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Sonus faber extrema

Sonus faber extrema

No mark's or scratches. Hand made in Italy. Grand Piano Home 6 ohms Solo Home 6 ohms Speakers sell for on Ebay. This listing is for 3 Sonus Faber Cremona Speakers. Left, Right, and a center channel. The picture of the center channel is a stock image until I can get a picture of the actual center channel posted. Pair of Sonus Faber Concerto bookshelf speakers. One of the finest Italian made bookshelf speakers out there.

If you haven't listened to a set and you appreciate excellent sound, you will not be disappointed. Smooth and silky is the performance. Read the reviews. Minor flaws but they work flawlessly and sound fantasti. All six 6 drivers are clean and cle. Sonus Faber Concerto speakers with original factory stands, all in mint condition. Included are the factory boxes with packaging, and the owners manual. The boxes are nice to have if you ever want to ship them. Factory boxes solv.

Pair of Sonus Faber speakers model Toy. These sound very clean and they are slightly warm sound signature. If you are looking at these you know what they are. The cabinets are in good condition with some rub marks but nothing major. Made in Italy. I am available during the day, I can demo the speakers for you. I only accept cash as payment, no exceptions. If you are interested email me with a call ba. Very nice pair of Sonus Faber concertino Home speakers in excellent condition, great working, made in Italy.

Call or text me at if interested. Selling a beautiful set of Sonus Faber Grand Piano audiophile speakers. These have been gently used in an adult, non-smoking and no children environment. I would put them in excellent condition, similar to a set of showroom demos. The piano finish is clean with only a couple of faint hairline scratches on one speaker could easily be polished out. The leather is unmarred and supple. There is a ti. Joined May 16, Posts Likes MusicMan, I think you are being a bit overly sensitive from whatever happened on the other thread.

I, as a third party, read the thread and did not get the impression any one was doubting you, they just genuinely wanted to see what the speakers look like me included. I could have just snagged a pic off the net. Click to expand As long as you're enjoying the music, there's no need for external affirmation of what you're already experiencing via the music you get from these beauties.

I wish I had pictures of my Signums as they were in a really cramped and messy room my family crashed into a single room in my sis-in-law's place while waiting for our home to be built , stuffed with so much crap between it there was no hope of all the audiophile stuff ie.

But what came out of the Signums was glorious nonetheless. I am rather embarrassed the conditions these speakers are sitting in.

I just did not feel like sharing the mess I call home. I actually took the plush animals off the top of it for the pic lol. I don't care. I am sure they and my previous pairs could sound much better but I am very pleased with the sound. I like to enjoy myself and not be concerned with a pristine bedroom. I have a dedicated listening room for that. I have a 3. My home is in shambles with all his toys and stuff around.

Dedicated listening room? I think Sonus Faber probably makes the most attractive speakers on the market if you consider their entire range. There's a nice mini review by Absolute Sounds here. Learned a few more things: Only 30 pairs worldwide. And then there's the price. A little bit more than the originals, from memory. You must log in or register to reply here. Users who are viewing this thread. Total: 1 members: 0, guests: 1. Arguably, the drive units are just as special as the box. A passive radiator and reflex port often work in much the same way.

Ports tend to be far more common, simply because a tube usually a plastic moulding costs less than what is essentially another drive unit. The radiator in the Extrema is a little unusual because its output can be adjusted via a five-way rotary control on the back panel, allowing the speaker's bass to be fine-tuned for their place in the listening room.

The adjustment is subtle enough to be useful and allows us to dial in performance really well. Why does a passive set of speakers need a heatsink?

For everything to work properly, a resistor is required in the circuit too, but it needs the heatsink to cope with the power demands. We never felt the heatsink getting hot during use, even with the speakers pushed hard. Naturally, the performance of a standmounter depends strongly on the kind of support it gets, and Sonus Faber left nothing to chance by making its own dedicated 55cm-tall steel stands. Coated in textured black paint, they use no fewer than six chunky pillars filled with lead and sand.

These stands are exceptionally heavy, immensely rigid and do their job brilliantly. The Extrema are beautifully made and ooze luxury in a way few speakers manage.

Indeed, those who appreciate high-end furniture will find much to admire here.

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  1. Feb 13,  · Sonus faber Extrema Loudspeakers Reviewed Incredible beauty in design and sonics the Extrema is a top level bookshelf monitor with a finish to 4/5.
  2. Feb 13,  · But the woofer is a new, exotic driver made for Sonus Faber by Audio Technology of Denmark, featuring a 75mm voice coil and a woofer cone Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.
  3. Sonus Faber Extrema Floorstanding Speakers. USER REVIEWS. Next Showing of 33 [Apr 04, ] reactor. Strength: I heard the Extrema's at a friends house and was amazed. I have been searching and still for a pair for over 10 years now to no avail. Weakness:5/5(33).
  4. Jul 15,  · I have heard both,though not in vivaldiaudio.com fine products,BUT,the Extrema blew me away,with it's dynamic/harmonic presentation!!They are my favorite Sonus product.A classic,in every way!BTW--they do benefit from an add on super tweeter,as the fine silk dome rolls a bit too vivaldiaudio.com than that,"world class"!Oh,I forgot to add,STUNNING looks as vivaldiaudio.coment and gorgeous!Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins.
  5. Sonus Faber Extrema Loudspeaker Pair Serial Number Dynaudio Esotar Tweeters Audio Tech Mm Mid Bass Drivers Post Versions With Tdl Gt/03 Rear Woofer Radiator State Of The Art Italian Craftsmanship Audio Exotica For sale is a pair of Sonus Faber Extrema loudspeakers.
  6. I heard the Sonus Faber Extremas, at the Stereophile show in 96, in NYC. I heard it in the Meridian room. I can tell you this, I was blown away how good these speakers sounded. The Extremas were so sweet and articulate sounding. Plus the bass was fast and tight. I later learned, the 7 inch midbase on the Extremas, is by Scanning.5/5(33).
  7. Aug 15,  · The Sonus Faber Extrema has the STOOPIDIST crossover I have ever see. It burns half your amplifier power on a ridiculous resistor/inductor tweeter section. They call it "CAPACITORLESS", but I call it "BRAINLESS".
  8. Jun 04,  · Sonus Faber stradivari: B4: Multi-Way: 6: 2nd August PM: Which midrange used in Sonus Faber: rinx: Multi-Way: 20th June PM: Sonus faber cremona: jouch: Multi-Way: 22nd September AM: Sonus Faber 2 way - Lute mot on/off: Multi-Way: 0: 11th April AM.
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