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Hca power amplifier

Hca power amplifier

The amp will be professionally packaged and shipped insured. This beast weighs in at 60 pounds net and will be considered in a high weight class with UPS after packaging. Extra padding and cushioning will be included which will increase the gross weight. Hawaii and Alaska buyers please contact me prior to purchase for an updated shipping cost. Thanks for looking!

Reviews of this Shop. Product Specs. Listed 3 years ago Condition Very Good Used Very Good items may show a few slight marks or scratches but are fully functional and in overall great shape. Reverb Gives Your purchases help youth music programs get the gear they need to make music. Carbon-Offset Shipping Your purchases also help protect forests, including trees traditionally used to make instruments. Scan with your phone to get the Reverb app:. Oops, looks like you forgot something.

Please check the fields highlighted in red. These inputs are used to "loop" signals from the inputs of Channels 1 and 2 to either or both of the other pairs. That simplifies multiroom stereo installations, allowing the routing of stereo programs to other zones without external jumper cables or Y adaptors.

Finally, across the top of the rear apron are six level-control knobs to balance the volumes in different rooms of a multiroom installation. When the knobs are turned to the dot marked THX the maximum clockwise setting , the amplifier meets Lucasfilm standards for playback amplifier gain.

Our bench tests of the HCA were limited to its functions as a two-channel stereo amplifier, although we also applied its preconditioning phase 1 hour at one-third rated power into 8 ohms to Channels 1 through 4. The top cover of the amplifier became very hot-not enough to bum, but uncomfortable to touch for more than a couple of seconds.

During our other tests it ran comfortably cool. The Parasound HCA is certainly one of the most powerful and most versatile power amplifiers we have seen in its price range. For Home THX setups or a top-quality multiroom installation, it should be hard to beat or match, for that matter.

After we overcame our initial wariness about pushing the amplifier to its limits, we found it to be as rugged as it feels, looks, and weighs. Perhaps not "bulletproof," but certainly a far cry from some amplifiers we have tested that required kid-glove treatment to avoid self-destruction. A final note: Parasound's manual for the HCA is quite specific in respect to do's and don'ts, and on using its operating versatility to best advantage. It is one of the few power amplifiers we have seen that is actually versatile enough to require such information, and it was reassuring to find it provided in a well-done owner's manual.

Two observations: I have had one of these sitting on a shelf for a few years and I thought it was dead As I was in the process of clearing out stacked up components I was browsing for comments and blog's about this amp when another person referred to a delay at start up that would sometimes take a while to warm up before start. So sure enough, I set her up and fired up the power and after about 45 seconds I noticed it was starting to humm and then "click".

Now when I fire it up it takes about 10 seconds If the purpose of bridging is to use the amp as a single channel mono block, and there is a bridgable version of this amp without this additional set of jacks, then what is the difference? My confusion is what led me to seek out the manufacturers manual in the first place so obviously I am even more confused now that I realize that the manual does not even refer to this diagram or show it in the illustration.

Great troubleshooting info from all you guys! Here is one more tip It did not work, no light would come on. I brought it home and removed the fuse in back of the unit, but a continuity check showed that it was good. I then opened it up the unit to examine the internal fuses, boy was this unit dirty inside! I removed the 1A fuse to check for continuity, and the resistance read over 30 ohms initially, so I cleaned the ends with some scotchbrite.

A second check showed the resistance at a more normal 0. I checked the other two fuses for continuity and they too checked out good. I reinstalled all 3 fuses after cleaning their respective holders of crud. I plugged the unit back in and, voila, the red light came on. This was followed by a click from the protection relay and the green light came on. I now have a great working amp!

Just wondering if you found the issue with the protection circuit. I just picked up a mkI which remains in protect mode. It appears to have normal offset levels on the outputs. So I'm expecting an issue with either the protect circuit.

Or the relay coil burning out. When I would turn the amp on, the relay would buzz then click over after several seconds.

In my case the power light would stay RED standby but the amp still worked. I determined that the relay driver circuit wasn't supplying enough power for the relay. The circuit also powers the LED switching circuit. I did so and all is good. I have started replacing the other electrolytic caps as they too are heading out of spec and they are easy and cheap.

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  1. Your HCA is among the elite of the finest power amplifiers ever made. You have made an outstanding investment in your musical and home theater pleasure for years to come.
  2. Sep 15,  · In comparison with what is probably the best solid-state power amplifier (the Audio Research D), the HCA is slightly warmer and more liquid through the middle range, equally open at the high end but without the D's slight dryness, and Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins.
  3. Feb 06,  · Tom Norton had used a Parasound HCA as a subwoofer amplifier to drive the Whise Profunder subwoofer (reviewed in the July/August Stereophile Guide to Home Theater), and he reported that the amplifier performed exceptionally well in this vivaldiaudio.comted Reading Time: 9 mins.
  4. Here is a big and powerful high current power amplifier made by Parasound model HCA This is the original version of this amp that was first made in The amplifier is rated at watts per channel with no more than % THD and a damping factor of Brand: Parasound.
  5. Most googled Parasound HCAII stereo power amplifier looks different. The power transformer is a toroidal and it has 2 pairs of output devices per channel. They are 7/10(1).
  6. Power Consumption: watts Dimensions: w 19" x h 5 1/4" x d 16", h 5 7/8" with feet Net Weight: 40 lb FAQ. Which set of jacks do I use to connect my preamp to my amp? Although it looks like there are two sets of inputs on our stereo amplifiers, there is actually only one set. They are labeled INPUTS.
  7. Parsound HCA in excellent working order, all channels work including 3/4 and 5/6 in bridged mode, Power switch works, all LED's work, includes power cord! This has been a great amp, I've enjoyed it's flexibility to bridge the mains, bi-amp the mains, or power all six vivaldiaudio.com: BGM.
  8. The $USD HCA-2 digital switching amplifier is one of the company's latest creations. I was excited to hear for myself what the PS Audio team has wrought with the HCA-2, but the term "digital" used to describe this amplifier caused me some concern -- I'm an analog kind of guy.