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Violoncello ii loudspeaker

Violoncello ii loudspeaker

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Ut tincidunt ante libero, in ornare sapien sagittis id. Whilst on retro, Pink Floyd's The Wall followed. Smaller chamber music? Beethoven's Sonatas with Isabelle Faust and Alexander Melnikov had proper intimacy, microdynamic expressivity and nearfield resolution. Artificial synth extravanganzas? No sweat. I know of few speakers which span this gamut with such aplomb. If the Magellan prefix really meant to indicate mastery of the grand arc over the most diverse of musical styles Circumnavigatrix indeed!

Did that make the Triangle Cello II the ultimate speaker? Those don't exist. On soundstaging I've rarely come across a speaker with less personality. The Cello II simply seemed to paint whatever the recording told it to. If the recording engineer reached deep into his grab bag of effects like at the beginning of "Damned if I do" from Ursula Rucker's Silver or Lead where the songstress lights a cigarette under a virtual acoustic loupe, this telegraphed with excellent believability I'll restrain myself from mentioning the bass which kicks in shortly after.

Even so the Cello II doesn't make space. In that regard rather more middle of field than awesome, Eva Cassidy's Live at Blues Alley very properly showed middling depth but grabbed points with dynamic qualities. Dee Dee Bridgewater's Live At Yoshi's meanwhile was recorded with spectacular staging cues and here I could track each and every small movement of the singer on stage.

With classical too I only noticed differences in recordings rather than traits I'd pin on the speakers. The older albums of a Solti sampler I love— Solti the master conductor , what a bloody awful title however—in general all display a big deep space in which the orchestra is properly separated out into individual soloists and groups but still comes across as one complex integral sound body.

Individual instruments and groups were all precisely located but in what exactly was hardly clear to make for more artifice just as the recording presents it. Where the Cello truly surprised me was getting along with virtually any album. I always felt that I was told exactly what distinguished each production from the next.

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  1. Sep 27,  · The Acapella High Violoncello II This beautifully finished speaker is a large, three-way floorstander. Its rectangular enclosure, 50" tall and substantially constructed, houses three 11" treated paper-cone woofers, one of which internally loads the other two in isobaric vivaldiaudio.comted Reading Time: 6 mins.
  2. Jan 13,  · The Acapella High Violoncello II is a new development of Acapella. By the increased volume of playback, to further substantial gains in the low frequency contour. The cabinet has become even more massive than the High Violon, with a total weight of lbs per speaker. Acapella High Violoncello.
  3. Acapella specifies the High Violoncello II's sensitivity as 93dB/V/m. My B-weighted estimate on the tweeter axis was even higher than that, at dB (B)/V/m—significantly higher than vivaldiaudio.comted Reading Time: 11 mins.
  4. John Atkinson returned to the Acapella High Violoncello II in October (Vol No): When I reviewed this $80,/pair, three-way horn loudspeaker in the September issue (p), for the bulk of my auditioning I had the level controls of the ionic tweeters set to their minimum vivaldiaudio.comted Reading Time: 7 mins.
  5. Jan 13,  · Even music buffs were left impressed when Germany’s Acapella unveiled the $80,/pair High Violoncello II speakers at this expo. Unlike ordinary speakers that boast of silk or metal composite, the High Violoncello II has a mass-less ion tweeter. The ion tweeter uses a high-voltage pulsating arc that is modulated by the musical signal to Author: Namrata Dixit.
  6. The Acapella High Violoncello MK II is a new development of Acapella. By the increased volume of playback, to further substantial gains in the low frequency contour. The cabinet has become even more massive than the High Violon, with a total weight of lbs per speaker.
  7. The Cello II is always dynamic and always controlled. Music is highly precise, lively and very resolved whilst living tonally on the slimmer than warmer side. This makes for a very universal transducers that's fit for any musical style but also ups demands on performer and recording quality.
  8. Loudspeakers: Gaithain ME, Thiel SCS4 Cables: Vampire CC interconnects; Fast Audio Compact 6M biwire Power delivery: Audioplan FineFilter S, PowerStar S sockets, PowerPlant S conditioner, PowerCord cables HiFi-Rack: BassoContinuo Review component price: €/pr; Circumnavigatrix. Triangle Magellan Cello II. Does that sound French to you?
  9. Feb 14,  · Cello Audio Palette, Performance II Amps, Cello Stradivari Grandmaster Speakers Reviewed Instant classics well before their maker closed his doors, this Cello .