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However, when the amp is approaching to the full output power, the DC offset at the output is some times over a few hundreds mV I know these because my speaker protection circuit come into play, which usually requires over mV DC. What is most likely the cause of this DC offset? How to improve it? For the DC offset in question 4, I suspect it was caused by power fluctuation on the rails.

Will it help to add power regulator to stablise the power supply to the input and VAS stage? Hi, In my opinion, you'd better use the original version, not the NCC and for sure not the improved circuit 3. Diyers, such as me, normally do not have instruments to match power transistors.

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Lower gain will certainly reduce oscillation but I'm not sure they are best suited to use as an LTP there because of low gain, amongst other attributes, even though it is an unconventional design. PCB copper layer thickness 18um. The Inductor: This inductor is less then 0. Transistors: Re-checked the package and found that 2NG's are from on-semi.

TR4 emitter is 68R as in original. TR3 emitter resistance is set to R, i cannot go higher, the sound becomes screaming and un-comfortable to the ears, but also, there is something added to the the overall sound, something cool i cannot listen to cuz of 2N properties. Care needs to be taken to use them These are also from TME and are very dirty cheap. Naims are fully on now, i had to set bias crank potentiometer even further BIAS now 5mV per output resistor.

ALL the unsatisfing frequencys are gone lol, easier to listen, piano notes do not PEAK and produce warmer sound, but fowardness is gone somewhere HFE matters alot. My advice would be to cut off the old banana plugs on your A4 and replace with new ones. Use the type which fix the wire in place with a screw, but then fill the remaining gap inside the plugs with solder to give a really solid electrical connection.

Gold plated banana plugs are probable just as good — many here use them. Obviously not easy where you live, but worth considering. It would make a much bigger difference than replacing A4 with A5 imo. What is there to service Naim NAC It has one motherboard and lots of plugin daughter boards. Changing components on daughter boards make any difference to sound.

I am not technical savvy person. Please advise what components to change in my preamp. Not sure how many were in each but lets just say Tantalums are a type of physically small electrolytic capacitor and deteriorate over time, like all electros.

Replacing them is essential to improving the sound quality. They look like small coloured beads. There may also be other normal electrolytic capacitors in the pre as well. There is only a barely audible transformer hum with my ear 10 cm away from the PS. However, occasionally the mains is less clean and hum is louder, but still barely audible when 3 meters away from the PSes.

A buzzing noise from the toroidal transformer is almost certainly due to your mains supply being sub-par, probably due to the presence of DC, especially if it varies from time to time, coming on and stopping or changing suddenly. It may come from something in your nome, in which case you could try to track down and eliminate the cause, or it could be on the incoming mains in which case you are stuck with it. Other than identifying and fixing the source, the cure is to insert a DC blocker in the mains feed.

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  1. Price: US $ +$ shipping. $43 for 24 months with PayPal Credit. opens a installment calculator layer. *. $43 for 24 months. Minimum purchase required. Naim Amp - NAP Seller Rating: % positive.
  2. Looking next at the power amplifier, the NAP clipped (1% THD) at W/W into 8 ohms (dBW/17dBW), 77W/W into 4 ohms (dBW/dBW), and 97W into 2 ohms (dBW/dBW), with one channel driven at a time by a 1kHz sinewave, shown in figEstimated Reading Time: 9 mins.
  3. NAIM NAP Manuals & User Guides. User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your NAIM NAP Amplifier, Other. Database contains 2 NAIM NAP Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Manual, Installation instructions manual.
  4. Jun 22,  · When I had my Nac62 / Nap serviced they changed 24 tantalum capacitors (among other things). Not sure how many were in each but lets just say Tantalums are a type of physically small electrolytic capacitor and deteriorate over time, like all electros. Replacing them is essential to improving the sound quality.
  5. Feb 19,  · Both NAP and JLH are classic power amp. I have built both a JLH and the NAP clone. I like both of these two amps, they sound much better than any of the commercial amp available to me. However, by comparing the two amps, I find the NAP is kind of lacking bass, and also might be having higher THD.
  6. Dec 01,  · Digital Source 1: Roksan. Integrated Amp: Naim/ Naim/ Diy'Cap. My Speakers: Heybrook HB3 (orig). Share. Posted January 10, Hi- I do a basic service of my venerable nap from time to time.. but a long time ago & have forgotten how to: A) check & .
  7. Apr 10,  · Hello, I’m curious about how much noise or hum is allowed on the Naim NAP or any other power amplifier (other than the NAP ) in decibels? hum in the condition that the amplifier makes no sound at all / idle, or there is no sound at all from the loudspeaker. If it measures dB, can it still be said to be normal and does not interfere with the sound that comes out when the music.
  8. Naim NAP Amplifiers From a to a , I expected little change beyond sheer power, but the surprised me with a cleaner overall balance (perhaps a function of the increased power) with seemingly better fluidity with an increased sense of space. Obviously, the increased power allowed by Dynaudios to play that much louder and lower.