whoever it is now got involved, wonder how they would measure up compared to the newer model?

I am a fan of these headphones when just kicking back jamming some hard rocking tunes. Robin L Major Contributor Jan 10, Right now I've got 7 headphones in the house. I prefer the X2 to the HD Totally agreed with Tyll there. However the microdynamics of the HD is better and the treble smoother.

The appeal is that it has more subbass and sounds more "open" than the HD I did not notice any treble spike although the treble seems to be less smooth than the HD I simply enjoy my music more on the X2 than the HD Poleepkwa , Nov 23, I agree with Claritas: there's a lot to like about the X2, mostly for the look and build quality.

It feels solid, durable and comfortable to wear. I really like the fact it has a standard trs detachable cable, contrarily to the actual trend from other manufacturers. And it's also a quite good sounding hp with spacious presentation and good impact. I sold it because the bass lift was bothering me after some time and mostly for the non smooth treble. RanocchiO , Nov 23, Yep, very bassy and sharp sounding. Fun at first. Wears on you after a while.

If it's all you listen to, it grows on you, but swapping back and forth between it and an HD paired with a good amp made me not want to listen to the X2. Hands , Nov 23, I agree, the X2 is pretty fun and it's a good fit for someone that just wants a good gaming pair and doesn't want to worry about all the setup costs of putting together a HD6X0 rig.

But it's not my ideal signature. I find sound signatures like that to be better suited for mobile devices, which is why I ended up with a V-Moda M SpaceLaser , Nov 23, I found it hard to enjoy the X2, despite it's 'fun' frequency response.

The bass was tiring and that treble spike was really disruptive. I had an X1 before hand and whilst not the most resolving can I didn't find it nearly as fatiguing as the X2. MikeD , Nov 23, The x2 was a fail for me also. My experience was similar to others here. At first it will wow you with deep impactful sub bass. But eventually the treble and the odd tone of the mids brought me to sell it.

Ice-man , Nov 23, Hated it. Too v-shaped. Psalmanazar , Nov 26,

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  1. Jun 04,  · InnerFidelity Headphone Measurements. Tyl Hertsens created a large database of over a thousand headphone and amplifier measurements while writing for vivaldiaudio.com, where these files originally appeared. Explanations about what the measurements mean can be found here. A description of the equipment and how the measurements are taken can be Estimated Reading Time: 40 secs.
  2. Mar 23,  · This story originally appeared at vivaldiaudio.com Philips Fidelio X1 ($) Man, what a nice, cuddly Teddy Bear of a headphone! Big round velour pads, real leather headband, cushy head pad. Yeah, I like it. The Philips Fidelio X1 is a full-size, around .
  3. Jan 04,  · The X1's upper midrange briefly peaks about 5 dB above the bass hump, but the treble drops back down to the same level and rolls off faster after 10 kHz. That the X1's bass is mostly contained in a Hz bass hump won't really decrease the perceived bass, it will actually enhance it with a punchier sound.
  4. This story originally appeared at vivaldiaudio.com It's warm and fuzzy, with a big bottom and a lively top. No, it's not my girlfriend silly, it's the new Philips Fidelio X1. And while it may not be a mate for life, it's sure fun to have for a little fling.
  5. This story originally appeared at vivaldiaudio.com It was a real treat being able to talk with Paul Barton about the PSB M4U 8 and NAD HP70 at RMAF last year. Paul has lead acoustic design for PSB, NAD, and Bluesound for a long, long time now; he's got a strong understanding of audio and when he designs a product it speaks of this knowledge.
  6. The X1 is more V-shaped, more intimate, and has smoother treble. That's the short version. The X2 has more clarity, separation, and wider soundstage, but the X1's treble is more accurate, IMO. You'd probably like the s if you like the X1, but you'll lose a little treble and bass and gain some neutrality. You'll also need an amp to make the.
  7. With X1, you experience TV and Internet together like never before with advanced search, personalized recommendations, apps at home and on the go and the fastest in-home WiFi for all rooms, all devices, all the time. You can control almost all aspects of your TV with the Voice Remote. For a quick list of phrases you can use with your remote.
  8. Aug 02,  · Sad to see innerfidelity gone, I used to check their site regularly. I quite enjoy their Wall of Fame until that was suspended awhile back. We want our beloved hobby to grow, not shrink, so its never good to see a quality site go dark. I suspect there are now too much competition from Youtube 'expert' audio reviewers with good production value.