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I want to place two DIV tags side by side without using fixed width. The first div expands to its content and the second div should fill the remaining space. Also the div must NOT sit on top of the other div, because they have a transparent background image so if they intersect it's noticeable.

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Hopefully this helps, but let us know if you have any questions in the comments below. What is this metric? What kind of "distortion"? With respect to the AP analyzer Last edited: Apr 30, One factor that is crucial is noise floor modulation. I make a great thing out of the unmeasurable noise floor modulation character of all my DAC's, but on all other DAC's one can see huge levels of noise floor modulation.

This is highly significant from a SQ POV, and I hope that this metric becomes more widely appreciated and understood, as it is for sure one of the top 3 performance indicators that correlate with subjective sound quality with DAC's. As to your point about the noise shapers performance at dB. This is of course the digital domain performance of the digital path. And to measure this I use Verilog simulation. Note that a Verilog simulation is not a model or an estimation; it is the actual performance of the digital module; so if you put in a set of data, you are guaranteed to get that data in real life.

The beauty of using a Verilog simulation is that once the data is passed through a FFT in my case a 4M point FFT one can see extremely small levels of distortion and added noise, to a performance level one could never measure on a real instrument, as analogue noise would dominate. This gives the designer incredible power to measure incredibly small aberrations and then too evaluate the sound quality changes by adjusting these aberrations.

To give you an idea on this, here is the digital domain performance of the DAC within Dave:. I agree with you; talking of small signal errors at dB upsetting depth performance is just plane crazy. Listen to real sounds. I am typing this at dawn in the Welsh countryside.

My window is ajar, and I can hear sheep feet away - and it sounds feet away. From the farm 2 miles away a dog barks; it clearly sounds 2 miles away. Do this on reproduced audio and things sounds comparatively flat; no-body would claim that a recording of a dog barking 2 miles away actually sounds anything like two miles distant. Now when I listen to noise shapers, and change the performance of noise shapers, I can easily and reliably hear changes in depth perception.

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  1. Jul 21,  · Fig.4 Fig.4 Verity DAC/PRE, spectrum with noise and spuriae of dithered 1kHz tone at 0dBFS with bit data (left channel blue, right red) (20dB/ vertical div.). An increase in bit depth from 16 to 24, with dithered data representing a 1kHz tone at –90dBFS, dropped the .
  2. red, right magenta), with data sampled at kHz (20dB/vertical div.). Hz d B r A Fig.4 Bryston BP, digital input, impulse response (one sample at 0dBFS, kHz sampling, 4ms time window). sec V vivaldiaudio.com BrrBysto noise ratio (ref. a 1kHz input signal at 5mV) measured 73dB in the left channel and dB in the right, both results superb.
  3. Jan 21,  · Fig.6 Okto dac8 Stereo, AFRLP filter, wideband spectrum of white noise at –4dBFS (left channel red, right magenta) and kHz tone at 0dBFS (left blue, right cyan) into k ohms with data sampled at kHz (20dB/vertical div.).
  4. Oct 04,  · Fig.5 T+A DAC 8, FIR1, wideband spectrum of white noise at –4dBFS (left channel red, right magenta) and kHz tone at 0dBFS (left blue, right cyan), with data sampled at kHz (20dB/vertical div.).
  5. channel red, right magenta) and kHz tone at 0dBFS (left blue, right cyan), with data sampled at kHz (20dB/vertical div.). Fig.2 Simaudio Moon Neo i, S/PDIF input, fre-quency response at –12dBFS into k ohms with data sampled at: kHz (left channel gray, right green), 96kHz (left cyan, right magenta), kHz.
  6. Mar 25,  · Fig DEQX PreMate, waveform of undithered 1kHz sinewave at –dBFS, bit data (left channel blue, right red). Fig.8 DEQX PreMate, filter operating for Bryston Model T, spectrum with noise and spuriae of dithered 1kHz tone at –90dBFS with: bit data (left channel cyan, right magenta), bit data (left blue, right red) (20dB/vertical div.).
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  8. REDDI’S distinctive bright red steel chassis sports a front-panel Neutrik XLR/1/4” combo input jack, balanced XLR output, and a 1/4” thru-put, for sending signal to a bass amp – not only useful for live applications, but also for simultaneously recording direct and miked amp tracks in the studio.