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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Joined Nov 12, Posts 33 Likes 0. Very positive praises! Elizabeth New Head-Fier.

Joined Jun 2, Posts 8 Likes 0. On April 14, after getting Stereophile from mailbox, reading, then read review of Little Dot. So I rush to eBay, find, buy.

So one is on it's way to me hopefully soon. Interesting comparo Joined Apr 6, Posts Likes How can you trust an "objective" magazine that gives every piece of gear, even down to resonance footers, a good review?

That was obvious to me when I first picked up the mag, and I did't know anything about hi-fi. I"m not saying anything about the little dot, just that Stereophile reviews are worthless.

Joined Sep 12, Posts Likes Joined May 16, Posts Likes I have to agree with tvrboy. Average price is chosen over of median price because it seems to me a more useful number given the wide range between lowest and highest price for any given type of audio equipment. The average price does seem high. It also seems to substantiate the criticism that Stereophile reviews expensive equipment — but that would be wrong.

Perhaps a better method for determining the threshold is to base the price point on some combination of income and price of luxury goods here in the U. The wide dispersion in pricing says more about the hi-fi industry than about Stereophile , and likely contributes to the flagging state of the business. It is difficult for a buyer to justify the presumably large difference in costs for subjectively better components given the diminishing return of the higher priced equipment.

I will leave it to others more qualified than I to elaborate on how pricing of low, mid and high-end equipment have affected the industry. For now, my point is that the criticism directed at Stereophile about the affordability of the reviewed components has less to do with prices per se than with pricing as a whole and the lack of a way to determine comparative value between the components.

Other Questions and Criticisms Addressed Since I already have the data, I did some additional analysis to address other questions and criticisms that have been raised by readers. One criticism related to pricing is that the recommended component class hierarchy seems to be based on pricing, with class A going to the highest-priced equipment.

To my surprise, there is only a The manufacturer does indeed have the highest number of reviews: 13, which, however, makes up only 5. Triangle has 6 reviews 2. The 16 sample issues reviewed products from manufacturers! Supported Test tone is only 1 kHz which is limiting. Aug 31, Anyone ever find the calculation for this? I would be happy to implement it in my reviews if it's useful. But I don't have time to hunt the equation down or the like. Martin Major Contributor Forum Donor.

MZKM Did you get to adding this to your tables? Thread Starter Martin said:. Read the thread. The link is in the 4th post. You need to buy the paper to get the formula. Nov 30, Please see attached. You can skip everything and jump to the last equation showing the formula for calculating EPDR from impedance magnitude and impedance phase magnitude. Just a note of caution that the EPDR derivation is based on a class-B output stage so it's valid for typical class-AB amps but certainly not for class-A and probably has only marginal relevance for class-D amps would love to hear from a class-D expert on this topic.

For your background, the Benjamin Eric paper includes a thorough analysis of how to relate the speaker load to the amplifier dissipation but it's actually Keith Howard himself who invented EPDR as a cleaner way to present the data. I don't think that Keith has ever published the final calculation so when I came to want to do this myself I had to re-do the derivation and check with Keith that it matched his calculation.

The PDF is from my raw notes and was never intended for publication. It's a bit rough but seems like there's enough interest to justify me posting in this form. Kind regards, Jack. EPDR sketch2. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads.

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  1. REVIEWS. Over the years, Stereophile has created the largest body of credible audio information available anywhere. Each month we add more articles and reviews from the magazine to this online database, including information about setting up audio systems, understanding the science of audio, and how we test and listen to equipment and.
  2. Aug 18,  · So, when Jim Austin suggested I review a Dynaudio speaker "because they haven't gotten much press," it resonated with my deep-seated guilt. A little research revealed that the last Dynaudio speaker Stereophile reviewed was the 40 Special in November The last floorstander was the Dynaudio Sapphire in !
  3. May 01,  · Stereophile has reviewed two somewhat controversial products in recent issues. The Italian Grandinote Shinai integrated amplifier, which Robert Schryer wrote about in November is a solid-state design but with an output stage that resembles that of a typical push-pull tube amplifier.
  4. May 21,  · Though the brand was established with the 25Wpc DR-2, the first review of a Classé amplifier to appear in Stereophile, by Larry Greenhill, was of the later DR-3, in December No fewer than 22 reviews of Classé products are available in our free online archive. Continue Reading». Solid State Power Amp Reviews.
  5. Stereophile Staff | Aug 14, | 0 comments. EISA, or the Expert Imaging and Sound Association, is an organisation representing 60 of the most respected special interest publications and websites from 29 countries that cover Hi-Fi, Home Theatre Video, Home Theatre Audio, Photography, Mobile Devices, and In-Car Electronics.
  6. Sep 19,  · Recommended Components: Fall Edition. Products listed here have been formally reviewed in Stereophile, and we have determined them to be among the finest available in each of four or five quality classes. Whether a component is listed in Class A or Class D (or E), we consider it to be a genuinely recommendable product.
  7. "(Stereophile) went through 18 straight issues in 20wherein every component they reviewed (yes, every last one) made (their) recommended components (list). In , 70% earned recommendation.
  8. Sep 02,  · No one taught me more about the heralded tone of Ortofon SPU cartridges, the magical pacing of idler-drive turntables, or the dynamics and speed of horn-loaded speakers than Art Dudley, Stereophile's late deputy editor. His equipment reviews and monthly Listening columns weren't merely tutorials on how to review audio equipment with insight and an individual voice; they were also an.