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March 2009 issue

March 2009 issue

Suddenly, America is the new global hot spot. When it comes to protecting shipments from theft, businesses have an arsenal of tools at their disposal. From high-tech tracking and monitoring to basic intrusion prevention, these devices and technologies, combined with common-sense security practices, can help thwart cargo thieves.

Ohtsuka , T. Yamazaki , I. Hashimoto and K. A new many-beam dynamical theory for plan-view high-resolution transmission electron microscopy images of multilayer systems without the limitation of a superlattice cell is proposed. The topologies of the charge densities in Zr and Ru. Jones and M. The topologies of the charge densities in the hexagonal close-packed metals Ru and Zr are shown to be different. Comments on tables of magnetic space groups.

It is shown how the diagrams of symmetry elements given by Litvin [ Acta Cryst. Sublattice enumeration. Equivalence classes of plane sublattices by parent Patterson symmetry and colour lattice group type.

Generating functions are given for the number of nonequivalent sublattices of a parent lattice of given plane symmetry. Crystallography and the World of Symmetry. Advances Recently published Advances articles are given below. Interpretation of angular symmetries in electron nanodiffraction patterns from thin amorphous specimens. Liu , G. The bank bailout bill stopped the bank credit panic, allowed Libor rates to return to normal, and made it possible for everyone to get loans.

Without the credit market functioning, businesses are not able to get the capital they need to run their day-to-day business.

Without the bill, it would have been impossible for people to get credit applications approved for home mortgages and even car loans. In a few weeks, the lack of capital would have led to a shut-down of small businesses, which can't afford the high-interest costs. Also, those whose mortgage rates reset would see their loan payments jump. This would have caused even more foreclosures. The Great Recession would have been a global depression. The bailout affected you by lowering interest rates, making it possible for the housing market to recover.

Department of the Treasury. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Accessed April 7, Freddie Mac. Could You? Bureau of Labor Statistics. As American air superiority declines, and the age of fighter jocks returns, we're going to need more men like Cesar Rodriguez. Michael Pettis is a finance pundit by day, a Beijing rock impresario by very late night. It also cost , Would health-care reform put it, and other expensive new drugs, out of reach? The other uses his birth name, Charles Dera.

Both agree that their love lives have suffered because too many women watch their films and demand a live-action replay, expecting to be choked, gagged, and slapped around.

But who wants to take their work home with them? Where the ladies at anymore? The jig is up. The rest of the states now have a road map to ban abortion almost entirely and put bounties on women and doctors without court intervention. The constitutional right to abortion until viability is no longer being enforced.

Republicans have been looking forward to this moment for decades.

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  1. March Page: 34 Plan is available at the WOOD Store and on complete collection USB Drive - Matches Dresser, Valet & Mirror in Issue plus Pencil Post Bed and nightstand in Issue Read more about A 7-drawer delight Lingerie Chest.
  2. March issue. Cover illustration: Electron-density isosurface of silicon coloured with electrostatic potential (red for lowest and blue for highest), together with a convergent-beam electron-diffraction (CBED) pattern of silicon. The red regions between neighbouring atoms indicate that the electrostatic potential is lowered due to the excess (bonding) electrons.
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  4. March RW Ascension/Pentecost. Articles in this issue: Worship. The Apostles' Creed. A Dramatic Reading. By. Lynnae Keeley, Sarah Hofman. Declaring what we believe in the words of a creed is an important part of many worship services. It helps us express our theology and ties us to believers around the world and across the ages.
  5. Articles | March Feature Stories. Coming (Back) to America. A decade ago, garment manufacturing in the United States was practically dead as apparel companies flocked to low-cost countries. But then came the economic downturn, and the realization that the time merchandise spends traveling in a container is time not spent on store shelves.
  6. March Magazine. Southern Living magazine contents and web exclusives for March Spruce up your garden with fresh ideas and simple how-tos. This quaint Georgia town dons her showiest attire in the spring. A small space with an identity crisis finds its place as the perfect spot for kids to hang out.
  7. Jan 30,  · The financial crisis of the Great Recession worsened in In March, the stock market plummeted even more, panicking investors who thought the worst was over. Foreclosures rose, despite government programs that just didn't do enough. In October, the unemployment rate rose to 10% for the first time since
  8. The Racer X crew visited the country from coast to coast for our March '09 issue. Checking out some famous homes, cars and tracks on the east and keeping up with Harleys in the west, the staff.