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In part 1

In part 1

There aren't many details about the specifics of the update, though we do know that the new biomes will be implemented when it arrives. Here's what we know so far. Minecraft version 1. Unlike the usual Minecraft snapshot releases, this experimental snapshot will require you to manually download a game version from Mojang's site. Despite the experimental nature, this early snapshot will let you create new worlds with Minecraft's bigger mountains and more impressive caves.

The rest however…. The main issue here is a CSS font tracker hosted on another server, and it accounts for 7 seconds of first-content delay , but it's really a combination of issues:. And there's the red flag in the 'initiator' column. The HTML contains:. The browser is good at loading things in parallel, but it can only load what it knows about. In this case it doesn't know about the above resource until it loads the CSS that contains that line. The ideal way to solve this is to delete that import above, which would save 7 seconds, but that line is a requirement made by the owners of the web font, who use it to ensure sites have paid for font usage.

I feel there are better ways for the font foundry to achieve this, but that isn't in the control of the site we're looking at. We need to turn this from a sequence of requests, to two requests in parallel, which we can do using preload :.

This quick change would shave 3 seconds off the first-content delay. That isn't as good as saving the whole 7 seconds of course, because:. This was extremely slow, especially if SSL was involved, since there's a chunk of up-front cost.

You only pay the cost of connection setup once… if your resources are on the same server that is. Row 1 has it because it's the first request to the site, and row 10 has it because it's to a different site. That extra connection setup accounts for 5 seconds of blocking time. Using a preload tag would help start this connection earlier, but it can't eliminate the cost. As a result, it's important to avoid hosting render-blocking content on other servers.

In this case, because it's a tracker, it can't just be moved to the site's own server, so we need another solution:. Since we can't do anything else about it, the best thing we can do is remove the render-blocking nature of that separate connection. This technique was developed by the filament group. Browsers will download print stylesheets ahead of time, but they won't block rendering.

However, they will download it at a low priority, so the preload is used to make it high priority. When the stylesheet has loaded, it changes media to all , so it applies to the page. As a side-effect, fonts will display using fallbacks before the CSS loads. Make sure this looks ok, and make sure your font-face rules use font-display: swap so this pattern continues once the CSS loads. If you're not happy with swap , use the font loading API to get even more control over how the page displays while fonts are loading.

Fonts only start downloading once the browser finds something on the page that needs them. Next: 5 best Netflix shows to watch in July Top Stories.

Netflix Life 2 months Is Goosebumps on Netflix? Streaming More Netflix News ». More Amazon News ». View all Streaming Sites. More Movie News ». More FS Movie News ». View all Movies Sites. More TV News ». Did you have a lot of friends when you were a child?

What did you enjoy doing as a child? Do you think it is better for children to grow up in the city or in the countryside? Clothes Are clothes important to you?

What kind of clothes do you usually wear? Do you ever wear the traditional clothes of your country? Where do you usually buy your clothes? Have you ever worn a uniform? Do most people in your country follow fashion?

Computers Do you often use a computer? How do you usually get online? Do you prefer desktops or laptops? What do you use your computer for? Do you think it is important to learn how to use a computer?

Daily Routine When do you usually get up in the morning? Do you usually have the same routine every day? What is your daily routine? Do you ever change your routine? Is your routine the same today as it was when you were a child? Do you think it is important to have a daily routine? Dictionaries Do you often use a dictionary? What do you use dictionaries for? What kinds of dictionaries do you think are most useful? Do you think dictionaries are useful for learning a language? What kind of information can you find in a dictionary?

Useful video lesson: Dictionary vocabulary. Evenings What do you often do in the evenings? Do you do the same thing every evening? Do you prefer to spend your evenings with family or friends? Do you ever work or study in the evenings? What is a popular activity for young people in your country in the evenings? Do you do the same thing in the evenings as you did when you were a child? Who are you closest to in your family?

Do you prefer spending time with your family or friends? Who is your best friend? Are you still friends with people from your childhood?

Is family important in your country? Flowers Do you like flowers? When was the last time you gave someone flowers? Do any flowers have a special meaning in your country? Why do you think women like flowers more than men? Have you always liked the same food? Is there any food you dislike? What is a common meal in your country? Do you have a healthy diet? What do you think of fast food? Going Out Do you often go out in the evenings? What do you like to do when you go out?

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  1. Create a free account. 75% of the introductions made through IN-PART are international. Over 75% of university technologies receive engagement from companies interested in collaboration. Since launching in , we’ve initiated over 10, new university-industry interactions. World-leading research.
  2. What is IELTS speaking part 1? A face to face interview with the examiner ( minutes) 12 Questions based on 3 Topics. Questions about yourself, your life and your country. Below is a list of topics and questions that the examiner can ask you in part 1 of the IELTS speaking test.
  3. Fahrenheit Part 1 Summary & Analysis. Fahrenheit Part 1. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Fahrenheit , which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. As the novel begins, Guy Montag is taking an intense pleasure in burning a pile of books on a lawn.
  4. What does in-part mean? Partly; to an extent. (adverb) Cynthia toted her camera equipment, in part at least as an excuse for the trip should they be questioned.
  5. A summary of Part X (Section1) in Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of The Metamorphosis and what it means. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans.
  6. Form ADV Part 1 Instructions. General Instructions; Instructions for Part 1A ; OMB Approval. OMB Number: Estimated average burden per response: hours. Federal Information Law and Requirements. Sections and of the Advisers Act [15 U.S.C. §§ 80b-3 and 80b-4] authorize the SEC to collect the information required by Form.
  7. Genesis: Part 1 is a simulation across 5 distinct biomes in the form of mini maps: Bog, Arctic, Ocean, Volcanic, and Lunar. Players can teleport between these areas using the HLNA Biome Teleportation menu (using beds will drop any items making teleporting with HLN-A recommended). Players can select a biome and a cardinal direction to spawn in at any time.
  8. Jul 12,  · Part 1 of the Caves & Cliffs update launched on June 8. While it's technically the smaller of the two updates, it adds loads of new blocks, animals, plants, and craftable items. But as some of.