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Stereophile mirage m3si

Stereophile mirage m3si

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Jitter is virtually eliminated. Noise is incredibly low and distortion virtually non-existent. M3si Information Sheet English. M3si User Manual English. Find a Dealer. Not going to be good for music. Receiver way too old and dated for today's HT. Not a prayer tbh. I owned the bigger brother s many years ago. They would be worth more than the rest combined, so I would say no. I went from the to the M5si, which I owned longer than any speaker I have ever had.

I am not sure where gmosley got his sensitivity spec, but the M3si are 83 db and the M7si are 84 db. He is right, they do take a lot of power, and getting replacement parts could be an issue. With mirage taking such a huge departure from their stuff in the 90's in recent years you might have a problem finding one without having to buy a speaker or a pair. I do not know of any current woofers that match their drivers exactly enough to replace just one of them.

All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved. I couldn't put it better myself. I worked with the whole line back then and the M 3 si's where by far my favorite. The other two speakers I likes from them were the and i's They were very good for their price but not quite as dynamically capable as the m series but a whole lot cheaper.

I think we only had 1 or 2 sets of m1's in because to everyone the M 3's sounded better like you said. Plus the M 1 si's were monsters in size. The M 3's are to but to a lesser degree. I might have to take a second look at them and do some soul searching to make sure I want to spend that kind of money on something almost 15 years old.

But like everyone else says good is good and it really does not matter when it was built. Hey, thanks for the tip. I just bought Rel sub with piano black lacquer finish and the Rel booklet mentioned to use a specific spray car wax but I suppose the car was was British since I had never heard of them before. I will sure be looking out for the Maguires wax knowing that it worked for you. I always wanted a pair of Mirage 7's or M3's YG Acoustics Sonja 2.

Mirage M-3si [Expired]. Average Research Pricing. These are large, well known full range stereo speakers.

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  1. Mar 04,  · The woofer is designed and built in-house; the midrange and tweeter are designed at Mirage, but built elsewhere. As in the M-3, the M-3si features matched pairs of back-to-back PTH tweeters and midrange drivers (with the rear-radiating sound delivered in-phase with the direct output from the front), but uses a single, front-mounted, ported 10" vivaldiaudio.comted Reading Time: 9 mins.
  2. The Mirage M-3si is more than a refined M-3 (footnote 7). It is an unqualified success, a speaker which, in the right system, can re-create a musical experience with all the richness, finesse, power, and majesty one would expect from a full-range vivaldiaudio.comted Reading Time: 8 mins.
  3. Mirage M-3si loudspeaker Specifications Description: Floor-standing, three-way, vented-box dynamic loudspeaker with one 10" carbon-filled polypropylene-cone woofer, two 5" carbon fiber/polypropylene-cone midrange drivers, and two 1" titanium-dome vivaldiaudio.comted Reading Time: 40 secs.
  4. Mirage M-3si loudspeaker System Context You've read in my past reviews about the system used in evaluating the new Mirages: at the analog source-end, I used either a VPI HW vivaldiaudio.com with an .
  5. Fig.3 Mirage M-3si, step response on tweeter axis at 45" (5ms time window, 30kHz bandwidth). Taking the transform of the impulse response, suitably windowed to eliminate (above about Hz) the effects of the room, yields the frequency response, this averaged in fig.4 across a Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins.
  6. Dec 09,  · I only found out after beginning my auditioning of Mirage's M-1si loudspeakers that the film , A Space Odyssey was, at practically the same instant, undergoing a brief theatrical revival in major cities around the US. I might have known. Perhaps it was the persistent Strauss melodies that rattled around in my head as I set them up. Perhaps it was the two 5'-tall monoliths that subsequently Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins.
  7. The Mirage M-3si is a fantastic fullrange speaker for the price. It has the excellent high, mid, and low range dynamics. The soundstaging is phenomenonal. The whole wall sounds like a speaker. The deep deep bass and rumble is incredible and can be heard through the house. It .
  8. Jan 16,  · The original poster mentions the Mirage M3, however, which was measured by Stereophile in Since the poster mentions his system, I think he really is talking about the M3. Stereophile's measurements in were not as detailed as .
  9. Jul 09,  · The crossover set around 80hz works well since the M3si relies on the port for deep bass and is not as tight below 80hz. A modern amp like the Arcam let's you tune the eq for room acoustics and really brings out the wholesome sound when paired with a subwoofer and excellent center speaker for home theater and music appreciation.