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Speakers stereophilecom

Speakers stereophilecom

Last edited: Sep 2, Soniclife Major Contributor Forum Donor. Sep 2, At typical listening levels, the drive-unit diaphragms will hardly be moving, which implies low distortion. Ron Texas Major Contributor Sep 2, Thread Starter 4. Soniclife said:. If he thinks distortion matters, why not measure the distortion?

Thread Starter 5. Ron Texas said:. Joined Oct 11, Messages 2, Likes 3, Speakers are really the last 'major' subjective component. Should just get what you like. Thread Starter 7. To the efficiency point, a quote from the Art Dudley Klipschorn review: "In the years since the Klipschorn's debut, loudspeaker technology has progressed in many ways. Speakers that sound timbrally neutral and uncolored are much more common today, as are speakers with consistent and effective dispersion across their operating range.

Thanks to the pioneering work of people like Jon Dahlquist, Jim Thiel , Richard Vandersteen , and John Fuselier footnote 2 , physical time alignment of drivers in a dynamic loudspeaker system is virtually a given these days, and the problem of baffle edge diffraction has been identified and smacked upside the head.

The result is a great selection of loudspeakers that offer apparently flat frequency response, superb stereo imaging, and great airiness and transparency. And what did we give up to gain such easy access to all those things? Natural-sounding dynamics. Body— especially body. And soul. Thread Starter 8. True, but that doesn't mean that some level of objective measurement is worthless, especially given how hard it is to audition speakers in person these days with the dearth of brick and mortar stores.

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Worst measuring loudspeaker? Forum Donor. Feb 10, The worst I have seen are some "cute" CNC machined from plywood speakers designed by a non-engineer "by ear". The name escapes me but they got a good review in HiFi News despite the appalling FR and I heard a pair at Scalford and was not horrified by what I heard! Horns and panel speakers always show loads of resonance-like ripples in the FR in single microphone type measurements.

Whether they are real or an artefact of the measurement method I don't know but since I have much enjoyed several panels and horns I suspect it may well be, although I may just be cloth eared. Joined Jun 19, Messages 6, Likes 9, Zu Essence give the Klipschhorns a run for their money.

Thread Starter 4. Were those small speakers you heard at Scalford Boenickes? The most in sensitive loudspeakers ever measured by Sound Stage? Juhazi Major Contributor Feb 10, Last edited: Feb 10, Thread Starter 6.

Thread Starter 7. Are there any figures for audibility at various frequencies? Great Topic My nominees have for the most part not been measured, but Amir could easily acquire one of them to test through Craigslist or Yard sales: 1. Nearly all of them sounded bad Primary design considerations were use of multiple drivers the more the better and cabinets with woodgrain and height that matched the accompanying rack.

Most of these were local And instead of a dome tweeter, the BAIR boasts an air motion transformer tweeter. This flat , 1-inch 25 mm square tweeter promises clearer, lower-distortion sound than many dome tweeters can manage. The Sixes are part of Klipsch's new Heritage Wireless series of self-powered speakers that connect to a turntable, TV, computer or Bluetooth device.

The Sixes are sold in pairs, so bona-fide stereo was part of the allure. The Sixes sound more dynamically alive and clear than what we've heard from pairs of Sonos Play:3 speakers, that's for sure! Sumptuous is a word we've never applied to affordable bookshelf speakers, but that's exactly what the Definitive Technology Demand Series D9 sounds like. The sound feels like a warm hug. It's harder to get a handle on the sound, which is always a good sign.

The speaker is a total chameleon, because it so faithfully serves the music. The Wharfedale Diamond sports a 1-inch 25mm soft dome tweeter and 5-inch mm woven Kevlar woofer. It's a small, affordable speaker that sounds richly balanced, yet never lacking in detail. Do you see a trend here, so many of our favorite bookshelf, AKA stand mount speakers hail from the UK. Take the Bowers and Wilkins , it rocks with more authority than most speakers its size.

The familiar woven Kevlar has been replaced with a new Continuum driver and a new double dome aluminum tweeter. Buchardt Audio is a small Danish manufacturer that's quickly gaining a reputation for making extraordinary speakers.

Unboxing the beautifully finished satin-black samples, they looked fine -- nothing flashy going on here, but once I started listening my ears perked up. The Q sounds more expensive than it really is.

The Emotiva Airmotiv B1 is a small, affordable two-way bookshelf speaker with a folded-ribbon tweeter and a 5.

It offers a good deal of flexibility and can be used as in-room or nearfield stereo desktop speakers, or as front or surround speakers in home theaters. The Dayton Audio MK , may be small in size and price, but tucked into a cozy bedroom or office it'll sound sweet. The Special 40s are really special in that they're unusually small high-end speakers, they're just 7. These made-in-Denmark speakers can play surprisingly loud in small to midsize rooms.

The sound had a deliciously organic feel to it. The TAD ME-1 is an amazingly natural-sounding speaker; it wins by doing less and lets more of the music's essence through unscathed.

The stereo imaging was the best I've had at home, as the ME-1 liberates the music while bringing it back to life. Build quality of this Japanese-manufactured speaker is beyond reproach. Hsu Research is best known for its line of high-performance, yet affordable subwoofers , but it also makes speakers. The one we have here, the CCB-8 , is a large bookshelf model with a single "coaxial" 8-inch mm polypropylene driver, with a 1-inch aluminum 25mm dome tweeter nestled in the center of it.

The sound is hugely satisfying, high in resolution, with wide stereo imaging. Few audiophiles would have seen this coming, but Technics, the name we associate with DJ turntables, now makes one of the very best monitor speakers on the market.

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  1. Aug 18,  · German manufacturer Canton Elektronik has a strong presence in Europe, but distribution of its loudspeakers in the US has been sporadic. Consequently, the most recent review in Stereophile of a Canton speaker, the Reference DC, was in When we heard, in December , that Bluebird Music would be bringing Canton back to North America, we were eager to review a Canton loudspeaker.
  2. May 01,  · This is a speaker we've been fairly intimate with over quite a period of time. Designed by John Bau, the SCi started out three years ago as an inexpensive speaker system ($/pair) not sold through dealers.. One of the factors allowing it to cost so little was the clever adaptation of cardboard tubes, normally used as forms for pouring concrete pillars, for use as speaker enclosures.
  3. The $ PV-5 is a "budget" version of C-J's $ Premier Three preamplifier, but according to the manufacturer it embodies much the same kind of circuitry. Tubed preamplifiers have a well-earned reputation as system busters. Many of them during warmup produce horrendous bangs or plops so severe that every speaker fuse in the system blows.
  4. Mar 19,  · A (Full-Range) Magico S5 vivaldiaudio.com: $41,/pair; $47,/pair, depending on finish. MartinLogan Renaissance ESL 15A: $24,/pair. mbl Radialstrahler E vivaldiaudio.com: $70,/pair ★. Rating assumes it is used with its companion M5-HPA high .
  5. Aug 18,  · I know virtually nothing about speaker design and didn't do that well in Physics, to boot. That being said, I'm wondering what advantages and disadvantages there are to speaker designs incorporating bottom-firing bass ports, versus rear-firing and front-firing designs. Advertising literature from manufacturers and reviews generally don't go into much depth on this.
  6. May 06,  · As a result, speakers that have true 20Hz extension and are even slightly too full in the lower midrange can easily sound unbalanced in exactly the manner I noted with the CS5s. (I became convinced of this hypothesis thanks to Paul Hales of Hales Audio, whose excellent full-range, two-way speakers also suffered from the same problem in my room.).
  7. Feb 21,  · A clean mind, a clean speaker. Launched in , Spendor's A line of reasonably priced models includes the A1 stand-mount speaker ($/pair) and three floorstanders: the A2 ($/pair), A4 ($/pair), and, introduced in February , the A7 ($/pair). Designing, manufacturing, and hand-assembling their products in Hailsham, in East.
  8. Jul 16,  · Volti Audio's room at the Florida Audio Expo showcased the company's newest offering, the $20k/pair Rival Special Edition hybrid horn loudspeaker. With a custom cabinet and exotic Bubinga wood veneer, it easily counted among the best-looking loudspeakers I saw at the show. I also found the Rival SE's sound, powered by Border Patrol amplification, intoxicating.