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Infinity primus 360

Infinity primus 360

And, you can never get rid of them if they are a gift from your wife! I agree that the room is important, but I wouldn't say more important unless the speakers you are comparing are very similar sounding in the 1st place.

Well, I won't be getting rid of the Missions, just putting them in another room where I can place them where I like :- - the way the grills are designed it would be very difficult to change their colour, because they're inset in the front cover TBH, though I like them well enough, I'm quite happy with the excuse to upgrade!

I doubt there's a shop within miles where I could listen to them - most of the options on offer would be more expensive, and less good judging from reviews and measurements. Quote from: mixminus1 on I own Infinity Primus at home in a 5. I did quite a lot of measurements, I can provide those if somebody wants.

Thanks jlohl. Did you do your measurements in your listening room? I've looked at the anechoic measurements in stereophile - did you see anything very different in-room? Can you hear much difference flat vs EQ'd? Is the dramatically higher response around Hz compared with stereophile's measurements because they're in a room, or just measurement noise?

Many thanks! Also, where are they in the room, and specifically, what is the distance from the wall behind them? Edit: grammar Last Edit : by mixminus1.

Objective G - luring in the Eldar Fleet - is complete. Unnamed objectives I and J were still in progress. But with daemons pouring into Corespur, they can no longer afford any more time for the forces seeking to complete Objective F. Major-General Helmut De Villiers With legions of bloodthirsters pouring in, a disgraced general takes command of the Fay 24th and leads them into battle to buy the rest of his division time to escape.

Barely five percent of the regiment survives, the general not among them, but they buy the 9th Division the time it needs. Marshal Werner Groener The sacrifice of the Fay 24th earns them a unit citation and their commander the Star of Terra, as they saved fifteen regiments through their courage. But the Guard's troubles are not over, for Fulgrim has arrived, and is seeking a battle. Vect refuses, and orders a series of anti-Empyrean bombs he had planted across the sub-realm to detonate.

But even that isn't enough. But from one of the ambull dug tunnels two figures emerge: a Duardin, Champion-Slayer Borek, son of Burlek , and Rogal Dorn, who defies the monster who was once his brother. Gaius takes a blow meant for Rogal Dorn, a blow she knows will be fatal.

With her dying act, she prevents Fulgrim from withdrawing the blades from her body. Abbess-Brigadier Galatea Dumas Knowing that the blades in the Abbess are the same ones that poisoned Roboute Guilliman, Cawl places the weapons in stasis so that he can later study them and form an antidote.

The daemon tries to reclaim them, but is forced back. General Taylor Hebert No matter how much punishment he takes, Fulgrim refuses to go down. Even the addition of a loyal Primarch is not enough to turn the tide of battle. Suddenly, a massive Webway Gate opens, and the Flamewrought emerges from it.

Aurelia Malys The arrival of a battleship and a battle-barge firing into it at point blank range is enough to start driving Fulgrim back. Watching from a distance, Aurelia concludes that further resistance is futile and orders a retreat to Craftworld Ulthwe. Sergeant Gavreel Forcas Fulgrim is sorely wounded by the attacking battleships and the Astartes troops deploying from them, but not yet beaten.

He grabs Weaver hoping to use her as a hostage. Undeterred, she draws a phase blade she had taken from Tziz Jarek when she had captured the Assassin and stabs him in the face. This weakens the Daemon sufficiently to allow the Nebula's Shard to finally banish the monster back into the Warp. General Taylor Hebert With the Primarch banished, Taylor orders the warships to withdraw, though many of the ground troops, including William Castor , commander of the 18th Legion's 9th Company, elect to stay and continue fighting.

Once the orders to start falling back to Zel'harst are given, Taylor speaks with Rogal Dorn, trading news of how his descendants have handled themselves with the tale of how he came to be in the Dark City. He had apparently been wounded by the Queen of Blades while he was hunting Omegon , the surviving twin Primarch of the Alpha Legion. That said, he feels that he cannot return to the Imperium just yet: his brother Jaghatai Khan had sent many White Scars to rescue him over the centuries, and in return Dorn holds that he must rescue his brother from the Webway in return.

Giving Taylor a sample of his blood so that she can make more 7th Legion geneseed, he goes to dispense some advice to the Black Templars. Marshal Hermann Malberg, Zel'harst, Commoragh, Heart of the Webway, Forty-six hours before the Mark of Commorragh The Black Templars are driven to tears by the knowledge that their Primarch would be leaving them so soon, but cannot dispute the obligation of honor to save the Great Khan.

Promising that he will return to command the Phalanx of the Imperial Fists again some day, he reminds the Templars that a Crusade is valueless if you cannot hold the territory the Crusade takes, and asks them to heed Weaver's word as if it was his own.

After telling Weaver that Sanguinus would have been proud to count her in his Legion, the Praetorian departs into the Webway, taking an Honor Guard of ten Astartes of various Chapters with him.

Its wounds are such that it can no longer pretend to be the Primarch, and thus can no longer command the Emperor's Children. Knowing that the only way to fully recover is to find and consume Fulgrium's soul, it prepares to set out to find the Pride of the Emperor , where said soul is trapped. But before it can do so, Ka'Bandha the Angel's Bane attacks it, not happy about the Daemonette's attempt to kill Weaver, who the Bloodthirster had claimed as his own prey.

With seemingly no other way to get rid of it, the Mechanicus prepares a world-flame warhead, which should be sufficient to destroy it - along with everything else in the sub-realm.

Chancellor Friar Achelieux, Port of Lost Souls, Commorragh, Heart of the Webway, Forty-five hours before the Mark of Commorragh Reinforcements are still coming in through the Eversprings Gate, and almost all of the loot seized in the battle has been shuttled back to Pavia. However, there has been no report of what has been happening in the Old City since it started burning, and that is becoming very worrying.

The mission that took him away from Macragge is now finally over. Vect is not one of them. If he lives, it is to be as his own master. If refusing to submit kills him, so be it. Vect prepares for what may be the last fight of his life. Suddenly, Trazyn appears in a panic, wondering why they hadn't heeded his message and gone into an all-out retreat hours ago.

Not having received any messages, she wonders what he is talking about, but the answer soon introduces itself: Aenaria Eldanesh, Queen of Blades, has come to test the mettle of the human who has dared to place a claim on the throne of the Aeldari Empire. Because of this, nobody on board is prepared when seven battleships of the Death Guard arrive and perform a ritual banishing the ship - and more importantly, the soul of Fulgrim trapped aboard - from both the Materium and Immaterium forever.

The Emperor will not be able to rescue and redeem the Third Primarch, and Slaanesh will not be able to create a new Daemon Primarch. With that done, the Nurglite forces go to war against the Slaanesh-controlled planet below them. Epistolary Hendrik, Port of Lost Souls, Commorragh, Heart of the Webway, Forty-two hours before the Mark of Commorragh Epistolary Hendrik of the Dawnbreaker Guard has been pulled from the front lines due to battle wounds, and is unlikely to be able to return before the current battle, as the only medicine capable of treating wounds that quickly, blue bacta, is deadly to psykers like him.

With nothing else to do, he starts talking about the battle with Seneschal-Consort Wei Cao, who has volunteered to serve as a medical corpsman to help stem the enormous flow of wounded. As she assembles an enormous swarm formed of millions of death world insects, Aenaria looks them over and says that they won't be enough. But before the battle is joined, the portal to Corespur opens, and an army lead by half a dozen Daemon Princes storms into Zel'harst, intent on Weaver's death. The Queen of Blades Three forces gather in Zel'harst.

On one side, Saint Weaver of the Imperium, commanding a swarm of millions of deadly insects. On the third, the Queen of Blades stands alone. Drawing Ala'ra , the first Sword of Vaul, Aenaria notes that for the first time in far too many cycles, she is not bored.

A three-way battle erupts, with the last survivor of the Aeldari slaughtering insects and daemons with equal ease. Palace of Slaanesh, The Warp Khorne has been taking advantage of Slaanesh's vulnerability by sending Legions of Blood to attack areas that had been left exposed by the departure of the Legions of Excess to the Dark City.

As the war between the Blood God and the Dark Prince escalates, Tzeentch sends its own legions into the fray as well. Five of the six Greater Daemons have already been cut down, with the Eldar Succubus not appearing to use anything but pure skill. But not all of the Legions of Excess are participating in the duel.

Many of the lesser daemons were pouring around the main fight to go after the Guard and Astartes forces, slowly pushing them back. Dennis isn't happy about abandoning Taylor, but is forced to admit that nothing they have will make a difference in that fight.

General Taylor Hebert It takes Taylor less than ten minutes to realize that her odds of beating the Queen of Blades was about the same as her odds of killing Leviathan when they had fought in Brockton Bay so long ago: zero. In the time Taylor has killed the weakest two of the six Greater Daemons, Aenaria has slain the other four and made it look easy. Upon seeing her former liege, who she had never regarded with more than utter contempt, the Queen of Blades announces that Weaver has managed to acquit herself acceptably in the trial of blades between them, and as such, she is hereby anointed as Empress of the Aeldari.

Malekith, outraged, orders more Legions of Excess to attack. The Queen of Blades Rakarth tries to kill Aenaria, but ends up impaled on a crystal created from Taylor's sword. The Queen of Blades is impressed, but tells Taylor that the Blades of Vaul do not have the power to permanently kill daemons. Taylor asks what would be needed to truly kill Rakarth, and is told that the only things that can do so are something that is Anathema to the Ruinous Powers, or Aenaria herself. Weaver then inquires what she would like in exchange for permanently ending the Daemon Homunculus, as she needs to deny his fleshcrafting skills to the Drukhari.

Pleased that her opponent is asking and offering fair payment instead of demanding, Aenaria requests that Taylor commission a gladiatorial arena worthy of hosting battles for the Queen of Blades.

Taylor agrees, and moments later, Objective B is complete. The shriek of pain as She-Who-Thirsts loses a piece of hirself is felt by psykers across the galaxy. In desperation, he orders that all Farseers stop exercising any form of their power to keep Slaanesh from noticing them immediately.

Even with this precaution, daemons are slowly wiping them out, and between the Necron device sealing most of the gates in the Port of Lost Souls and Taylor's rearranging the Webway's structure to protect the Eternity Gate, they are now cut off.

Then the Grand Harlequin of the Masque of the Frozen Stars one of the three Masques which did not take instruction from Cegorach at the Black Library arrives and tells him that they have a device that could grant them victory: the Abyss of Dreams. The Hunting Grounds, The Abyss The Abyss of Dreams was a relic that Cegorach had ordered his followers to destroy at the first opportunity, if for no other reason, because the device was powered by Eldar souls.

The Masque of the Frozen Stars found one and chose to keep it, and Biel-Tan is so obsessed with destroying their enemy that they agree to use it.

Trading quality for quantity doesn't slow the Queen of Blades at all. Suddenly, the two combatants find themselves trapped in a bubble of darkness. Taylor tries to break free, but is stopped by Aenaria, who tells her that doing so would be instantly fatal.

She then explains that the Abyss of Dreams is a weapon from the War in Heaven meant to trap C'Tan, which never actually held one for long due to the horrific power requirements - over a thousand souls per hour to keep it on - and as a result had long ago been discarded as useless.

But, while humans and Eldar cannot enter or leave the Abyss, daemons can, and they are soon confronted by a Legion of Excess lead by Morathi. The Queen of Blades permanently terminates the former Dowager Empress of the Aeldari on general principle without bothering to ask Weaver for additional payment. Captain Gabriela Jordan, Port of Lost Souls, Commorragh, Heart of the Webway, Thirty-two hours before the Mark of Commorragh While the Dark Eldar are indisputably the most vile xeno race in the Dark City, they're hardly the only one the galaxy would be better off without: thousands of xenos who had joined the Drukhari in tormenting humans for sport are turned into impromptu Penal Legions and forced to fight their former allies and the daemons, buying the Imperium more time to withdraw.

A handful of other xeno races that the Inquisition has ruled as potentially useful are being extracted. Outside the port, the battlefields are being drowned in lava in order to slow the enemy down, meaning that most of the surviving Guard forces aren't even capable of fighting any more and are pulling back. General Taylor Hebert, The Abyss of Dreams, Thirty hours before the Mark of Commorragh With nowhere to retreat, the battle in the Abyss has turned into a war of endurance as Taylor and Aenaria fight off the flow of daemons of all classes that attempt to attack them.

An enormous, long disused Webway Gate is activated, and an Astropathic message is sent to a Task Force X to have them get in position on the other side of the gate to transit at the proper time. Meanwhile, the Knights and Titan forces are starting to have difficulty withdrawing in good order due to terrain difficulties caused by the lava.

The various soldiers in Angel's Sword power armor, dispersed across the Guard, are ordered to form a single unit to support their withdrawal. As for the accumulation of booty during the campaign, eleven STC templates or STC derived relics have been found and recovered, though the Mechanicus are still holding out hope that they'll be able to make it an even dozen.

Colonel Tom Cameron, Zel'harst, Commorragh, Heart of the Webway, Twenty-two hours before the Mark of Commorragh Tens of thousands of slaves are beyond rescue even after being recovered: their bodies have been infected by plagues or corruptive mutations, and the Imperium lacks the time or resources to treat them. The doomed slaves have been given weapons and a chance to go out grabbing a measure of revenge against their enemies. Behind the suicidal charge of the liberated slaves, the armored units of the Guard, Astartes and Mechanicus follow, slaughtering daemons to buy the infantry time to retreat.

As they continue to battle the Legions of Excess, they note that the next time Weaver asks them to support one of her campaigns, they should insist on sending a Crusade-level force - it's not like her wars don't turn into Crusade-sized operations anyway, and it would be better to be properly prepared. Knowing that Morathi's weapon was daemonically tainted, Vect concedes that he is going to die, and that clone resurrection will not help him - even if any of his secret clone labs were still intact.

He takes a flyer to the tallest standing spire in the sub-realm, pours himself some wine and sits to watch as Commmorragh falls. His musings are interrupted by Malekith, who has come to claim his soul one way or the other, but Vect chooses to go out on his own terms by detonating a Soul-Obliterator, killing himself and ensuring Slaanesh will never have him.

Objective C is completed through an act of defiant suicide, though nobody from the Imperium of Man is there to witness it. However, the loss of a Daemon Prince would have hurt Slaanesh much less than the death of Asdrubael Vect has: had history followed its course, Vect would have united the Drukhari and turned them into a force that would unleash untold suffering upon trillions, greatly empowering Slaanesh to the point that it could have challenged Khorne.

However, now that future is gone, and so is all the power She-Who-Thirsts claimed before it was created. Entire Legions of Excess cease to have ever existed and many Slaanesh-influenced activities across the galaxy and history are suddenly bereft of her influence, turning triumphs into hard-won victories and hard-won victories into crushing defeats.

The death of the Dark Eldar's greatest leader before he could become such is a brutal blow to Chaos, and as Slaanesh rages Khorne, Tzeentch and Nurgle take advantage of the former's weakening to invade its Daemon Worlds and kill its servants. General Taylor Hebert, The Abyss of Dreams, Fifteen hours before the Mark of Commorragh Finally, Aenaria states that the Abyss is starting to decay as souls are no longer sacrificed to power it, and she decides to list out the requirements for the arena she has requested as her payment for killing Rakarth - which looks like it will require a good fraction of the bounty for Rakarth's head.

First Naval Secretary Wolfgang Bach, Port of Lost Souls, Commorragh, Heart of the Webway, Eight hours before the Mark of Commorragh Admiral August von Kisher , commander of one of the newest reinforcement fleets to arrive in the Dark City, tries to browbeat Bach into giving up general operational command on the grounds that he's a civilian appointee who was once an Ensign, and thus shouldn't be ordering around flag officers.

The admiral is forced to back down when Hibou Khan , Great Khan of the White Scars Chapter, backs Bach up, followed by every other Astartes commander fighting in the fleet instead of on the ground, but Wolfgang knows it will not be the end of trouble coming from Kisher. General Taylor Hebert, Zel'harst, Commorragh, Heart of the Webway, Eight hours before the Mark of Commorragh The Abyss of Dreams has finally shut down, and the two surviving combatants find themselves back in the Dark City, surrounded by even more daemons.

As Weaver gathers a new swarm and tries to find a way to return to her army, a silver light covers the battlefield and the daemons start to shriek in pain, while Taylor herself is forced to her knees from the pressure.

Aenaria admits that this is her true power, which she normally keeps repressed because otherwise nobody would be willing to challenge her to a fight. Before she lets Taylor go back to her troops, Aenaria gives her two messages: the first, a statement of thanks for the first decent fight she has had in thousands of cycles, and the second a warning that, if the Emperor orders an invasion of the Webway without Aenaria's permission, she will travel to Terra and kill the Emperor - which Taylor knows is not an empty threat.

Aenaria releases her, and Taylor takes flight. The Queen of Blades Aenaria watches as Taylor leaves, and she considers her discoveries: having seen and understood what the Corona Pollentia in Weaver's brain is, she has also noticed that the Emperor's power is causing it to change: at the current rate of progression, she calculates that the Corona Pollentia will mutate after two battles like Commorragh.

Thinking that the person she was a million cycles before would have killed Taylor to prevent her from reaching her full potential, she also notes that that person died when the Empire rejected her advice and caused the Fall. Aenaria realizes there is one last thing she needs to do before leaving the ruins of the Dark City and heads to her newest objective. Sergeant Gavreel Forcas The lines blocking access to the Port of Lost Souls have been holding against the endless Legions of Excess, but ammunition is running low, and soon the defenders will be overrun.

But before that can happen, a swarm takes the daemons from the rear, allowing the Astartes to wipe the warpspawn out. Weaver has returned, and now the last forces in Zel'harst can retreat themselves to the Port of Lost Souls. Within an hour, all ground troops in Commorragh will have successfully withdrawn back to the fleet, bringing an end to the land war in the Dark City.

With that in place, it is time to begin Part One of Objective J: Taylor goes to an enormous cocoon being fed with Gold Bacta and tells the creature inside that it is time to hatch. Jan 13, Ant Replies 4 Views Jul 13, Ash Replies 2 Views 2K. Nov 16, shb First speaker upgrade in 10 years. Need some help. Replies 1 Views May 26, Gasp Replies 4 Views 1K. Buy Infinity Primus Here. OK here it is Labels: Buy Infinity Primus. Infinity Primus Auctions.

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Infinity Primus Hide sidebar Show sidebar. Thread starter Alex Start date Jul 26, Prev 1 2. First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. Alex, are you making false allegations on the internet again? Shame on you Other than internal mods of the cab, i think your gonna be as good as you can get with them imo they are pretty darn good for money.

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  1. Jun 19,  · Any speaker in the $–$/pair range will have some sonic tradeoffs, and the Infinity Primus is no exception. It has an attractive combination of strengths and weaknesses, and presents levels of high-level dynamic drama and effortlessness that are unheard of at the price.
  2. The Primus 's have a very detailed sound and excellent sound reproduction across the audio spectrum (aside from lower bass). I hear details in CD's that I haven't heard before. When I put in the White Album form the Beatles, it sounds like they're playing in my basement:) I 5/5(13).
  3. Nov 24,  · Infinity Primus loudspeaker Specifications. Sidebar 1: Specifications. Description: Three-way, reflex-loaded, floorstanding loudspeaker. Drive-units: ¾" (19mm) MMD tweeter, 4" (mm) MMD-cone midrange unit, two 6½" (mm) MMD-cone woofers. Crossover .
  4. This item Infinity Primus Watt Tower Speaker (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Polk Audio T50 Watt Home Theater Floor Standing Tower Speaker (Single, Black) - Hi-Res Audio with Deep Bass Response | Dolby and DTS Surround, x x InchesReviews: 6.
  5. The Infinity PRIMUS is a 3-Way Main/Stereo speaker with a frequency response of 38 Hz - 20 kHz and Watt peak power handling. Featuring an impedance level of 8 ohm and 93 dB sensitivity, the speaker produces clear sound. Its width is cm. Also the options available to mount are: Floorstanding.
  6. Infinity Primus $ $ shipping. or Best Offer. Infinity Primus P Bookshelf Speakers - Tested & Working - Read Description. $ Free shipping. or Best Offer. Infinity Primus PS38 8 Inch Watt Powered Subwoofer By Harman. $ Free shipping. or Best Offer. 12 watching.
  7. The Primus P features Infinity's exclusive Metal Matrix Diaphragm ("MMD" for short) driver technology in the 3/4" tweeter, 4" midrange, and the dual /2" woofers. These MMD drivers consist of a stiff aluminum core, anodized on both sides for increased strength and rigidity.
  8. Main Recap Page Arcs Arcs Black Flags in FlamesGeneral Taylor Hebert, Battleship Enterprise, Pavia System, Acacia Expanse, Beyond the frontiers of the Imperium, M35The fleet reaches Pavia after an easy and swift trip through .