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The year 2015

The year 2015

Initially, the essay was first published in but was lost since. Then, in a copy was found and made available in the Bodleian Library in Paris based brand Givenchy for the first time decided to showcase its collection at the New York Fashion Week instead of Paris. It was also intended to pay homage to those who lost their lives in the September 11 attacks.

For years, it has been introducing spectacular collections and takes the lead in setting new trends. Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the highest-grossing film of the year. It was the first installment of the Star Wars Trilogy and its success was not a surprise, surprisingly.

With fans numbering billions, the film was sure to be the biggest hit of the decade and one of the highest-grossing films of all time. Released in , Jurassic World is the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park series. It was an action-packed movie that gave the fans what they asked for. Madonna stepped onto the stage wearing an oversize cape. During the performance, a performer was supposed to tug it from the neck. Instead, it failed to release and Madonna was pulled backward down some steps.

The singer did not lose focus and kept performing while being applauded by the crowd. However, later she admitted that it was not something major as she was used to falling. Game of Thrown is notorious for killing important characters. But the series took a step ahead when it decided to possibly kill Jon Snow. The last moments of season 5 sparked craziness amongst the fans. As soon as the episode ended, fans all over the world were coming out with theories suggesting that Jon Snow could not be killed, it was rather that they did not want to believe.

Taken together with spikes for terrorism immediately following these events, we see that fear of threats from without are echoed by fear of threats from within; proposals for heightened security and surveillance, anti-immigration policies, and comments about the rhetoric of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump all provide the context in which fascism appears.

Racism is a word that has been trending high all year, with spikes of lookups following the South Carolina church shooting in June and the University of Missouri protests in November. Videos of police shootings of black men have provoked a national conversation about race and justice, and the Black Lives Matter movement combined street protests with political activism at presidential candidate events.

Feminism was looked up frequently in for many cultural, academic, and personal reasons not necessarily connected with the news or popular culture, but several spikes do correspond with stories in the media. The school later apologized. While socialism got the biggest share of lookups for a single word this year, other political -isms have also been looked up for comparison. Communism and socialism have complex definitions that partly overlap, and the two often seemed interchangeable during the Cold War.

Is communism socialism? Is socialism communism? The dictionary definitions help clarify. Capitalism has been consulted so often in tandem with socialism that the two were named the dual Words of the Year in Then as now, it was clear that the two systems were being compared. Harry Potter. Board Games. Performing Arts. Musical Theater. Circus Arts. Tabletop Gaming. Metal Detecting.

Outdoor Hobbies. Model Trains. Welcome to HobbyLark! Related Articles. Two months later, she was sworn in as Chancellor. By then she had dispatched Kohl, her mentor and patron, by publicly calling in December for his removal after he became tangled in a campaign-finance scandal. She had served him for eight years, plus another year in the opposition, and simply announced his time was up. Yet Germans call her Mommy. The country has grown steadily more prosperous on her watch, thanks in part to changes put in place by her predecessor, but also to the sure hand by which she navigated the global recession.

Germany overtook France as the most competitive major European economy and found trading partners outside the continent, especially China. Critics complain that she governs by poll, moving cautiously in order to test the limits of policy. Der Spiegel reported that in the space of four years, her Chancellery commissioned more than such surveys. But caution has also been her calling card nearly from birth.

Her method is to study a problem to its foundations, vacuuming up data and asking endless questions. She uses it for making telephone calls to foreign leaders—something she does a lot—and ceremonial events. Every other visit is a working visit and takes place at the long conference table near the door, where she spends most of her day. When, after much study, she decides on a course, she is unlikely to announce what it is, preferring the freedom of proceeding step by step on a map never made public.

But she also has a record of scanning the globe from a high altitude, focusing intently on dangers not yet apparent to others. Defense Minister pointedly observed, to applause. In , on a visit to his Black Sea residence, the Russian strongman opened the door during a photo opportunity and let in his massive Labrador, named Koni.

Merkel, whose fear of dogs is well known, eyed the canine with visible distress as it sniffed around her. Cameras whirred, and from the next chair Putin watched with a broad smile and legs spread wide.

But she refused to be drawn. Her analytical, cerebral approach to governance has brought Merkel closer to U. President Barack Obama than either of them would have thought after she denied him permission to make a campaign speech at Brandenburg Gate, a historic Berlin venue reserved for leaders who have already been elected.

Unlikely as it may sound in the era of Donald Trump and Barack Obama, the blandness is an asset. I did this. Part of it has to do with history. And rhetoric. Merkel used to fidget at the podium, never sure what to do with her hands. When she finally found a comfortable position, fingertips pressed to each other like Spock, it became a signature. But she really means what she says. Her Nov. Her attire is equally predictable: a colored blazer, black pants.

On Nov. When Hillary Clinton was U. Secretary of State, Merkel presented her with a framed copy of a German newspaper that ran a photo of the women, both in blazers and black slacks, their hands clasped in front of them but their heads cropped.

Angela Merkel? Hillary Clinton? By the accounts of colleagues and visitors, Merkel is as entertaining in private as she is stolid in public. In the right mood, she will caricature other public figures to devastating effect, and finds an edge in conversation to make pointed jokes, both at her own expense and that of others. Bombastic males are a specialty. Select reporters can see the playful and barbed side of Merkel when, on trips abroad, she calls them into the salon on her Airbus A or in occasional small-group briefings at the Chancellery.

But the occasions are strictly off the record, and no one dares disobey. Glimpses are visible sometimes, however, in the behavior of world leaders emerging from closed-door sessions with her. Sarkozy went from narcissist to wingman on the euro. George W. Bush famously sneaked up on her from behind at a G-8 summit and started to give her a neck rub. She clenched and shook him off, then turned and came up with a smile. Her inner circle is more like a knot consisting of just six or seven key aides, two of whom have been with her the whole 10 years.

In the mids, Merkel told Koelbl she was thinking of leaving politics. Her body language grew more confident. Looking back, Koelbl notes the change coincided with her decision to run for Chancellor. Whatever reserve Merkel located within herself, associates say it is replenished by her private hours. Unified Germany is a relatively new democracy.

It has no finished official residence, and if it did, Merkel would continue to live in the central Berlin apartment she shares with her husband, whose name is on the buzzer. She is living modestly. About , people had applied for asylum since January at that point, twice the number of the previous year, but the baseline says a lot about what the country had become used to. But perhaps the least known is its embrace of new arrivals.

National Socialism built a fascist state on the ideal of a master race and a myth of genetic purity, but postwar Germany has become something of a nation of immigrants.

Then, in the s, came the Turks, guest workers from small-town Anatolia who were needed to fill a labor shortage. Though not immediately integrated into German society, a half-century later their absorption is regarded as a model for other Muslim arrivals. They had to send their kids to kindergarten. They are German now. My sister-in-law is Turkish. Next were the Spanish, Portuguese, Greeks, Italians—workers from the Mediterranean countries that would later falter—all for jobs. All learned the language of Goethe, which was the key to integrating in a culture that, along the way, lost some of its heaviness.

Few miss it. In her youth, Tempel says inviting the neighbors over for a meal required formal invitations and elaborate preparation.

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