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We should care

We should care

Sport was the first thing that helped me feel Australian. Twenty years later, sport has given me everything I dreamed of and more. A chance to join my voice with others and advocate for change. I grew up in Africa, surrounded by nature, swimming in Lake Malawi. Water was my safe place and I absolutely loved it. Our oceans, waterways, our climate, our planet.

The future looks bleak and the progress is too slow. You can help by getting involved with conservation, volunteering, and staying in contact your local environmental government agencies. First and foremost, a clean environment is vital to not only to our own healthy living, but survival of all living things.

The air we breathe is the most essential resource that the environment provides us with, and our efforts to reduce air pollution are currently not even pacing the pollution being pumped into the air daily especially in major cities.

According to the EPA, air pollution may increase risk of heart attacks, asthma, bronchitis, and premature mortality. There is also evidence to suggest that most indoor air can be up to five times more toxic than it is outdoors.

But air pollution is not the only type of pollution we should be concerned with. The CDC also warns that water pollution may increase risks of gastrointestinal illness, reproductive problems, and neurological disorders. The importance of caring for the environment is absolutely paramount for many reasons.

Perhaps most importantly, we need to make sure that we leave this place better than when we came for the next generations whose job s it will be to also look after the planet. With that in mind, here are a few ways to take care of our environment:.

According to the EPA, in alone, 2. We care about our loved ones, careers, material things, and living a purposeful, successful life. Yet, all the things we care about most are at risk as the world gets warmer. As Earth heats up, people across the globe are experiencing more intense rainstorms, severe droughts, powerful tropical cyclones, and extreme heat waves.

Rising sea levels are flooding coastal areas, destroying homes, precious natural spaces, and quite literally swallowing entire islands. Some populations of animals have started to die out. The most vulnerable among us — children, the elderly, and the poor — are in danger from increasing heat stress and air pollution.

And unless we act , it will all get worse. Harris said a recently completed report for the state of Virginia on the health of capital cities across the country holds some dubious distinctions for Richmond, including its third rank nationally for asthma cases. Faith Harris. We have to be interfaith with this because we are all breathing the same toxic air. It makes us go back to a place of dependence and interdependence rather than a place of exploitation.

Harris said that God has never rescinded the command to care for the Garden of Eden. Veronica Carter.

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