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It's because the states don't have those data themselves. There are plenty of reasons why some states haven't submitted their data. Chief among them is the fact that public health has been underfunded for years. This has created a county-by-county patchwork of outdated disease-tracking systems linking hospitals and labs to public health departments. Many counties have their own local tracking systems that can't automatically transfer records to the state and then up to the CDC.

In his county and many others, hospitals fax records to county health departments, and workers manually enter data. You haven't checked the tires. The check-engine light's been on. It's a painstaking process of copy-and-pasting data points, field by field. Right now, our priority is in contacting people who have tested positive for COVID and providing them with the education they need and identifying their close contacts," Roesslet says.

In Texas, the state health department launched a new COVID tracking system in May , but most large counties had already developed their own systems by then. This only added more patches onto public health's quilt of tracking systems that don't automatically communicate with each other. Austin Public Health's chief epidemiologist, Janet Pichette, says they wanted to collect more data than the state was gathering.

They also didn't want to rely on an outside system that might go down unexpectedly. You want to have control of your own data, right? Just like the CDC can't mandate what state health departments must do, states can't always tell counties or cities what to do. She currently teaches epidemiology at the University of North Texas, but she supervised a county region with the state health department until We don't want to start getting in power struggles with the locals," Cervantes says.

He had a full-time staffer working to reconcile county data with what he called "unreliable" state data, but they gave up in June. And at this point, we're ready to move on with our lives and experience the freedom that all Texans get to experience on a daily basis.

Biden signed into law in March. Administration officials have called on some states with high unemployment to use relief funds from that aid bill to provide continued benefits for the long-term unemployed. Biden echoed those calls on Friday. But Mr. Biden has not called on Congress to extend the federal benefits. Administration officials say it is appropriate for them to expire as scheduled.

Other data from the Labor Department was more upbeat: The unemployment rate fell, as economists had predicted, to 5. Investors seemed to struggle to interpret such a mixed report. The slowdown in hiring could give the Federal Reserve more room to decide when to roll back monetary stimulus, but economists are closely watching wages for signs of sustained higher inflation that the central bank wants to avoid.

After the report, bond yields dropped before almost immediately rebounding. By Friday afternoon, the year yield on U. Treasury notes was 1. The slowdown in hiring came in August as the spread of the Delta variant caused Americans to pull back on spending in restaurants and on other services, while businesses have reported challenges in finding new staff.

Hiring in the leisure and hospitality sectors was flat, the Labor Department said, after increasing on average of , per month for the previous six months. The absence of hiring in the these low-wage sectors helped push overall wage growth higher, Paul Ashworth, an economist at Capital Economics, wrote in a note.

Ashworth wrote. The company announced in early August that iPhones would begin using complex technology to spot images of child sexual abuse, commonly known as child pornography, that users uploaded to its iCloud storage service. Apple also said it would let parents turn on a feature that could flag them when their children sent or received nude photos in text messages.

The tech giant announced the changes after reports in The New York Times showed the proliferation of child sexual abuse images online. Green said. Apple did not appear to anticipate such a backlash. When the company announced the changes, it sent reporters technical explainers and statements from child-safety groups and computer scientists applauding the effort. What matters, experts said, is what Apple will do now that it has hit pause.

Will it cancel the initiative entirely, simply roll out nearly identical features after a delay or find a middle ground? Joe Mullin, a policy analyst with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital rights group, said the foundation had a petition with more than 25, signatures asking Apple not to introduce the feature.

When Kraft merged with Heinz in , it was meant to be another chance for the private equity firm 3G Capital to apply the same ruthless cost savings it had already introduced at Heinz and had used throughout the consumer goods industry. But at Kraft Heinz, the strategy was pushed too far, federal regulators said. Krenger said. Kraft Heinz set performance targets for its procurement division tied to achieving cost savings that the company had promised investors in the wake of the merger, the S.

The suit charges Mr. Lawyers for Mr. Pelleissone and Mr. Hofmann did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Neither man admitted wrongdoing. Kraft Heinz first disclosed the S.

As the company worked through issues with regulators, it twice delayed its annual report and unveiled further write-downs of its well-known brands. Warren E. Berkshire owns a little over a quarter of the company.

A number of senior executives have left Kraft Heinz since the disclosure, including Bernardo Hees, who had served as chief executive, and David Knopf, who had been the chief financial officer.

Renaissance Technologies said on Thursday it had agreed to settle a long-running dispute with the Internal Revenue Service with a settlement that will require current and former insiders — including its founder — to pay billions in taxes, interest and penalties. James Simons, the mathematician who pioneered an algorithmic approach with the founding of Renaissance, and six other people who were on the board from to along with their spouses will pay the additional taxes owed, plus interest and penalties.

The dispute involved the tax treatment of certain transactions by Renaissance, which specializes in rapid-fire trades. The hedge fund argued that many of its trades were eligible to be taxed at a lower long-term capital gains rate because it had converted them into longer-term holdings through the use of complex financial instruments.

The I. The dispute involved a congressional inquiry and a rewriting of I. Tyson Foods said it would provide 20 hours of paid sick time a year to fully vaccinated employees to enhance benefits for workers willing to receive coronavirus vaccinations.

The paid sick leave policy takes effect on Jan. Tyson also said fully vaccinated employees could take up to two weeks of paid administrative leave if they tested positive for Covid over the next six months.

The union initially expressed reservations when Tyson announced the vaccine mandate last month, but applauded the paid sick leave benefit on Friday, saying it was the first national agreement that provides such a benefit to meatpacking workers. On Friday, Tyson said about 90,, or roughly 75 percent, of its U. More than 30, workers have been vaccinated since the company announced its mandate in early August.

Tyson said it now had the support of the U. If there is such a thing as an It Girl in venture capital these days, Li Jin would fill the bill. She sits at the intersection of start-up investing and the fast-growing ecosystem of online creators, both of which are red hot. Jin was among the first investors in Silicon Valley to take influencers seriously and has written about and backed creators for years, Taylor Lorenz reports for The New York Times.

Jin, 31, is also aggressively pro-worker. She has made it clear in podcasts and her Substack newsletter that creators should get the same rights as other workers. Hank Green, 41, a top creator on YouTube and TikTok, said he often tossed ideas back and forth with her by phone. In this Feb. Treasury's Financial Management services facility in Philadelphia. The financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Social Security and Medicare is front and center as the government releases its annual report on the state of the bedrock retirement programs on Tuesday, Aug.

The new projections in the annual Social Security and Medicare trustees reports indicate that Social Security's massive trust fund will be unable to pay full benefits in instead of last year's estimated exhaustion date of For the first time in 39 years the cost of delivering benefits will exceed the program's total income from payroll tax collections and interest during this year.

From here on, Social Security will be tapping its savings to pay full benefits. The depletion date for Medicare's trust fund for inpatient care remained unchanged from last year, estimated in In the s, financial warnings about Social Security prompted then-President Ronald Reagan and lawmakers of both parties in Congress to collaborate on a long-term solvency plan, but such action is unlikely in today's bitter political climate.

Democrats who control the White House and Congress offered assurances they would protect both programs. The latest estimates reflected the push and pull of many factors flowing from the pandemic, and the full impact may take years to sort out. The deep but relatively short recession slashed revenue from payroll taxes. Hospitals were stressed by the influx of COVID patients, but Medicare didn't have to pay for as many knee surgeries, colonoscopies and other more routine procedures.

Birth rates and immigration, which tend to bolster the two programs, both fell. For Social Security, the loss of payroll tax revenue outweighed any savings from what the program would have paid out to people whose lives were lost in the pandemic.

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  1. Jul 01,  · The Trafficking in Persons Report marked the first time the U.S. Department of State applied this new provision, finding 12 governments had a “policy or pattern” of trafficking, including: Afghanistan, Belarus, Burma, China, Cuba, Eritrea, Iran, North .
  2. Jun 23,  · genuine issues are shown in Arizona’s audit or from continued investigation here, I will not hesitate to ask the Committee to consider recommending an audit or amending this report. I must acknowledge and thank my staff including Jeff Wiggins and Paul Burns that spent so much of their work and personal time on this report.
  3. Sep 03,  · Here are six takeaways from the August jobs report. Apple delays the rollout of child-safety features over privacy concerns. Kraft Heinz will pay .
  4. Sep 01,  · From here on, Social Security will be tapping its savings to pay full benefits. The depletion date for Medicare's trust fund for inpatient care remained unchanged from last year, estimated in .
  5. Full report The thirteen chapters of the Working Group I report provide an assessment of the current evidence on the physical science of climate change, knowledge evaluation gained from observations, reanalyses, paleoclimate archives and climate model simulations, as well as physical, chemical and biological climate processes. ( pages?).
  6. 2 days ago · The CDC's COVID data set is supposed to help track the pandemic, but a new NPR analysis has found the majority of fields are blank and millions of cases across the country are .
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