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Review rathe book

Review rathe book

Know why? Taught old Lenny some of the old discipline. Kids need a slap to bring them back in line. Rathe was barely listening.

Instead, he was thinking about those bruises and, more particularly, about their implic-ations. If Mack had beaten Voss back into submission, it would have been too soon for Voss to attempt to break away again; if he still planned a coup, he would have waited for the dust of the first attempt to settle.

The disobedient child had been put back in his place, no more needed to be said about it. That, in turn, removed any backbone to the motive provided for Mack to have murdered Voss. Rathe sat back in his chair, his eyes adopting a distant glaze of deep concentration. Mack watched the former barrister sitting motionless in the seat opposite him. The silence which had descended was brief but it seemed to the criminal that it lasted an age.

At last, Rathe looked back towards those cruel, dark eyes and appeared to remember why he was there at all. Rathe shook his head. Mack stabbed a yellowed, grubby finger in the air. Civilised, cosy, safe, some-thing you measure in champagne glasses and fillet steaks. Pedigree to me is a mad dog barking in the dark. You say I gave Lenny Voss more than a slap, because you measure things to a different scale to me.

You do it because you can. Because life fondled you with kid gloves. Well, life kicked me in the balls with steel-capped Doc Martens. You cuddled life but I had to fight it back. Lenny too, both of us had to. You might think it was more because it looks like more, but to me and to Lenny, it was a telling off and we both knew he deserved it. So he got it and we moved on. He gave a regenerative sigh and cleared his throat quietly, almost imperceptibly, before speaking again.

I thought Lenny had ruined any chance I might have had of doing business up North. So, I gave up hoping. But, out of nowhere, I got a call. Mack mocked the idea. Proper details, the sort of stuff only me and Lenny and Lovett himself would have known.

But Mack was shaking his head. No, whoever phoned me was a kid. New to it all. Mack shrugged. Probably told all his lads what a pair of pearly clowns dared to try and play with the big boys.

Rathe was thinking once more, his eyes glazing over again, and his lips pursed. Something had been said which he knew was important, but it was eluding him.

The more he tried to focus on it, the further away from him it drifted, like the litter on the breeze or a dream in the waking hours of dawn. Rathe paused. Mack sniffed with derision. Who knew about the call? Rathe cocked his head. Treat them like they deserve, get me? Rathe felt the bitter aftertaste of disgust at the back of his throat. Anyone in particular?

The yellow fingers drummed against the table. Suddenly, Rathe had every desire to be somewhere else. He rose from the table and made for the door. There was no physical reprisal. Instead, Mack rose from the table and favoured Rathe with a crooked grin of spite. Alexandra hun.. Her writing is sucking you in and you don't even realize how fast you finished that book. I'm telling you.. So in the rathe world, there are many supernatural men who want to find their mates. Unfortunately the female population is almost non-existing there so they kinda "kidnap" human women and bring them to their world in order to have a chance in love and happiness in general.

This story is about Janice. She was one of these women and we follow her while she tries to find her HEA. Keneth and Anton are two fierce bear shifters that play a major role in Janice's life.

Keneth is a loving man that will do anything to protect her and Anton is a "blind" man that doesn't recognize his own mate even when she's in front of him. I loved both of them. Anton is rough in the beginning but well.. Like scorching hot. And every one of them felt different from the previous one! Apr 13, Marisa rated it it was amazing. This book begins right where book 1 left off and the action continues right to the very end. I love that we got more of an insight into and information about this world.

More was explained which I really appreciated and it just keeps getting more interesting. I also like that little things were mentioned that could lead into something bigger in later books I hope. This author is an This book begins right where book 1 left off and the action continues right to the very end.

This author is an amazing storyteller, I feel like I get completely lost in this world and her writing. The FMC in this book was Janice who was a strong, quirky and lovely person.

She perseveres through everything that is thrown at her and is always selfless and thinking of others. I loved her interactions with her men. The book was mostly told through her POV but the few men POVs were placed during emotional scenes and absolutely perfect for where they were placed.

I cannot wait for book 3 and more of this world. Apr 12, Sandy Demuynck rated it it was amazing. Yet again an amazing story, this time we get the second story of Rathe. This is a book with lots of laughs but also with a lot of emotions. The book starts of where the first one ended, with the kidnapping of Janice. Not to spoil much I will keep this short, this book is another emotional roller coaster, my heart stood still on a few occasions.

You will laugh and cry, but most importantly you will love this story and be impatient to read the third one. It is kind of enemies to lovers which is fun Yet again an amazing story, this time we get the second story of Rathe. It is kind of enemies to lovers which is fun to read with the fact that Janice is such a positive thinker so she won't let him get the best of her.

I am honestly so thrilled that this book is so amazing, that I really don't wanna wait for the third one. Alexandra you have outdone yourself yet again. Apr 12, Shawna Jimenez more. I love Janice!!! She is your good old kill em with kindness until they break kind of babe!

She had me laughing out loud with the way she talks to some of the other characters. The author has you hooked from page one. Edge of my seat! This amazing and intriguing world that the author has developed and built over I love Janice!!! This amazing and intriguing world that the author has developed and built over the course of these two books makes me want to hop on it and join the party!

Be prepared to change your Panties while reading this one because damn some of those steamy and spicy scenes are so damn hot!! I am soooo looking forward to the next book is this amazing series! Apr 15, Karen rated it it was amazing. But then everything changes again when a rescue attempt is made and she meets Keneth. I was sat on the edge off my seat reading this book and what a rollercoaster ride of emotions with the characters and a sort off love hate relationship between janice and Anton he was so stubborn.

I loved these characters especially the love between Janice and keneth was so sweet. Apr 11, Smut Wench rated it it was amazing.

The characters are in depth and you can help but love them! Apr 15, Rhiannon Plummer rated it it was amazing. It is not the usual detective duo combination and this amiable hostility between them is a welcome change. Rathe and Cook are wary of each other but what these stories show so well is the slow building of trust and respect between them as they investigate the crimes at the centre of these four excellent stories.

Said lawyer - Rathe - overcome with guilt and despair finds himself continually helping a policeman in intriguing cases that help draw him out of his despair. Well written and definitely worth the read. Very well written. I would recommend this book to anyone. Give it a read. Anthony Rathe leaves his legal career behind after a wrongly accused man commits suicide and takes on cases in his almost obsessive attempt to unveil the truth, help those he knows, and find a way to forgive himself for his past errors.

I was pleased with failing to discover the culprit too early on for most of these stories only one exception The defendant was found guilty, sentenced, then committed suicide.

Rathe is racked by guilt and leaves the bar. He becomes a reluctant investigator. The book consists of short stories on cases he investigates, interacting with a police detective. The stories and characters are well-developed. Pathway Book Service. Free shipping to countries: Wordery Book Depository. UK: Amazon Blackwells Bookshop. Austria: Thalia Belgium: bol Brazil: Amazon.

Canada: Amazon Denmark: Saxo. Hungary: Bestsellers India: Amazon Flipkart. Italy: Amazon Japan: Amazon. Korea: Aladin Kyobo Yes Netherlands: American Book Center Athenaeum bol. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Jun 01, Ciara rated it it was amazing. Great book I couldn't put it down read it in only 2 days anyone who is reading this View 1 comment. Aug 11, Dhinu rated it it was amazing. I absolutely loved this book when I read it 4yrs ago.

I just loved the way the plot unfolded and the characters were intresting. Jan 08, Defne rated it it was amazing. It is the best book that I have read so far in my whole life. I have so many connections with this book. Jan 08, Amy rated it it was amazing. This was a really good book I enjoyed reading it ,it made me want to read it every day as I was looking forward to finding out wat the secret was :.

Nov 11, Marina rated it really liked it. In this book, Flick plays it very often and helps her see the many options she has in her life. Chris Higgins has done a great job by creating this different yet appealing character in 12 yr old Flick. Secrets unfold within her family circle which makes it seem difficult for her to keep her new found love going. This book has unexpected swings so make sure you don't miss out on pages : 'Would You Rather?

This book has unexpected swings so make sure you don't miss out on pages Aug 06, Toughnandi rated it liked it. However i didn't like the element of romance between 'train boy' and Flick. Needless to say i read the book because i was fond of the author and would enjoy readin another one of her books.

Feb 12, Rachel S rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this book. I hadn't read a Chris Higgins novel before but after reading this book I'd love to read another one. My favourite character is Flick, the main character because of her personality. If you read this book then you'll understand that her personality shines through in some chapters.

Higgin's has cleverly changed a usual teen chick lit by threading some family mystery into the plot.

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  1. RA:THE BOOK sets out to bridge the divide between theory and practice a detailed presentation of tried and tested techniques as applied to real, built projects.” Pages of studio plans and photos of the actual spaces also feature notes on design ideas, obstacles overcome, and the studio’s purpose.
  2. Louise Hunt, Damon Rathe, and Kenneth Frank, edited by Martin Rothery. Fishcakes, $ e-book (p) ISBN
  3. Write a review Mar 24, Amanda rated it it was amazing This book was so much more than I expected, I was so entranced while reading this. I was hanging in there with Summer trying to figure out what the heck was going on/5.
  4. After reading book 1, I had to read book 2. It was a fast paced, multiple pov story full of action, adventure and steamy steamy scenes that you won't get enough of. I love Alexandra's world of the Rathe Chronicles and can't wait for book /5.
  5. Rathe is a fascinating and original character, a troubled man trying to make sense of his life in the wake of a tragedy which still haunts him. Contrasted with Rathe's private quest for redemption is Inspector Cook, a man with his own troubles, trying to come to terms with the violence he sees in his everyday life in the best way he can/5(8).
  6. Rathe presents a broad review of evangelical worship literature through a lens borrowed from medieval theology. This brings into surprising focus not only evangelical understandings but also evangelical identities and the historical traditions they reflect, and offers fresh perspectives on such current theological concerns as God’s triunity, missio Dei, and the practical theology of participation.5/5(1).
  7. May 01,  · Book reviews can apply to all novels, no matter the genre. Some genres may be harder than others. On the other hand, the book review format remains the same. Take a look at these step-by-step instructions from our professional writers to learn how to write a book review in-depth.
  8. Nov 15,  · This book will get all the participants talking and thinking. It was all going so well until I came across a few so called choices of way too disgusting things, none of which I’d ever choose. But, all in all, a very fun exercise/5.
  9. Sep 18,  · Review: 'Ratched' Is Good To Look At, But Not Good To Watch Produced by Ryan Murphy and packed with his signature gory excess, Ratched makes a great series of still photos but tells a .