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WeSee reduces claims fraud by providing assessors with key insight at point of application or first notice of loss by detecting a range of facial cues in real-time via video or mobile phone app.

WeSee helps the financial sector improve the customer management experience in-store, at the cash point and on the trading floor through real-time emotional recognition, driving better service, safety and security.

They built this system end-to-end for us, from the model training to the actual API that we used, and all in record time. The output of this system was used to make it easier for the video editors on the ground, equipped with their smartphones, to find the best clips to share on social media. Applying the latest in deep learning artificial intelligence, our core Visual Intelligence Engine VIE is developed with biologically inspired programming patterns called a Convolutional Neural Network CNN , which specialises in analysing visual imagery.

David has an extensive background in business and technology, and over the past decade has led highly successful European technology and media organisations.

Over a career spanning more than 20 years, Stuart has built a strong reputation for driving financial and operational performance, and developing strategic opportunities in high-growth technology businesses. His previous employers include software-as-a-service innovators Lineup Systems and GlobalExpense, online media business eQuantive and Microsoft, among others.

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Dr Yap is also a Fellow of several colleges. Fellowship in Canada Copyright Create a site with.

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  1. WeSee delivers safety, security and integrity across society and business by developing bespoke, practical, flexible, mobile-led solutions using the latest computer vision technology. Our advanced AI technology understands every multi-layered element within images and videos in .
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  3. Dec 14,  · In an episode of Nickelodeon’s The Adventures of Pete & Pete (“Splashdown”), a substance called “Wee-Wee See” is used to catch a pool-peeing perpetrator. And the .
  4. See Wee Restaurant - North of Mount Pleasant, Awendaw, SC. 24 Year Run of local Southern Home Cooking. using local Seafood and Suppliers. Our Menu. Ambiance- Authentic, Rustic, Diner-Style. Roadside local Favorite. Everything sourced locally, supports community and events. Events.
  5. Dr Yap Wee See was the Head of Department and Senior Consultant of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), from to , before he set up his practice in Mt Elizabeth Novena Hospital in July
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  7. Get there early and add your name to the list. It works well. The service was awesome, friendly and prompt! And the food was amazing. The pot roast cupcake appetizer is a must as well as the wings, absolutely delicious! The catfish, Mac and cheese and greens (made with smoked Turkey) were amazing! Ooh Wee It Is for sure! They have a repeat.
  8. Jul 16,  · In my As We See It column in the January Stereophile, I wrote about stories we tell ourselves to make our lives and music better—personal stories like the one about my relationship to my Thorens TD turntable, or about hanging out with your dad (or mom) listening to records. Also hi-fi stories like the ones about the types of audio components we prefer—analog, digital, tubed, solid.