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Slim devices transporter

Slim devices transporter

Inside the Transporter, Slim Devices have also been lavish with their specification. For instance, the power supply uses discrete regulators the Walt Jung type. And I'm fairly sure that I could tell these two apart, even if the interval between auditions was longer!

From the outset, the Transporter is impressive. Well defined deep bass and plenty of top end too. Overall presentation is strong and powerful. It digs out plenty of detail too! It's certainly improved on the stock SB3 but then given the price difference, I would expect no less.

I said to a friend that the Transporter sounds like it has good potential for tweaking. IEEE Network Protocols Supported. IP, TCP. Connectors Optical Digital Input. Optical Digital Output. Coaxial Digital Input. Coaxial Digital Output. Audio System Type. Media Content Source.

The signal-to-noise ratio in the 20kHz band extends to dB. In addition to excellent anti-jitter characteristics and a step linear attenuator, the switched capacitor DAC incorporates AKM's unique low-power circuits. One is 0 and the other is at degree, aka differential or 'true balanced'. Being AKM's flagship part, this DAC has up to 10 times less out-of-band noise compared to anything similar on the market today. It also has the capability to accept a KHz sample rate while keeping the same digital filter oversampling rate and the same speed of the modulator.

It achieves something unique. These older products were looked upon as some of the best. One of the reasons was high frequency noise. In older R-2R parts, HF noise. Their main product was the Squeezebox network music player which connects to a home ethernet or Wi-Fi network, and allows the owner to stream digital audio over the network to a stereo. The company, founded in , was originally most notable for their support of open-source software , namely their SlimServer software which their products at that time all depended upon, and is still available as a free download and modification by any interested developer.

Slim Devices was featured in the December issue of Fast Company magazine. Slim Devices Transporter - network audio player Specs. Post a comment. General Functionality.

Internet radio playback, digital audio playback. Display Display illumination. Display Dimmer. Remote Control Type. Remote Control Technology.

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  1. Feb 11,  · The Transporter's CPU is a MIPS, eight-way, multi-threaded device with an 8MB audio buffer and SlimDSP, a software-based digital signal processor (DSP) that resides in flash memory and is loaded into fast static memory "dynamically"; ie, as needed. This isn't conventional DSP of the sort you'd find in an A/V receiver; rather, it's designed to decode compressed files on the fly so it can .
  2. The Transporter is an audiophile grade addition to the Squeezebox family, announced July and began shipping September Transporter has a serial port that provides access to the Squeezebox Server command-line interface. See also. Transporter tips and tricks.
  3. The Transporter is Slim Devices' audiophile streaming device. While the standard SB3 isn't bad, I certainly wouldn't rate it as true hi-fi, and I don't think that SD have ever touted it as such. As I have found with my modified SB3, it can do a very good job as a digital source.
  4. Slim Devices Transporter Specs. Model Logitech Transporter (silver) Logitech Transporter (silver) CNETSLIMDEVICESTRANSPORTERS. Logitech Transporter (black)
  5. Nov 06,  · Could Slim Devices be about to change all of that with its latest wireless music player? Its Transporter – the big brother to the Squeezebox 3 reviewed here earlier in .
  6. Slim Devices Transporter. This product hasn't been reviewed yet. We've added this product to our database but we haven't actually tested it yet. If you want us to review it drop us a line and we.
  7. Jun 20,  · As the name implies, the Transporter is originally from Slim Devices which Logitech acquired in and it represents Logitech's first network music player designed to appeal specifically to audiophiles. The Transporter is not just a step up from Logitech's SqueezeBox player, it's a step in a completely different direction.
  8. Dec 27,  · Originally Posted by mlsstl. This appears at the bottom of the page you mention: "The Transporter SE has the exact same technical specification as the Transporter, and therefore it delivers the same level of sound quality audiophiles strive for. The only difference between these two models lies in the access of the system's functions.
  9. Products from Slim Devices, such as the acclaimed Squeezebox™ and the recently announced Transporter™, enable people to enjoy high-quality digital music, in multiple rooms of the home, regardless of whether the music is streaming directly from the Internet, or from a PC, Mac, or storage device on the network. Logitech purchased the privately held Slim Devices of Mountain View, Calif. .