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Rs6 loudspeaker measurements

Rs6 loudspeaker measurements

There was a PS2 they never marketed in Sweden and it was a two-way speaker with pyramid shape. The PS6 was an inbetween model with the only the bass driver differing from the other two and it had the same kind of front as the PS8, only it was smaller. It had an 8" Dalesford bass driver. We had both listened to several british loudspeakers during a couple of months.

My friend, Lars, bought a pair of the PS4 speakers almost immediately after we had listened to them. They sounded quite like the larger models and were more affordable. A swedish industrial worker was earning about SEK per month at the time. I waited for six or seven months and saved some money and ordered a pair of PS6 at a local dealer in my hometown. The guy who owned the shop had found a pair of demo speakers and let me have them for the price of the PS6.

The RS6 Avant has a roster of upscale standard features, including heated and ventilated front seats, four-zone climate control, a panoramic sunroof, and wireless phone charging. Buyers can order a head-up display, massaging front seats, richer leather, and heated rear seats for more coin.

The wagon has 30 cubic feet of cargo room behind the rear seats too. A power rear liftgate comes standard; a motion-activated one is optional. Below the upper display is an 8. While both screens have large icons that are easy to spot and use, they can be distracting to the driver, especially the lower one. We miss the old scroll knob that used to accompany Audi's infotainment systems. The Audi wagon offers some standard driver-assistance technology , with adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist both available.

Key safety features include:. Audi's limited and powertrain warranties align with plans offered by Mercedes and Porsche. The RS6 Avant also benefits from a brief period of included scheduled maintenance. More Features and Specs. New Cars. Buyer's Guide. Type keyword s to search. By Eric Stafford. The low-frequency response fell at 12 dB per octave below 70 Hz. When we spliced this curve to the middle- and high-frequency room response curve, the combination showed the midrange dip mentioned earlier.

Close-miked FFT measurements of the midrange driver response showed a drop below 1, Hz, suggesting that the dip might be a real one caused by a crossover gap.

We could not hear the gap as such, and its importance on our response plots was exaggerated by the extraordinary smoothness of the speaker's response over the rest of its operating frequency range. Because of the limitations inherent in combining a room response measurement with an essentially anechoic measurement, the composite frequency response was not as flat as would have been expected from our FFT measurements. The midrange level control affected the output between 1, and 3, Hz, with a maximum reduction of about 6 dB.

The tweeter control range was about 7 dB, starting at about 6, or 7, Hz. The flattest response and best sound, to our ears was obtained with both controls at maximum. The speaker's phase-shift characteristics were excellent, with a group-delay variation of less than 0.

The sensitivity of the Infinity RS6 was about average for a compact system operating in a sealed enclosure. Its acoustic output in the midrange was The woofer distortion was measured with a constant input of 3. It measured between 1. The system impedance dipped to 4 ohms between and Hz, and it reached its minimum of 3 ohms at 2, Hz, with peaks of 20 ohms at 50 Hz and 30 ohms at Hz. We would consider this to be a 4-ohm system from the standpoint of amplifier loading.

The Infinity RS6 sounded every bit as good as it measured, with a smoothness, transparency, and overall clarity that seemed almost inconsistent with its modest price.

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  1. Proficient Protege RS6 6″ (mm) Outdoor Rock Speaker- Granite. 6″ Two-way, high performance rock loudspeaker, with living-room-quality sound outdoors. Has a natural Gray Granite finish and NoFade protective paint and weatherproof design that surpasses military standard for corrosion resistance. /2″ injection-molded TCC filled.
  2. RS6 Years Active Incorporating a 6” C-CAM bass driver, a 6” C-CAM bass/mid driver, and a 1” Gold Dome C-CAM tweeter, the RS6 is a svelte floor-stander, equally at home in stereo and multi-channel applications.
  3. Monitor Audio Silver RX6 loudspeaker In March I wrote a very favorable review of Monitor Audio's Silver RS6 loudspeaker. At the time, I felt this $/pair, small-footprint floorstander produced the greatest sound quality per dollar of any speaker I'd heard. Despite the proliferation.
  4. Apr 30,  · The RS6 lacks a little output Hz and again kHz. However, the lower treble (kHz) is quite strong. There's also a sharp rise above 17kHz, but this probably above the limit of.
  5. Tangent Speakers RS Shown below is a pair of RS6s. tweeter - KEF T mid - Audex 8 inch. woofer - Audex 8 vivaldiaudio.comg: measurements.
  6. The MA RS6 is a small floostanding way speaker, having "ceramic" coated aluminum cone drivers, as most Monitor Audio upper lines of speakers do. The cabinets are pretty solid, and sport quite nice wood veneers. My wife likes them! So- are they as good as the reviewers say they are? In summary, not quite, IMO, but surprisingly close.
  7. 22 offers from $ Niles RS6 Pro Weatherproof Rock Loudspeaker (Speckled Granite) out of 5 stars. 1 offer from $ TIC GS3 8" Outdoor Weather-Resistant Omnidirectional In-Ground Speaker (Single) out of 5 stars. 5 offers from $Reviews:
  8. Jun 25,  · The RS6 do go down to 4 Ohm in the bass frequencies. (Monitor specfices 6 Ohms "nominal"). vivaldiaudio.com So look for an amp that nearly doubles its output going from 8 to 4 Ohms. The Cambridge doesn't give a 4 Ohm spec, so I suspect it might not be ideal for this speaker.
  9. May 01,  · The RS6 lacks a little output Hz and again kHz. However, the lower treble (kHz) is quite strong. There's also a sharp rise above 17kHz, but this probably above the limit of 4/5.