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From ces 2014

From ces 2014

How will the rest of gamers feel, and how will the hardware vendors — not to mention the game developers — make Valve's SteamOS an attractive alternative? CES was only the beginning, and these new gaming entrants have a fascinating road ahead of them. We can't wait to go along for the ride.

Sony purchased Gaikai well before the PlayStation 4 was unveiled to the public, and kept mum as to its plans for the video game streaming service for an impressive amount of time. It may be called Now, but release date, pricing, actual library and when the PS Vita will get some love are coming later. Maybe too big. We clamor for a future of literally plug-and-play PC gaming, but Project Christine raises a lot of questions.

Is Razer the company to finally make it happen? Do we even want it to be Razer? And are the component vendors even interested in such a thing? We hope to get those answers in Though the VR goggles aren't even released to the public yet, the Oculus Rift is managing to improve by leaps every time we test a new version. The latest prototype — the Oculus Rift Crystal Cove named for a state park in Southern California , totally blew us away during our third hands on session with the headset.

The addition of positional head-tracking creates a more immersive experience because full movements of the wearer's upper body can now be detected. The complaints of motion sickness led the team to implement low persistence, which reduces the blur-induced nausea. This version of the Oculus has us pining for the consumer version even more strongly - if that's possible - but sadly there's still no official release date or pricing. He attended because he wanted to hear Macklemore or so he said , but we're sure the outspoken, pink T-shirt-wearing exec had other motives in mind.

This wraps up the carrier's Uncarrier initiative nicely. No there are no contracts, no gouging on international usage and an easy system for switching to new phones every year, plus the ETF credits. In an industry where everyone is trying to outdo one another with bigger numbers, Nvidia shot to the top of the ranks with its new Tegra K1 processor.

This isn't Tegra 5 folks - this K-named chip occupies a whole new class. Stacked with CUDA cores, desktop-class Kepler architecture, DirectX 11 and Unreal Engine 4 support, the Tegra K1 is ready to harken a new era of tablet gaming that delivers photo-realistic graphics.

Samsung reshuffled the Galaxy S series to appeal to more people. But with three new phones all at lower prices, which one should you get? We're here to help. The beauty and wellness products you'll want from CES The beauty and wellness products you'll want from CES Custom lipstick, allergy relief and a water-saving shower faucet: These are the gadgets you'll want this year.

Touchless video doorbell Touchless video doorbell by Ry Crist. The Next Big Thing. Digital health care: Better than the doctor's office? What does have in store for our finances? The Avegant Glyph uses virtual retinal display VRD technology to project images directly onto your retinas. The vendor says it's an eye-strain-free way of seeing video and will work with any HDMI input. Avegant's first VRD devices looked like science-fair projects, befitting the company's ethos of rapid prototyping.

The Avegant Glyph is far more polished. It looks like a big set of audio headphones, but you can lower the headband in front of your eyes and look through a stunning set of retinal displays.

Most people forgot about Epson just about when dot-matrix printers receded from popular consciousness. That was a mistake, because the company remains a very big player in the OEM world.

It also offers a front-facing camera, an Android 4. Epson announced some interesting partners for this technology, including an array of first-person-shooter games and an application that helps paramedics see patients' veins. The Snow2 from Recon Instruments is an insert for ski goggles that senses and displays an array of speed and distance metrics and notifications, including text messages, resort maps and buddy tracking. The device sits at the bottom of the right goggle lens; the company says it looks like a in.

Vendors Smith and Oakley sell goggles with Snow2 already built in. Pebble made a name for itself last year by shipping a vastly over-subscribed crowdsourced Bluetooth-connected wristwatch. Two problems: The original Pebble watch didn't actually do very much and the look was distinctly geek chic. Pebble also announced an app store, giving developers a centralized location to sell apps that follow the company's updated APIs. It should open at the end of this month. LG Electronics makes humungous curved TVs.

It makes dishwashers. And now, it makes wrist-borne fitness trackers. The Lifeband Touch treads familiar ground -- mileage, speed, calories -- with some interesting twists. There's no clasp; the band is designed to slip on like a bangle.

The display is OLED, and it can notify about incoming calls. Polar's chest-band heart monitors are very well known among serious athletes. Less well-known are Polar's wristwear, which are serious pieces of high-end gear. At CES, the company unveiled the V , which it's pitching as an "advanced multisport training computer. It's got a large Gorilla Glass display that can show up to four weeks of training data, and syncs via a Bluetooth Smart device to the Polar Flow app and online service.

Add-ons are promised for monitoring cycling effort. Garmin has long been a big name in GPS and outdoor tech gear, but hasn't been much of a presence in the nascent wearables market.

The company is now taking a shot at it with the Vivofit line. The Vivofit will learn your activity patterns and set new goals for you that increase as you progress.

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  1. CES: Consumer Electronics Could Grow To $ Billion Industry in ; FCC's New Chairman Touts New Net Neutrality Rules at CES Despite Predecessor's Opposition.
  2. Jan 10,  · 12 'Chick Tech' Products From CES 1. Happy Plugs: Carat Gold Deluxe Earbud Edition. Turn your headphones into bling with these Happy Plugs headphones 2. ZipStick. ZipStick is a portable battery charger with a built-in LED flashlight from .
  3. Jan 20,  · How the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) impacts the future of service and prevents complacency in the industry One of this year’s coolest events has already come and gone with the wrap up of CES The annual Consumer Electronics Show, an internationally renowned electronics and technology tradeshow held in Las Vegas ended Friday, January .
  4. Jan 09,  · At CES , the trend has blossomed to include items such as ovens with integrated tablets and light bulbs users can turn off and on with a smartphone. Even .
  5. Jan 07,  · CES brings the emphasis to natural computing. It is now assumed that technology will become pervasive, wearable fashion and embedded in most of daily activities.
  6. Jan 07,  · CES brings the emphasis to natural computing. It is now assumed that technology will become pervasive, wearable fashion and embedded in most of daily activities. People will embrace new gadgets that can help to make life easier, and bring imagination and creativity to reality. [Dian Tjondronegoro is a member of IEEE and ACM.].
  7. Fujifilm 56mm F/ X-Series Lens Here at CES , Fujifilm announced a very proper prime portrait lens for their X-series cameras. Thanks to the APS-C sensors inside the X cameras, the 56mm F/ acts like an 85mm lens would on a full-frame body. We spent some time using it on the show floor and it made a very good first impression.
  8. Jan 13,  · CES has always been a showcase for high-quality, futuristic televisions, and this year was no exception. The name of the game in seems to be bigger is better, because this years crop of.