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Review von innerfidelity

Review von innerfidelity

You can't get them until Wednesday! In my world, killer audio gear is black , and the Utopia is unapologetically, confidently, bad-ass black. Sumptuous black lamb-skin leather covers ample memory foam ear and headband pads. Curvaceous carbon fiber yolks with black-on-black Focal logo attach to the gloss black plastic capsule housing on one end, and slide into the headband through black anodized aluminum headband end fittings.

Black metal mesh and matte black plastic outer capsule covers are accentuated by a black anodized driver rear cover ring emblazoned with "Utopia - Beryllium - Fabrique en France. All-in-all this is a stealth-black sexy build, with terrific materials, and just the right balance of understatement and bling.

Yes, go ahead and open up the black leather with red stitching accent display case and show it off to your buddies, the Utopia is a battle-ready flagship headphone. Great review and about time.

Tyll is right on the money about how sexy and cool black is. Look at these pics of Utopia paired with the black Woo Audio. It will be a nice wall paper to have till my pre-order arrives. That's very kind of you. Will post a pic of the real thing when my set arrives.

Joined Jun 16, Posts Likes I really wanted to order the Focal Utopia, because it looks, in my opinion much cooler than its sibling. However after reading impressions by Tyll, Jude and others There is nowhere near me where I can listen to it I will give the Elear the nod.

This is dB relative to 2. From this, I think changing to any other amp is a waste unless I can sell the AHB2's and rebuy a much cheaper amp that is just as good performance wise. The hiss has to be from the Xilica XD, but it is so low and very hard for me to hear plus I turned the XD off to verify. I also turned the midrange down to dB for one channel, and still the same very very faint hiss is there. I just think my horns are very sensitive. As you noted, and verified from the pic below, raising midrange level on the Xilica after adding some padding seems like a great idea to try.

Plenty of extra headroom on my mid band channels in the Xilica. AnalogSteph said:. Then your levels probably need some work. Dynamic range of these units is given as dB unweighted - that should be good enough for no appreciable hiss. Last edited: Nov 7, Ron Texas Major Contributor Nov 7, Ron Texas said:. Forum Donor. Nov 7, You must log in or register to reply here.

Similar threads D. Started by Damian Oct 14, Replies: 5. General Audio Discussions. Fun topics, videos, etc. Top Bottom. Oct 14, Insanely Expensive Audio: Seoul Edition. Nov 25, Insanely captivating music videos by "OK GO" band. Jul 4, HM comes with a small AC adapter, the same type of USB cable, a velvet soft pouch, a piece of micro fabric cleaning cloth, and the warranty card.

Both players are shipped in rather big, great looking boxes, so it is almost guarantee that the custom official will take notice on the package and tax you on it. Portability wise, neither players are what considered small these days. Overall, I am quite happy with the build quality of both players.

The placement of USB port and power socket on HM will make more sense if they are closer or at the bottom. Last but not least, a custom made leather case, even as an extra purchase. On a side note, there have been some hardware reversions on both players. There is also the GAME card as a separate purchase and it is designed for earphone. There will probably be a balanced output module in near future as well.

On the early HM, there is some issue with certain transistor and output caps that limits the bass performance, but these issues only limited to very early pre-release testing batch and demo units. These problems have been fixed upon official release Navigation and Format Support User interface UI and navigation are both fairly primitive on both players. Though primitive, navigating around is still relatively smooth and easy, just not particularly fast.

Other IEM, especially low impedance high sensitivity one might still face such issue in low volume. The idea is to make music playing a bit easier when the player is in the pocket. Both players have a little 'pop' sound when turning on, so be careful when you already have headphone plugged when fillping the switch.. AAC is the worst as only. My personal suggestion is to keep all your music ID3tag as simple as possible and without any album art not that HifiMan support album art anyway.

I guess between FLAC and mp3, most people should be covered. If not, that will be something to think about before you decide whether it will worth the effort to rebuild some of your music library.

Between the two players, I had only crashed HM twice on the first few days during months of usage because I was trying to force my PC to play nice with it. It was said that a workaround is to rip the entire album into one file presumably FLAC than use cue sheet for music playback. It will still plays the music as single file, but without ability to skip song. Also, my music collection is mainly based on the good old 16bit Therefore 24bit music is not tested as well.

Battery Life The listed battery life is about correct for both players as I can get around the same useable time. However, given the serious amount of hardware used in both DAP and the capability of their output, it is understandably why the battery life is relatively short. It is also noticeable that both players will heat up just a few degrees in use, but not enough to be a real concern but just so you know in case you even plan on getting either one of them.

I can confirm that external power pack with mini USB 5V output can plug into the HM during use to recharge the battery on the go. On the HM however, the only real option on extra battery life seems to limit to carrying an extra Li-Po battery or the AC adapter.

The current switching power supply is pretty nice, small enough roughly same size as notebook adapter for traveling and much lighter than the old, extremely heavy linear power supply. Sound Quality […as Portable Player] HM is a bit on the warm side, definitely with some coloration on the mid. The overall sound signature reminds me of my old trusty Sansa Fuze. Though not identical sounding, they both share a kind of warmer tone in the music that tends to be more laid back, musical, and relaxing for the listener.

I would describe it as having a certain analog quality in the sound, something that reminisces my old Technic portable CD player that I find more musical and joyful to listen compared to all the Sony variants I had later on that is when Technic was still part of the original Panasonic parent company that responsible for developing higher end PCDP. At the same time, HM also has a more expensive soundstage, overall depth, air and imagine where Fuze tends to feel a little cluster in comparison.

In real listening, HM treble does tend to be hiding a little behind the mid — while treble roll off might be one of the reason, I think the more forward mid plays a bigger role here on overshadowing the treble and gives it a warmer tone. Bass is punchy with good body while well controlled, thanks to the relatively high output of the amp section which I believe is similar to that of HM While doing the frequency sweep on treble I notice the HM has a certain strange but very faint background hiss.

ToneBoosters Morphit is a headphone correction and simulation plugin. The program supports the majority of commonly-used headphones models for studio and monitoring use. It modifies the audio for your headphone to sound like a neutral, 'studio reference' headphone, irrespective of what headphones you are actually using. Find out more at Audioholics ToneBoosters ReelBus is a top-quality, authentic, versatile and accurate magnetic tape simulation plug-in bringing warmth and excitement of tape to your iOS or iPadOS devic Toneboosters has released BitJuggler, a new plug-in for macOS, Windows and iOS that simulates the anomalies of vintage digital gear and imperfect sampling.

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ToneBoosters - All Plugin Bundle 1. OSX x86 x64 byAndrovinsoft April 02, Version : 1. Developer : ToneBoosters Developer. Tablet : present R2R. Description : Our. Enable accurate monitoring and calibration, mix with studio reference equalization, and improve the accuracy of your headphones.

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  1. So, I'll save you some time. I don't think the Crusher is a good sounding headphone, even for bass-heads. Let me recommend you take a look at the InnerFidelity reviews of the comparably priced Sennheiser HD BT ($) and the more expensive but better sounding Beats Solo3 Wireless ($).
  2. Dec 12,  · Online magazine InnerFidelity published a review about our Phonitor xe + DAX Gewöhnlich ist es innerhalb von 5 Werktagen wieder verfügbar. Aufgrund der aktuellen Pandemie und der damit verbundenen weltweiten Bauteileverknappung kann sich die Lieferzeit z.T. stark verzögern.
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  4. Aug 18,  · German manufacturer Canton Elektronik has a strong presence in Europe, but distribution of its loudspeakers in the US has been sporadic. Consequently, the most recent review in Stereophile of a Canton speaker, the Reference DC, was in When we heard, in December , that Bluebird Music would be bringing Canton back to North America, we were eager to review a Canton loudspeaker.
  5. Jun 02,  · The next low-risk option is now sailing into view. The $ Schiit Modius DAC is hot off the production line this week and adds a few interesting step up options, but still at a very entry-level price tag. Sharing the same footprint as Schiit’s mid-tier headphone amplifiers Asgard 3, Jotunheim, and Lyr 3, the new $ darling of the bunch is.
  6. May 22,  · Tyll at Innerfidelity does mention the HP50 in his review of the Focal Spirit Pro and Classic: Liebe Grüße von Innsbruck nach Wien! Share May 13, at PM Post # of 1, Sorrodje Headphoneus Supremus. Joined Sep 21, Posts.
  7. Sep 21,  · Salk Sound WOW1 Stunning speakers [Expired] no longer for sale. Average. Research Pricing. Salk WOW1 speakers in fiddleback walnut! (Grills are black, not blue as the pic suggests). One of the finest desktop or small room speakers, these are real gems. To me, these very small (x7x9 inches) speakers are the logical extension of the LS3/5a.
  8. Apr 27,  · Appears that Michael is folding his site vivaldiaudio.com into a SP sponsored website. For Immediate Release Source Interlink Announces AnalogPlanet, a New Website Edited by Michael Fremer! New York • 4/26/ • Keith Pray, Publisher of the prestigious Source Interlink .
  9. InnerFidelity - Product Of The Year ! "This headphone is a great contender for anyone looking for a well-tuned, do-it-all open back under $ If you’re an audio professional of any kind, this could be one of the only set of headphones you’ll ever need.".