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Friedl sun loudspeaker

Friedl sun loudspeaker

The standard finishes are sumptuous walnut veneers, and a variety of extra cost finishes are also available.

Big money to be sure, Osiris is aimed at the audiophile cognoscenti. Their speakers are all made in Austria. No worries -- once I started listening I never once felt the Osiris needed more power. If the sensation of live music is what this audiophile pursuit is all about the Osiris delivers on that promise. Only when everything fits together in harmony, is sound alive - becoming music.

To achieve this, they use only the finest components, which we are tirelessly measuring and matching for perfect final results. They build by hand, with loving craft, in Austria, using local, natural materials wherever possible, while avoiding endangered hardwoods. Sun does not interpret music, rather, he reproduces it: neutral, precise, and wonderfully coherent. Pictures might not give the proper impression yet after short mano-a-mano with the product, the notion of it being made exceptionally well is present nearly instantly.

This is a well-thought and a solid product. Quality check, assembly and transport preparations are done there and Austrian duo says that said firm always gets the job done in an amazing fashion.

Past several minutes long common courtesies, refinement is heard and a notion of Art being a world class performer appears. Let me elaborate why. Bookshelf speakers really have a hard time as their perceptive value is low in eyes of many people.

Speakers of this sort have to perform outstandingly well in order for someone to look past by just visuals and spend e. In case of an expensive monitor, aspects like density, spaciousness, full ranged performance and an element of liveliness are rather necessities.

On top of that smoothness, coherence, joy and a fatigueless experience have to be a part of the whole whereas sterility, dullness or flat soundstage are a no go. Generous in terms both of quantity and quality it also goes surprisingly deep for a speaker this small. It has density, complex texturing and is exceptionally coherent. There are no signs of any kind of boominess or veil in audible frequency range upper parts.

Change of pace is easily heard; things can turn from feisty and natural to slower and much thicker in a heartbeat. Low end is also exceptionally balanced in terms of quantity. Not even once I had this impression of it a bit more or less present as it integrated with the rest so well. After several hours of this quality experience, craving for the lowest octaves was there no more.

This kind of clean, pronounced, organic and lifelike presentation is very rarely heard in Austrian speakers price range. Yet there are moments when Art sounds metallic. Though - at a first glance - you might think it's equipped with a full-range driver, think again.

This loudspeaker relies on the virtues of a 4. Finally, the bass reflex port is rather unusual, being designed as a system of four small ports drilled in the back of the speaker.

Internal wiring and binding posts are by Cardas, while the crossover is handcrafted by Mundorf Germany, using only high grade components. Tech specs 2-Way vented system Very rigid cabinet, multiplex birch wood of different densities Cardas internal wire Crossover handcrafted by Mundorf Germany, employing Linkwitz-Riley functions with a very steep and flat 4th-order acoustic roll-off curve. Surprise 2 surprise surprise! Small loudspeakers have never been my regular cup of tea.

Hyper-small loudspeaker like this one are literally mind-blowing to me. How can they sound any good? To make things even worse, these SUN seem outrageously expensive. Well, the proof is in the pudding, as they say, so let's leave prejudices at the door, conveniently far from the listening room.

Claimed frequency response is 55 Hz albeit at -6dB but what these speakers are capable of goes beyond the numbers. The amount of bass is simply jaw-dropping, especially when you look at these tiny boxes. Close your eyes and you can easily imagine a much bigger speaker sounding in front of you. You start wondering where the subwoofer has been hidden. Instead, I still enjoy listening to all of my favorite music, played at quite reasonable volumes, too. What I have lost matters of soundstage aside , is for the most part a loss in size, not in quality, of music reproduction.

At one third the price. So do many magazines, reviewers and hi-fi-enthusiasts, but it is misleading. Such speakers are really stand-mounted speakers. Actual bookshelf speakers are a thing apart.

They are usually designed for professionals to allow monitoring wherever it might be needed.

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  1. Dec 27,  · Trenner & Friedl Sun loudspeaker. Ken Micallef | Dec 27, Roughly half the size of a breadbox—remember those?—the Trenner & Friedl Sun ($/pair) is arguably the smallest stand-mounted loudspeaker presently available for serious home listening: only " high by " wide by " deep and weighing just vivaldiaudio.comted Reading Time: 9 mins.
  2. Trenner & Friedl Speaker. SUN. "Trenner & Friedl’s little Suns bowled me over and blew me away. Rarely have I heard a loudspeaker with so many essential gifts in so small a package." – Ken Micallef, Stereophile. Sun, the most compact of our loudspeakers, has many things in common with its big brother Ra: Both are designed to approximate the proportions of the golden section, and like Ra, Sun .
  3. Dec 28,  · The Trenner & Friedl Sun ($/pair) is arguably the smallest stand-mounted loudspeaker presently available for serious home listening: only ″ high by ″ wide by ″ deep and weighing just lbs. The Sun is the entry-level model from this Austrian loudspeaker manufacturer, and its ported, solid-birch cabinet is designed and built to golden-ratio proportions (footnote 1) It has a .
  4. The Trenner and Friedl SUN is an extremely compact-size two-way bass reflex loudspeaker. Though - at a first glance - you might think it's equipped with a full-range driver, think again. This loudspeaker relies on the virtues of a " coaxial driver, the excellent Seas L12RE/XFC.