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Nagra plp preamplifier

Nagra plp preamplifier

This level of focused excellence is what gives Nagra components such a high level of mechanical and electrical quality. This is a must if you are recording on location out on the edge of civilization, or capturing a legendary performance at the world-renowned Montreux Jazz Festival where Nagra gear is used exclusively to record every performance.

Again, the side inputs of the PL series are an homage to the pro side of Nagra, but the rear inputs certainly make it easier to integrate the Classic into a home system. Let it not be said that the Swiss are inflexible. Somehow as easy to use as the remote is, I always find myself getting up to manually adjust volume just because I like the feel of Nagra gear.

It is unique and like no other. Either way, it should be more than enough for any system. Part of the increase in price from the Jazz is the built-in headphone amplifier, which is excellent in its own right.

Spending a fair amount of time using the headphone jack with phones ranging from a pair of Grado SR60s all the way to the Focal Utopias, the verdict is top-notch. Still, the headphone amplifier in the Classic is outstanding. Yes, they are excellent. They work well with both tubes and solid state. A good tube amp like Marantz 8B is good, An old Bryston ss amp will work well too. Blogspot, one of the world's largest, is not accessible in China, which is highly unfortunate even if I write mostly in English.

Any can drive the same amp and loudspeakers. They undergo frequent changes in particular the analog playback setups. I use long interconnects between the preamps and amps to facilitate this matching. This one is in front of my chair. I can reach and touch the controls of the preamp. Digital front-end:. It is quite different in sound from System I.

This station can be fully balanced but not usually. Main Full Function Preamplifier:. Phono preamps and Step-Up's:. Alternate Preamplifier:. Main Amplifier: - Wavac MD Reference System III. This is right by my chair. Buffer amp :. Preamp can be switched in or out :. Main Full Function Preamplifier:. Phono preamps and Step-Up's:. Alternate Preamplifier:. Main Amplifier: - Wavac MD Reference System III. This is right by my chair. Buffer amp :.

Preamp can be switched in or out :. All systems use simple cables, mostly Gotham, Mogami and Belden. Other Amps for Occasional Use. Some of my older articles refer to this.

A lot of the gears have been sold or consigned to friends. While I was in HK, I had 2 locations. The "older location" was where my reference was. The "newer location" was where I spent most of my time from late to late Last revised Nov 15, Subwoofer: JBL. Looking at things now makes one really weary of the word "progress".

Posting is super fast and the lack of picture hosting is a real blessing in many ways. Things were simpler then. The internal circuits of the VPS are gold plated and benefit from in-house wound input transformers to guarantee the highest possible fidelity when operating with a moving coil cartridge. Even though the circuit is mounted on insulation suspension mountings, ideally, the VPS should be installed on the VFS Vibration Free Support shock absorbing plates, to totally eliminate any mechanical vibration from being transmitted to the highly sensitive input stage.

Taken from the concept of the PL-P the VPS uses adaptive loading circuits built onto small additional boards that can be inserted as required.

Six of these circuits are delivered with the unit, allowing the input impedance of the VPS to be adapted to match virtually any phono cartridge. The most obvious link to those units was the use of battery power. Each PL-P came with an intelligent outboard power supply that kept the batteries optimally charged in use. Unusually, the phono module uses valves too, alongside a pair of in-house, step-up transformers to ensure enough gain for low output moving coils.

The phono module is fully configurable with a range of cartridge loading options — pF capacitance and ohm resistance — and the ability to switch the step-up transformers in and out of the circuit as required.

But given familiarity, selecting the specific values needed and moving the various internal jumpers between the relevant connections is easy enough. Nagra has always been a practical company so the valves used are common types rather than of the exotic, hard-to-get variety.

Nagra has fitted internal timers for both the phono and line sections to indicate how much use the valves have had. The company takes a great deal of care to ensure quality and, despite buying from top OEM suppliers, still rejects over half the valves it receives. If that sounds a lot, the PL-P was an expensive product, and arguably one of the finest preamps available when it was introduced.

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  1. Battery operated tube pre-amplifier with phono stage The PL-P vacuum tube pre-amplifier is a high quality pure class A tube based pre-amplifier including a high precision phono stage for vinyl records.
  2. You are about to experience music as never before with the Nagra PL- P preamplifier. The PL-P is designed and hand- built entirely in Switzerland by Nagra engineers, using components of the highest quality from around the world. • It uses 8 high-grade vacuum tubes and Nagra-made transformers to provide a variety of operating options.
  3. Jan 03,  · The Nagra suite was crowded with buzzing journalists, their anticipation palpable—the new Nagra PL-P preamplifier was about to enjoy its official debut. Suddenly the door to the demo room flew open. The vacuum created by the stampeding hordes nearly sucked the hors d'oeuvres off the vivaldiaudio.comted Reading Time: 3 mins.
  4. The PL-P is a joy to set-up, as Nagra offers very flexible options, from phono gain, load resistance and capacitance to individual gain for tape. It's grounding options are very comprehensive, and should allow any user to enjoy a hum free system.
  5. The PL-L is a Pure Class A vacuum tube line pre-amplifier, based on the proven design concepts of the world-renowned PL-P and offering 4 inputs. It differs from the PL-P in that it does not have a phono front-end stage and is not equipped with the internal battery for total power isolation.
  6. Nagra PL-P preamplifier Measurements Sidebar 4: Measurements Except as noted, these measurements were taken with the Nagra PL-P's input-level controls at 0dB, and the output level at maximum. Line gain in this configuration measured dB.
  7. Sep 03,  · Overall, the PL-P is a solid and surpisingly "NON-hifi" preamp. I find it quite balanced and not at all "soul-less" People into exaggerated and artificial soundstaging and more brightly lit vista may well find other preamps (like the Counterpoint) more enticing.
  8. Nov 24,  · Nagra PL-L preamplifier Kalman Rubinson | Nov 24, Unpacking and installing a new component is always cause for excitement, even if one does it with almost mechanical regularity, and the anticipation is greater when the component is from a manufacturer of almost mythic reputation.