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The emt 997

The emt 997

The has one of the best bearings I have ever come across and you can still get spares from EMT! The was equipped with the same phono equalizers as the , and here it is time to speak about their quality. They are not all on par with the turntables. The s are very sought after and fetch high prices, but sonically they do not compete with good modern tube designs. A pair of mono As come second, then the st.

Forget the s! The s and the Swiss Eymann are better, but still not worth the money. If you find a or with the tube EQ, then sell the EQ. If you find one with a or , use the chassis to build your own phono preamp inside. I often used a simple Neumann design with modern parts and first-class Neumann MC transformers which outperform all transformers I know of or our own Phonogen design.

With the EMT preamps, you can not even get close to how these tables perform. The stereo version of the EMT is the st. Most s were eventually fitted with a stereo tonearm. Be careful with the power supplies! If you have the early model for the eq, then you can plug in the 15 5 as well, but if you want to use the , then you will have to change the pin layout!

Same for the Eymann equalizer, which is pretty rare. But again, these equalizers do not give you the full pleasure you can have with these wonderful turntables. The sounds very similar to the , with a little less authority and a bit more speed.

The difference is a matter of taste. Of course, the is more sought-after and worth every penny of its higher price.

It is the question of whether you prefer to drive a top Mercedes or a top BMW! A Garrard is a good Austin Mini-Cooper. As mentioned before, the first EMT cartridges were all built by Ortofon.

In German, they are called "Tondosen", i. There is no need for alignment, the correct overhang and angle is given automatically! We have the OF-series and the T-series. The O-series are all mono heads. When EMT started to manufacture their own cartridges, they kept the same names as when they were built by Ortofon. However, they changed from bakelite to a special magnesium alloy for the headshell material. For 78s, it is recommended to use the sapphire tip because it sounds much better.

It doesn't last as long as the diamond tip, but it is much cheaper. There are several other very famous cartridges built by EMT listed in the table to right. EUR 2 , Showing Slide 1 of 2. Er hat nur wenige Gebrauchsspuren, aus 1 Meter Entfernung sieht der Tonarm aus wie neu. The tone arm EMT offered here has very few operating hours.

This left little choice: at the end of the s the last EMT rolled off the factory in Kippenheim. The production of professional audio equipment was gradually discontinued. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Elektro-Mess-Technik.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. ISBN Abstract Epithelial-mesenchymal transition EMT is defined by the loss of epithelial characteristics and the acquisition of a mesenchymal phenotype.

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  1. EMT Studio-Tone Arms. EMT and series standard tone arms for use on all original EMT-Broadcast turntables, as model R80/*, , , or Today, the 12" model (Banana) tone arms are available in these 3 versions: i.
  2. Depending on the mounting possibility and the tone arm base it is partly possible to mount EMT also on foreign turntables. As there are two versions available (with connection for EMT cartridges and with connection for cartridges with international connection) you may eventually want to use it for long cartridges (like EMT XSD15) or for short cartridges (like EMT TSD15i).
  3. EMT For Sale (2) Sold/Expired. Filters. Grid. List. The search result contains affiliate links to partners of Hifishark. Use these links to ensure a small donation to Hifishark upon your purchase! Filter by.
  4. Like the EMT also the EMT (the Banana) was developed as replacement for the Ortofon arms being used on the EMT in the beginning. Also this tone arm is balanced dynamically and is working independent of the position. The output is made with open leads which are soldered directly to the input of the equalizer amplifier at the EMT
  5. Feb 18,  · Selling my Pristine EMT 12" banana tonearm)This is a later production model (post ) when they re-released it. The arm is in excellent overall condition. These arms come with no termination to the tonearm leads and has uncut original long EMT colored wires. Comes with the .
  6. Oct 19,  · EMT tonearm Rocky Mountain Audio Fest – Standout Systems that Turned Hotel Rooms into Listening Rooms, Part 1 Posted on October 19, April 14, .
  7. Über den Tonarm EMT muss man nicht viel erzählen. It is allowing the playing of discs in any position and thus ensures a low-noise scanning for obtaining a most neutral scanning signal. It is overhauled, technically as new and also optically in an excellent vivaldiaudio.com Rating: % positive.
  8. The later EMT-built tonearm, the , was a completely different design –- lighter, with different bearings, and not S-shaped but curved. It is a matter of taste which of the above-discussed arms are better, since all of them are excellent. EMT also built a special version of the turntable, the EMT S.