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Late jim thiel

Late jim thiel

In the following video, he lays out his reasons for this, as well as, an impassioned reaction to the direction that the new owners have taken the company that bears Jim's name. Richard Hardesty created the Audio Perfectionist Journal as a way of cutting to the chaff of the carriage trade, and help listeners make informed decisions about their audio equipment purchases.

It was presented as a series of reference manuals; a sort of Encyclopaedia Audiophilia. You can find pair of year-old speakers or a year receiver and chances are that it'll sound just as good if not better than something more modern. Not to mention it's likely to look way cooler and cost significantly less. In , there are still a host of heritage audio companies still thriving.

But not all audio companies have been so lucky. Here are a handful of the best forgotten hi-fi companies that are no longer around. But what's cool is that, thanks to a thriving refurbished market, you still find and buy their vintage audio gear to keep their memory and sound alive.

Our new plant at N Badger Way, Random Lake, houses our flexographic and digital departments as well as our main office. Each year the employees of Badger gather for a company picnic. This photo is from one of the picnics held in the 's. The employees gathered at a special celebration for Badger's 75th anniversary at the Osthoff in Elkhart Lake. The Badger employees were treated to a Brewer's game in Milwaukee for our 80th anniversary. Taken in the late 's, this photo shows the operators running the stringing and wiring machines.

Our first flexo press, a Webtron, was purchased in the late 's. It was one of the first Webtrons built. Preston , Apr 28, From speaking with Jim and Tom Thiel many times, I learned that the 3 series were the frontier of Thiel's devekpment, from which smaller and larger models sprang.

So, the CS3. These do benefit from very high power. The older models have less complicated crossovers, which give them more linear impedance curves, higher efficiency, and a dynamic quality that is easy to achieve with less power. Going back in time to the CS3. These speakets are extremely cheap on the used market, and sound VERY close to the later models.

I think better in some ways, although with less perfect measured frequency response. The 3. But Jim died before he expanded the concept into other models. Last edited: Apr 28, Warren Jarrett , Apr 28, Tullman likes this.

So, if I was originally looking for a CS2 2 or 3. It sounds like they would with the 3. I was in my local dealers store yesterday and he had an excellent pair of 2. I have had a pair of 3. I too was torn between Thiel and Vandersteen. OK, I said and he set them up with top of the line Spectral electronics. Oh my, what a difference. They sounded terrific and I took them home. Unfortunately, I didn't have the funds to also buy the Spectral gear so I had to make due with lesser electronics but I have enjoyed them for a long time.

Thiel ceased operations in Jim Thiel graduated from the University of Kentucky in , majoring in physics. Thiel Audio first exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show in the year the company is commonly stated as being founded, although they had been selling since [4] , with the introduction of the 01 full-range speaker.

A year later, in , the model 03 introduced the principles of time, phase, and frequency coherence, which would become the basis for all of Jim Thiel's designs and the fundamental idea for which Thiel would be known. A skilled woodworker, Tom Thiel built the speaker boxes.

Their first hi-fi product was a two-way speaker with an equalizer to give it high-quality bass response. Jim Thiel soon realized that he would need someone to do the sales part of the business, so Gornik sought to sell them in her city, Washington, D. Over the life of the company, Thiel had a number of long-lived series including the CS 2 which was first introduced in and updated through with the introduction of the CS 2.

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  1. St. John, WI James A. “Jim” Thiel, age 83 of St. John, died on Tuesday, May 12, at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Appleton. He was born May 10, in Green .
  2. Dec 28,  · My first encounter with THIEL speakers was with the excellent CS floorstanding speaker, which was the late Jim Thiel’s last flagship design at the end of his life. I .
  3. Oct 21,  · It combines the coaxial HF/MF unit that the late Jim Thiel developed for the ‘ with a proprietary 8” woofer, reinforced with a passive radiator to give claimed bass extension to below 35Hz. Frequency response is specified as 35Hz–20kHz ±dB, .
  4. Feb 16,  · The last incarnation of the company that bore Jim Thiel's name, abandoned all of the loudspeaker design principles laid out by him, and set a course, perhaps predictably, that led to its own undoing. CS6 in Review.
  5. Designed by the late Jim Thiel, these were the top model of the Thiel speakers range in the The CS7 is a front ported, floor-standing loudspeaker offering high performance in .
  6. Nov 17,  · Thiel returned to Iowa late Thursday after more than a week in Mexico to find his boat and make the harrowing drive back. Before reaching the Texas border, he was stopped many times by .
  7. Aug 18,  · The late Jim Thiel was a fan of Bryston amps. He used them at many of his demos. He also disliked McIntosh amps. My dealer who knew Jim Thiel for many years talked to him one time and told his he was using McIntosh amps.
  8. Apr 18,  · *Jim Thiel is the 11th of 12 children born to Mary and Eberhard Thiel, who. built their home in the late s near the Route 41 and 93rd Street iron. works site. * .
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