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Sa103 power amplifier

Sa103 power amplifier

The optional adjustable phono stage model allows enjoyment of vinyl at a sophisticated level without the need to purchase a specialised phono preamplifier. The electronics topography is derived in part from development work done on circuits for our later generation integrated amplifiers and source components, and a power supply with extremely low impedance allows the audio circuitry to deliver its best.

For more information click here to visit the Plinius website. Why not look for some now? Plinius Kaitaki This exciting preamplifier is the perfect partner for the Plinius SA power amplifier used either as a stereo amplifier or in a monoblock configuration.

Even then undue haste should be avoided. Whilst the massively filigreed heatsinks aren't as bloodthirsty as others which are honed to a cutting edge, careful handling and respectful distance are still best. Because my wife fancied it too, I better not go testosterone now and call this the essential he-man amp. But seeing how already years ago she settled down peacefully with my Geithain speakers, her WAF compliance no longer qualifies as normal.

The Plinius M8 preamp requires no such respectful distance. Its Kiwi designers gifted it with a smoothly swooping if properly substantial fascia. U-shaped it swings around to the very rear for good solidity and the front merely features a big rotary knob and extinguishable display. Clearly the majority of possible commands require remote control.

If any wand ever required a valid weapon's permit, this one is it. Pickup available Interest free terms available request a demonstration. Details Specifications. Features Optional Phono Stage The preamplifier can be fitted with an optional phono stage based on the Hautonga design. The Phono has two gain settings and five loading settings to allow for suitable cartridge matching.

Line Out The Line out provides a line level output, carrying the selected source signal. Through the SA, the top octaves were open, sweet, and extended. The sound varies a bit from track to track but is generally quite good.

This treble, done in such an unhighlighted way, showed the Plinius to have an extremely open and revealing character, as well as a rich midrange and full, articulate bass. Some amps are good at presenting an illusion of soundstage depth by adding to the signal a character that embiggens pace Jebediah Springfield the sound of instruments and places them at a greater sonic distance from the listener.

Other amps are surgical in their rendering of space, often giving a hyperdetailed, exciting, yet etched quality to the sound. In this regard, the Plinius SA was an amp Goldilocks would have loved: it was juuuuust right.

In terms of soundstaging, the Plinius gave what it got.

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  1. Apr 12,  · The Plinius SA is a classic solid-state design with some decidedly modern touches and flourishes. It's claimed to output Wpc of class-A–biased power into 8 ohms, or Wpc into 4 ohms. It can also be bridged for mono operation, in which mode it kicks out a whopping class-A watts into 8 vivaldiaudio.comted Reading Time: 6 mins.
  2. The PLINIUS SA Power Amplifier is of direct-coupled design, and offers no protection from preamplifiers that have a high DC component at their outputs. This amplifier operates at hazardous voltage levels. Any work requiring removal of the lid or base of this amplifier must be referred to a suitably qualified and experienced service technician.
  3. Plinius Audio SA power amplifier Associated Equipment. Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment. Digital Sources: Theta Digital Miles (S/PDIF output), Bel Canto CD2 (with VBS1 power supply) CD players; Benchmark DAC1 & DAC1 HDR, Bel Canto DAC VB, CEntrance DACport D/A converters; Sony Vaio laptop computer. Power Amplifiers: Pass Labs Aleph 3 & XA, Rogue Audio M Integrated Amplifiers: Simaudio Moon Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.
  4. Plinius Audio SA power amplifier Page 2 That's the Power of Love Setup was very straightforward: Lug the beast into place, attach the speaker and interconnect cables, select the mode and input, and switch on the main power toggle on the rear panel. The SA turns on in muted standby mode.
  5. Jun 12,  · My SA sounded a little plummy in the midbass and, as Pani says, rolled in the highs. After the $1, upgrade, which replaces all caps and resistors and beefs up the power supply, among other things, it became far more balanced through the frequencies and extended at .
  6. Before doing the testing, I ran the Plinius SA at one-third its rated power for 60 minutes, which thermally is the worst case for an amplifier with a class-A/B output stage. At the end of that period the chassis was only slightly warm, with a temperature of 97°F (36°C), while the heatsinks were actually cooler, at °F (33°C).
  7. The Plinius SA offers a natural, neutral tonal balance, just the right amount of musicality, superb bass performance, plenty of current to drive the most piggish speakers, functional and tasteful design. It is (dare I say it) a good value at its price, considering its performance.
  8. In terms of soundstaging, the Plinius SA proved to be one of the best solid-state amplifiers I’ve heard. Some amps are good at presenting an illusion of soundstage depth by adding to the signal a character that embiggens (pace Jebediah Springfield) the sound of instruments and places them at a .
  9. Balanced circuits used in the SA allow full Balanced Mono operation in excess of watts. The addition of another SA will provide an amplification system capable of the highest level of excellence without totally breaking the bank. As with all PLINIUS amplifiers,premium components have been used vivaldiaudio.com: $