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Stereo phono preamplifier

Stereo phono preamplifier

The adjustability of the Mani makes it versatile and opens the door to a wider range of cartridges that users may want to try. It offers both MM and MC inputs and a rather propulsive presentation.

Some may find the inclusion of a dedicated headphone amplifier strange, but it delivers a lot of power and makes listening to vinyl with a pair of headphones very enjoyable. Lauren Halliday currently has one under review for May. Zero noise. Music moves with a sense of purpose and the level of detail retrieval is superb for the asking price. Music flows out of the Tube Box DS2 with excellent pace and sense of immediacy.

The adjustability of the unit makes it ideal for users who like to swap out cartridges and prefer a warmer tonal balance. A truly exceptional and affordable phono pre-amplifier that soars under the radar. They constantly improve rather than dump products and the iPhono3 Black Label is one of their most impressive products so far. Music flows out of this phono pre-amplifier and competes with far more expensive units. The inclusion of a step-up transformer makes it compatible with low-output moving coil cartridges that need more amplification and the wide range of load settings only broaden what users can try.

Solid build quality Neutral tonal balance Wide range of adjustments and load settings Excellent pace Brilliant sounding with a wide range of cartridges Internal step-up transformer for low-output MCs Buy at tavishdesign. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The full-width chassis is available in black or silver, and it weighs in at a solid 22 lbs.

However, unlike the alloy casing of the other Stellar components, the SPP uses a steel chassis. I suspect this is an effort to provide superior shielding to the circuitry. It is well laid out and very informative with technical details and suggestions for getting the best performance out of the unit. The graphics are very helpful as is the troubleshooting section as we will see.

Kudos for the efforts put into this manual. It should be a template for other manufacturers who pay much less attention to this area. The front panel of the Stellar Phono Preamplifier is very clean.

You can press the logo switch once quickly to put the unit into standby mode. If you hold it down for more than 3 seconds you activate or deactivate the mute function. I liked the ability to mute the sound directly from the front panel. Occasionally I forget to hit Mute on the remote when I get up to change an album or track. Connections on the rear panel of the Stellar Phono Preamp include an MC input and an MM input along with balanced and unbalanced outputs and volt trigger connections.

There is also a rear panel main power switch. One unusual feature is a pair of variable controls to adjust the custom loading value anywhere between 1 and 1, ohms for an MC cartridge. Obviously if these controls were on the front panel, it would be a LOT easier. However, in both cases, I feel certain the location of the control was dictated by the circuit board layout both physically and sonically. In any case, I would certainly rather have the variable loading ability than not have it.

Finally, all of the connectors are of excellent quality and are adequately spaced for some of the oversized cables that exist. One feature absent from the SPP is a Mono switch, which is useful to reduce noise when you play a mono album with a mono cartridge.

The unit worked wonderfully with my Hana mono cartridge. Yes, the remote that is included with the Stellar Phono Preamp can be used to turn the unit on or off.

It also has an excellent package of features that make it a pleasure to use. You can also change the MC loading between 60, , , and 47K. I really liked the ability to move directly from one load setting to another without having to cycle through all of the settings. The largest button on the remote is the mute button. It is in the center and easy to locate when it is needed.

I used this mostly for cueing tracks as I auditioned albums. I will point out that the remote control did not misbehave during my evaluation. There were no pops, thumps, or strange noises when switching. Connection and cable hookups for the Stellar Phono Preamp were straightforward.

Once I had everything powered up, I had a high-pitched noise coming out of my speakers. It was not the typical phono hum you hear from a ground issue. This was more of a low level, high pitched whine.

Components such as computers and servers should be located as far away from the phonostage as possible. We recommend using high-quality, shielded interconnect cables between the turntable and phonostage. I would add that your power cord choice and orientation is as important as signal level cables.

I remedied my particular noise issue by rerouting the power cord to the SPP. With the noise issue resolved, I was ready to spin some vinyl. I have decided to forego the regular format of describing the sound I experienced with examples of particular songs and comments about how these songs sounded with the component in question inserted in the system. Price Drops See More. Deals and Steals See More. Preamps For Sale on Reverb Stereo and phono preamps are a necessity for serious home audio fans.

Reverb Gives Your purchases help youth music programs get the gear they need to make music. Carbon-Offset Shipping Your purchases also help protect forests, including trees traditionally used to make instruments.

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  3. Phono preamplifiers could be compared to children as viewed by a previous generation of adults: They are expected to be small in stature, and they should stay out of the way, seen but not heard and maybe not even seen. With the simpler models typically encountered at lower price points, there's little to do except "set it and forget it."Images.
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  7. Stereo and phono preamps are a necessity for serious home audio fans. If you want to hear the music the way it was meant to be heard, brimming with harmonics, diverse dynamics and frequencies, you'll need a preamp to re-equalize every song before it hits the amplifier. Don't underestimate the power of a good preamp; find one now on Reverb.5/5(2).
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  9. preamplifiers act as a hub for your audio components. A preamplifier prepares and routes signal to your amplifiers resulting in clean, accurate sound while minimizing unwanted distortion and noise.