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Inner fidelity review

Inner fidelity review

You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Rafe's Inner Fidelity. Thread starter Roscoeiii Start date Jun 8, Tags inner fidelity rafe arnott.

Prev 1 … Go to page. First Prev 21 of 22 Go to page. SilverEars Headphoneus Supremus. Joined Sep 18, Posts 12, Likes 5, I put those damn cans on and promptly took off within 10 seconds. My only feeling at the time was these cans must have been designed by someone with deficient hearing. Click to expand I have found over the years that most professional and amateur reviewers are full of crap including all the popular YT reviewers. Joined May 17, Posts 4, Likes GREQ said:.

Last edited: Sep 21, Maybe he didn't burn them in long enough? It was really awful - simplistic and repetitive, really disappointing and I'd spent my weeks wages on it. A few months later another Mag agreed it was dire. This was 20 years ago and since then I've probably bought 2 magazines for reviewing purposes. How can you have a headphone-focused publication alongside Stereophile and HIFi News and not do measurements, not even mention the output impedance of amplifiers?

Dialectic Major Contributor Forum Donor. Joined Sep 26, Messages 1, Likes 2, Location a fortified compound. That's no good. I relied on the headphone measurements posted there during Tyll's days. Archsam Senior Member Aug 2, Sad to see innerfidelity gone, I used to check their site regularly. I quite enjoy their Wall of Fame until that was suspended awhile back.

We want our beloved hobby to grow, not shrink, so its never good to see a quality site go dark. I suspect there are now too much competition from Youtube 'expert' audio reviewers with good production value and not much objective talks to dilute the entertainment factor. Joined Oct 11, Messages 2, Likes 3, My guess is that there's simply a lot of 'contraction' in the Webzine business. You see it in car Webzines. It wouldn't surprise me if Automobile is dropped as a separate entity.

Matias Major Contributor Forum Donor. To be honest inner fidelity was already finished for me since Tyll left Thread Starter 7. Dialectic said:.

Joined Sep 1, Messages 46 Likes Joined May 20, Messages Likes You can find innerfidelity measurement here Oops, beaten by 3 minutes. Joined Jan 26, Messages 22 Likes Just download all the graphs in single pdf file from the wrb archive. Tyll Hertsens' new Web site is a tremendous resource for in-depth headphone information, reviews, and more.

Introducing a great new headphone resource: Inner Fidelity, created by audiophile and technician Tyll Hertsens. When I met Hertsens about 10 years ago he quickly became my prime source for information about headphones. Now with his new Web site, everyone has access to Hertsen's knowledge base. He made a big splash with one of the site's first reviews, the Beats by Dr.

Dre Solo headphones, and let's just say Hertsens didn't love them. You won't have to read between the lines to learn how Hertsens feels about a set of headphones.

He also did a short video review for the Solo, which made me laugh out loud. Herstens developed his own methods for testing full-size and in-ear headphones , and he's made a set of videos explaining his techniques.

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  1. For those of you who just stumbled across this InnerFidelity review as you were looking for information about the Skullcandy Crusher Wireless, welcome! InnerFidelity is a website for hard core headphone enthusiasts and it's likely you've never read headphone reviews like the ones here.
  2. Feb 18,  · The Absolute Headphone Amplifier: InnerFidelity Review “ the Absolute is probably the most flexible headphone amplifier I’ve ever encountered. a high-end chameleon that can adapt to nearly any headphone and taste and give you that last 5 percent of audio magic that differentiates the truly high-end amplifiers from everything else.”.
  3. May 18,  · Inner Fidelity isn't just about headphones; it will also cover personal audio. Hertsens is working on a review on the VortexBox music server/jukebox right .
  4. Aug 02,  · Sad to see innerfidelity gone, I used to check their site regularly. I quite enjoy their Wall of Fame until that was suspended awhile back. We want our beloved hobby to grow, not shrink, so its never good to see a quality site go vivaldiaudio.com Interaction Count:
  5. Jun 13,  · What does a ‘measurement-free’ Rafe Arnott review look like, however? Whilst I wait for your first Inner Fidelity review, I hopped over to your previous employer looking for samples of your work. I took an hour to scroll through the 40 page index of your posts on PartTimeAudiophile. I’m retired now so I have the time vivaldiaudio.comted Reading Time: 2 mins.
  6. Jun 12,  · Not an auspicious start over at Rafe's Inner Fidelity. What made it great was the fantastic ratio of excellent content to minimal fluff. Run by someone with deep experience with headphones who would engage in quality dialogue with his vivaldiaudio.comted Reading Time: 10 mins.
  7. Aug 03,  · InnerFidelity housed not only a cache of reviews and wall-of-fame references, but also legacy measurements for many popular audiophile headphones. If this is indeed the end of both sites on the interweb, the ripples will no doubt be felt in the vivaldiaudio.comted Reading Time: 2 mins.
  8. Innerfidelity is dead, long live inearfidelity! level 1. _pada. 7 months ago. That is just sad. But it was already dead the moment tylls sucessor failed to deliver anything beyond marketing and bland promotional fluff. Such a disappoitment.
  9. Jun 04,  · Tyl Hertsens created a large database of over a thousand headphone and amplifier measurements while writing for vivaldiaudio.com, where these files originally appeared. Explanations about what the measurements mean can be found here. A description of the equipment and how the measurements are taken can be found vivaldiaudio.comted Reading Time: 40 secs.