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Nht evolution t6

Nht evolution t6

The last digit appears to have smudged away. ALL Posts: 1, March 3. This just arrived ALL wrote: ». VR3 Posts: 24, The funny thing about that device is that I just recently changed my Ic to unshielded and my power cables are currently unshielded. Dude, you can't possibly be this audio dumb so quit the act. It's actually my 3rd and last one. One for each monoblock and one for the front end. Great tonal balance, solid midrange, excellent bass extension to the lower octave, detailed yet smooth treble, and good imaging … the T6 does all these very well.

It is this strong all-around performance that makes me stick with the T6 all these years. The Revel Ultima Studio came into my possession by chance. I just happened to see an ad on the local craigslist on these speakers. The guy selling them was an avid audiophile that cared his audio equipment very meticulously. Upon seeing how the speakers were still in excellent condition, I could not pass up the opportunity to own them at a fraction of their new price.

I knew they were great speakers, but I did not know how great they were until I played them in my system. I have listened to the Ultima Studio everyday now and come to appreciate more what the speakers can do. First of all, these speakers are very revealing, a bit more so than the T6. You can tell a good vs. Vocal reproduction is very life-like and smooth with no sense of graininess.

You can hear very clearly the breathing of the singer. The treble of the Studio is incredibly detailed and airy. For the placement, this time, a few changes to my set-up occurred. The changes were by no means due to the speaker, but because of an opportunity when I got speaker stands. The changes were made for reasons of more ideal listening positions and more space on my desk so that I can do my work easily. Instead of having it on the desk like I usually have it, I have placed the speakers on stands, and the stands are placed right beside the desk.

To make it a fair evaluation, I placed my other speakers in place of the SB1 in the picture below to get my reference and any significant changes that I may have to take into consideration when making comparisons in this review.

They are toed in a little as I found they sounded the best in that configuration versus placing bother straight on. Other than that, I found nothing should really be very different except for placement, and a natural imaging improvement. No visual cracks, scratches or any cosmetic damage. And from this specific pair the build quality is super solid. These SB1s have the same finish type as the black one, which is a high-gloss lacquer finish.

Similar to the look on a Piano. Your tastes may vary, but these look nice to me, and surprisingly complement my dark wooden finish of my desk. It provides a contrast that is welcome, even within the speakers themselves as the white do contrasts the tweeter and woofers as they are almost matte black.

On the back of the speaker is actually a circular white sticker that covers the mount you can screw in for wall mounting the SB1, but the mounts themselves are not included when I got them.

Also on the back are the speaker terminals which are quality gold-plated ones seen below. The speaker grills are white clothed grills with the updated NHT logo glued centered on the bottom. Still, they are meant to be played with the grills on though. The NHT logo are the new ones, which has a better and updated look versus the older one on the SuperZero, and I find that the new on complements the rounded edges of the speakers a lot better than the boxed background on the older logo.

B6 Specifications: Description: acoustic suspension dual subwoofer. Drivers: 2 12" aluminum cone. Sensitivity: 94dB 2. Signal to Noise Ratio: db un-weighted. Gain: 27dB 1. I think superone 2. I like super zero sonics. Had a 5. I actually preferred some of the blues and jazz vocals of the SuperZero over the klipsch.

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  1. Apr 17,  · The NHT basically combined a high-performance monitor with a sideways-firing subwoofer in the same enclosure, and when I first saw NHT's Evolution T6 system at the CEDIA convention, I was reminded of the classic , but a updated Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins.
  2. NHT Evolution T6 Tower surround speaker system Page 2 The X1 crossover and A1 amplifier have trigger controls that allow them to be turned on from an external device, such as a properly equipped surround processor or receiver. They can also be set to turn on when they sense any audio signal at either their balanced or unbalanced vivaldiaudio.comted Reading Time: 6 mins.
  3. NHT Evolution T6 loudspeaker system Specifications Description: Tower loudspeaker system comprising two M6 monitors, two B6 bass modules (mirror-imaged pair), two A1 amplifiers, and X1 active crossover (mounting brackets, hardware, aluminum stabilizer Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.
  4. The T6 tower speakers are part of NHT's new Evolution product series, which replaces the company's previous product lines, called the Music and Home Theater series. The Evolution line comprises two satellite models and four different configurations of powered subwoofers, including.
  5. Both the NHT Evolution T6 and the Revel Ultima Studio are in the full-range speaker category. I would say, they are both medium-sized “tower” speakers. Some people might say they are large speakers, but audiophiles should know better. There are bigger speakers out there that will dwarf these in vivaldiaudio.comted Reading Time: 7 mins.
  6. NHT Evolution T6 Specifications:System Type Tower loudspeaker system employing two M6 monitors,two B6, mirror image bass modules, two A1 amplifier,the X1 Bass.
  7. DESCRIPTION The T6 combines the Evolution M6 monitor with its own sonically and stylisically matched powered subwoofer, the Evolution B6 bass module. This tower configuration employs four 12" woofer drivers, combining high aesthetic value and full range response -- with output levels required to fill larger spaces -- in one package. [Jul 10, ]5/5(3).
  8. Mar 15,  · NHT Evolution T6 Speakers, Stereophile Class A. Posted by Avocat (A) on March 15, at I noticed that this NHT speaker system, list price $4,, was listed amoung the current Stereophile Class A-unrestricted speakers. The system includes two woofers, two "monitors" (whatever that is), two power amps, a bass manager, two assembly.
  9. NHT Evolution T6 system. This includes the 2-B6 Subwoofers, 2-M6 Monitors and the A1/X1/A1 amps and crossover. The NHT Evolution T6 was rated Class A in Stereophile and this setup is really special Includes everything as new and I have 90% of all the boxes.