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Should just get what you like. Thread Starter 7. To the efficiency point, a quote from the Art Dudley Klipschorn review: "In the years since the Klipschorn's debut, loudspeaker technology has progressed in many ways.

Speakers that sound timbrally neutral and uncolored are much more common today, as are speakers with consistent and effective dispersion across their operating range. Thanks to the pioneering work of people like Jon Dahlquist, Jim Thiel , Richard Vandersteen , and John Fuselier footnote 2 , physical time alignment of drivers in a dynamic loudspeaker system is virtually a given these days, and the problem of baffle edge diffraction has been identified and smacked upside the head.

The result is a great selection of loudspeakers that offer apparently flat frequency response, superb stereo imaging, and great airiness and transparency. And what did we give up to gain such easy access to all those things? Natural-sounding dynamics. Body— especially body. And soul. Thread Starter 8. True, but that doesn't mean that some level of objective measurement is worthless, especially given how hard it is to audition speakers in person these days with the dearth of brick and mortar stores.

Thread Starter I understand that. High-end home audio magazine. Audit Bureau of Circulations. Retrieved January 21, Encyclopedia of Recorded Sound. ISBN Billing City. Billing Zip. As an added benefit you will receive uninterrupted service and delivery of your magazines, and your subscriptions will be automatically renewed at the lowest publicly available rate on our website.

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Complete order. Stereophile Subscription Ordering Help. Visit the Publisher's Site Learn more by visiting the publisher's official site. Customize Gift Card. Choose Another Card. Send gift to:. Send date:. Email for gift card. Delete Gift Card? Are you sure you want to delete this gift card from your subscription? It happened just after Ladies Who Lunch, our regular Friday afternoon lunch-n-chat for audio poobahs at the Grand Sichuan restaurant in Chelsea.

A full set of measurements was performed with serial number. Analog sources Dr. Digital sources MacBook Air laptop, Mac mini run. Grandinote Shinai. What should it do? Looking first at its behavior via its line inputs, I performed most of the testing with the balanced inputs and balanced outputs and with the v.

The Yamaha A-S is a strikingly beautiful, all-analog integrated amplifier. Looking at it makes me feel good but also reminds me how much of. Like the Holo Audio May Le. Stereophile 8 min read Computers. Ever since I stopped using my Audio Research SP10 preamplifier in the early s—its eight phono-stage tubes used to get too noisy too quickly—I tried a variety of standalone phono preamplifiers.

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  1. Jun 08,  · Home» Galleries» Show Photos and Reports» The Usual Suspects. Let's see, that Jon Iverson on the left, then Robert Baird, Steve Mejias (thumbs up, dude), Wes Phillips workin' the flash, then JA and Paul Bolin. Smile and say sheeez!
  2. Feb 29,  · When J. Gordon Holt founded Stereophile in , it was very much the outsider. Compared with the mass-market magazine of which he had been Technical Editor, High Fidelity, Gordon's Stereophile was the very model of an "underground" publication, with a publication schedule as irregular as its production values were inconsistent. Its writing was from the heart, however.
  3. Sidebar 2: Round up the usual suspects. I used the CC3 in a home-theater system employing the Aerial 10Ts as left and right speakers and the Aerial SR3R rear-channel speakers. Other components included the Chiro C preamp/processor, Chiro C and C amplifiers, Marantz LV laserdisc player (sending the digital signal through an Assemblage DAC1 and Sonic Frontiers UltraJitterbug), and.
  4. Jun 05,  · Stereophile's Products of This is the fourth year Stereophile has named a select few components as "Products of the Year." By doing so, we intend to give recognition to those components that have proved capable of giving pleasure beyond the formal review period. There are six individual categories: Loudspeakers (including subwoofers.
  5. Apr 07,  · At the end of Gramophone Dreams #46, I was lost in the pristine beauty of Decware's 25th Anniversary Zen Triode amplifier driving the DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/93 speakers. That was an extremely enjoyable system, and I was hoping to keep it intact for another month. My plan was simply to morph into my long-postponed opus on tube rolling using the Zen Triode as well as Ampsandsound's .
  6. Stereophile is a monthly magazine that focuses on high-end audio equipment, such as loudspeakers and amplifiers, and audio-related news.. History and profile. Founded in by J. Gordon Holt. Stereophile is the highest-circulation hi-fi magazine in the Americas and possibly the world. [citation needed]On March 1, , John Atkinson announced that he was stepping down from his position of.
  7. Stereophile Magazine. July 6 at AM ·. (Sponsored Post)The New Reference Is Upon Us. Introducing the Technics SU-R, a new kind of digital integrated amplifier to experience exceptionally true, precise sound. Combining analog and digital technology with Intelligent PHONO EQ to draw out the potential of analog record playback using.
  8. Jun 23,  · I assume we've all been reading Stereophile and TAS for some time, so I'll say to me (I did read the review) it seemed like the sort of classic "review speak" that was meant to portray a reviewer's disfavorable impressions without actually saying so. I suspect others can think back over the years to remember reviews with a similar sort of bent.
  9. Sep 02,  · Apparently the Klipsch Heritage line is the prodigal son, after the brand wandered in the home theater wilderness for decades, bereft of high end coverage? Perhaps, audio being a fashion industry, the retro chic is sellable again. Or maybe the new "Mumps" wave guide make them worthy.