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What is the point for a graduate to mention their nursery and primary school on their CV? Employment and work history The employment and work experience section of your CV contains information on your previous jobs and work history. In the above CV example, the main responsibilities or duties performed are missing so the employer will have no idea about what the candidate was doing in those roles!

The candidate should omit irrelevant or otherwise insignificant work experience. Having worked as a cleaner in will not make the candidate a better IT professional in !

The entries are poorly formatted and aligned. The presentation of the information i. Good example: Employment history Jun — Present IT Manager Maplins Mentoring and training new IT staff; Researching, installing and configuring new computer systems; Ensuring that all relevant licensing laws are adhered to; Keeping up to date with the latest technologies.

Provided extensive IT support to internal and external stakeholders; Installed and configured computer hardware operating systems and applications; Monitored and maintained computer systems and networks; Resolved, diagnosed and solved network problems and relevant software faults. Good example: Level 3 N. Skills In the skills section, you should include a list of your key skills and abilities that will enable you to do the advertised job well.

It gives the impression that the candidate has just listed a bunch of skills just for the sake of listing them, without actually possessing these skills. Bad example: I enjoy skiing, hiking, playing football, going to the gym, eating out with my friends, bird-watching and going to church on Sundays.

Do not disclose political or religious affiliations. Avoid listing too many hobbies. Good example: Hobbies and interests I enjoy reading non-fiction books, building computer networks, solving puzzles and socialising with friends and family. References The references section is the final part of your CV containing the contact details of two people who know you well, have worked with you before and who can vouch for you to the employer. Different types of CVs — which format is appropriate for you?

School leaver CV A school leaver CV is an ideal format for young people who have just finished school or college and have little or no work experience. The ideal length of this CV should be 1 A4 page long. The candidate should place a lot of emphasis on transferable skills, qualities and abilities rather than on work experience or qualifications. Graduate CV A graduate CV is an ideal format for university students, graduates and young professionals who possess at least an undergraduate degree and some work experience.

The ideal length of this CV should be 2 A4 pages long. Candidates should put a lot of focus on relevant qualifications, work experience or professional training. Skills-based CV A skills-based CV , also known as a functional CV, is an ideal format for candidates that do not have the relevant qualifications or work experience but do have transferable skills that could help them do the job well.

A lot of emphases should be put on skills, abilities and personal qualities that would be useful for the advertised role. Each skill or quality needs to be backed up by real-world examples i.

Unlike conventional CVs, they also have several additional sections dedicated to research interests, publications, conference presentations, teaching activities, awards and professional memberships. Typically, they are between pages long. Use short sentences and bullet points It is important to remember that recruiters tend to scan CVs rather than read them in detail. Tailor your CV to the particular job Each CV should be carefully amended and tailored to the job for which you are applying.

Good luck! Working on your CV? Recommended resources:. Write a Cover letter Cover letter writing guide Cover letter tips Cover letter salary expectations. By using the site you agree to our privacy settings. Read More Accept. Close Privacy Overview This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.

We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. You should also use official letterhead that has your name and contact information across the top, in whatever way you've chosen to present it. Each letter is addressed to a specific person, a greeting that's more personal than, "Dear Hiring Manager.

Finally, every letter concludes with an invitation to contact the writer for any further information. Then the writer may include her position, company, phone number, and email below her name.

The strongest letters start out with an immediate statement of support. They might say, "It's my honor," "It's my pleasure," or "I'm very pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for Joe. In the first paragraph, explain who you are and why you're qualified to recommend the candidate.

Write a line or two of praise about her professional and personal strengths, perhaps with a summary of the main points you'll present in the rest of the letter. As mentioned above, strong letters typically include two to three body paragraphs with specific anecdotes about the candidate. They don't just describe the applicant's great qualities and accomplishments; they give examples and prove to her prospective employer that she's made achievements in the past that predict future success.

You might talk about a project or responsibility of the applicant or the value she's brought to your company. Depending on your relationship with the candidate, you might focus more on her work performance or personal character in your recommendation letter. An employer will focus more heavily on professional skills while a coworker may add personal qualities.

A friend or neighbor providing a character reference would produce the most personal letter. It falls upon the candidate to choose her recommenders wisely and to share any relevant information about the prospective position to help them write the best letter they can. As long as you incorporate the key features discussed above and take the time to make your letter positive and specific, you'll provide a strong recommendation letter that will help your employee, colleague, or friend get hired.

And who knows—perhaps in a year or two, she'll be writing a recommendation letter for you! Are you tasked with writing a recommendation letter for a student applying to college? If so, check out these samples of recommendation letters from teachers and counselors, along with additional writing tips and a thorough recommendation letter template!

She has years of teaching and college counseling experience and is passionate about helping students achieve their goals and improve their well-being. Our new student and parent forum, at ExpertHub. See how other students and parents are navigating high school, college, and the college admissions process.

Ask questions; get answers. How to Get a Perfect , by a Perfect Scorer. Score on SAT Math. Score on SAT Reading. Score on SAT Writing. What ACT target score should you be aiming for? How to Get a Perfect 4. How to Write an Amazing College Essay.

A Comprehensive Guide. Choose Your Test. Why Are Recommendation Letters Important? As you write your letter, make sure it does the following: 1: Explains Why You're Qualified to Recommend the Candidate In order to hold weight, a recommendation letter should come from a reputable source.

Sample Recommendation Letters As you read through the nine free job recommendation letters below, notice how they all share the three key features described above, even though they differ in terms of their source and target audience.

Heartfelt Resignation Letter Examples This resignation letter example includes thanks and appreciation for the opportunities provided by the employer.

Here's another letter that expresses sincere gratitude and appreciation for a manager and an organization. Resignation Letter Example With Regret Use this example when you want to express your regret at leaving. Thank You Resignation Letter Example Use this example to thank your employer and ask to keep in touch.

Independent Contractor Resignation Letter This example is an independent contractor resignation letter you can send via mail, as an email attachment, or in an email message.

Nurse Resignation Letter Example Letter of resignation example for a nurse giving notice. Teacher Letter of Resignation Example Letter of resignation example to use when you are a teacher resigning from a position with a school. Temporary Job Resignation Letter Example Use this resignation letter sample to formally notify an organization where you have been temping that you are submitting your resignation and will not be completing the assignment. Volunteer Resignation Letter Sample Resignation letter sample for a volunteer position.

Download the resignation letter template to use to write your own letter compatible with Google Docs and Word Online or review more templates to choose from.

Please accept this letter as notice that I will be resigning from my job here at Acme Corp. My final day of work with be August Thank you for the support and the opportunities you have provided me over the course of the last six years.

You and our team have created a climate that makes it a pleasure to come to work each morning, and I will miss you all. If I can do anything to help with your transition in finding and training my replacement, please let me know. Farewell Letter Examples Sample farewell letters to send to co-workers, with advice on what to include when you tell them you're leaving your job.

Goodbye Letter Samples Sample letters for when you accept a new job, are retiring or resigning for other reasons, or your co-worker is the one moving on to a new position. Job Searching Leaving Your Job. Part of. Writing Your Resignation. Timing Your Resignation.

Explaining Your Resignation. Leaving a Temporary Job. Table of Contents Expand. Table of Contents. Basic Resignation Letter Samples.

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