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Quad s2 loudspeaker

Quad s2 loudspeaker

Location: Montreal, Quebec. I recently saw youtuber Tharbamar's review about these speakers and they really cought my attention. Based on what he says, these speakers sound like they should have more popularity. Anyone actually own a pair? He claims that they are better than the LS50's, any comments?

Link to youtube review :. Phono Groove , Oct 8, Ivand likes this. Location: Wales, UK. I've owned a pair of S2s for the last 2 years. Never heard the LS50 so no idea which are better, more down to personal taste I would think. My S2s sound very nice indeed with excellent build quality.

The mahogony veneer is superb. Click to expand Last edited: May 22, I can imagine the z1 is a more complete version of the s2 and the z2 are a pair of z1 with more bass. But can't tell since I have only listened to the s1 and s2. Some say the s1 has a better midrange than the s2 is that the case with the z1 and z2 as well? I like the tweeter on the s series and can't imagine the z series tweeter is that much better. I wish could listen to the s2 z1 and z2 myself and hear the difference. I also have a sub at home so bass i no problem.

You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads M. Replies 0 Views May 21, Mtache Replies 8 Views All of these give the sound naturalness and even a certain solidity, despite of the lack of infra-low elements. Middle is good too - detailed, not intrusive, although from time to time some synthetic arose in high female vocal. In addition to extension of frequency range, during the development of S2 the task was to get high overloading capacity.

In accordance with the stated characteristics, the monitor speakers are able to create sound pressure up to 98 dB and withstand input power up to W.

Quad S2 really has no problems with dynamics - by the level of undistorted playback and intelligibility at peak levels thay are able to compete with much bigger system. The monitor speakers confidently sounded the room of ab. The advantages of rigid compact body have an impact. Everything is tested by our dedicated team of in-house reviewers in our custom-built test rooms in London, New York and Bath.

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Our Verdict These Quad standmounters really sing. For Detailed, precise sound with excellent treble and midrange Lovely design Lovely build.

Against Not the most authoritative sound. Contact me with news and offers from other Future brands.

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  1. Several folks have heard and been amazed by Quad's S-2 speakers. Much of their open, detailed sound quality comes from the ribbon tweeter — a real rarity for speakers in this price range. Whether you like your music loud or soft, acoustic or electric, these speakers tell the truth. And if you love vocals, these little gems can really vivaldiaudio.com: Quad.
  2. Unlike some speakers with ribbon tweeters, the sound of the S2s is simply seamless. Better yet, the S2 pulls off the rare combination of being very revealing with a lot of detail, but also being amplifier friendly.
  3. Designed in England and claiming a heritage that stretches back to the company's iconic Corner Ribbon loudspeaker, S-2 features a x inch true ribbon tweeter that ably handles modern high-power amplifiers while also retaining Quad's trademark detail, accuracy, and smoothness.
  4. Oct 12,  · Quad S Recently acquired a pair of these speakers to replace my trusty 14 year old Castle Richmond 3i's. According to the manual they need 50 hours run in before sounding their best. I've got about 30 hours on mine to date, but am already really impressed with them and they are a significant upgrade on the Richmond 3i's, which were very well.
  5. Dec 02,  · Compared to the KEF LS50, Harbeth P3ESR, Wharfedale Diamond , Klipsch RPM and an older pair of ProAc Tablette (8?), the S2 speakers sounded dull. Response seemed flat enough, there was nothing irritating in the upper midrange or treble, and mid-through-upper bass was somewhat detailed. But the Quad S2 just sounded dull.
  6. Dec 24,  · QUAD S-2 Bookshelf Speakers Quad has always prided itself on providing the complete solution to music lovers. Each Quad component marries perfectly to other parts of the hi-fi system and is designed with one target – to be ‘The Closest Approach To The Original Sound’. Quad S Series loudspeakers fulfil that objective admirably.
  7. Aug 04,  · QUAD S2 Bookshelf Speaker Review. Pros: Pure Voices, Musical Accurate Sound, Good Bass Performance. Cons: Nothing I can Think Of. Nice touch of warmth with accurate voice reproduction, sound stage is a bit smaller compare to others, musicality and crisp sound signature with very well defined notes of each musical passages were nothing short of.
  8. Quad S2 Bookshelf speakers 60 years ago electrostatic ESL loudspeakers brought Quad global fame and created the reputation of the manufacturer capable to go in for prompt actions for true sound. Since then, surely, much has changed, but the slogan "The .
  9. QUAD S-2 Bookshelf Speakers. $ Not Available online. Please call for more information, or to schedule a demonstration for items that are on display. QUAD has always prided itself on providing the complete solution to music lovers. Each QUAD component marries perfectly to other parts of the hi-fi system and is designed with one target.