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Forum measurementvshearing

Forum measurementvshearing

What's new New posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Desire to learn and share knowledge of science required as is 20 years of participation in forums not all true. Come here to have fun, be ready to be teased and not take online life too seriously. We now measure and review equipment for free!

Click here for details. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Weight in the sound. Joined Jul 19, Messages Likes But there are few thing that i notice, first the floorstander seems to have unlimited spl or something like that, much higher than my r, i have the R7.

But more than the bass extension, the weight in the sound is much more fun and correct, that's only because the floorstander have 2 woofers instead of one? At lower volume i feel the same, i can use the floostander at low volume and still get fun out of them, and if i push just a little bit the towers start to move and the walls and my chest know that, if i push a little bit more the towers show me a live concert or something like that xD These towers can move a lot of air, also i find at similar SPL the woofers in the floostander move less or that is my impression, but the weight and the bass feel much better So, whats was the deal?

Last edited: Aug 2, Forum Donor. Aug 2, Joined Jan 3, Messages 1, Likes 2, Larger enclosure and more drivers make the music have more depth, punch, mass. Our Purpose We are a knowledge sharing and convening platform. Learn More. Maternal Newborn Health Issues. New Guidance: WHO Consolidated Guidance on Self-Care Interventions for Health The purpose of the WHO consolidated guideline on self-care interventions for health is to provide evidence-based guidance to support individuals, communities and countries with quality health services and self-care interventions based on primary healthcare strategies, with people-centeredness at the core.

Read More. Interventions to reduce mortality in LBW infants are crucial if countries are to attain the Sustainable Development Goal of reducing neonatal mortality to less than 12 per 1, live births by Women who develop peripartum infections are also prone to severe morbidity, long-term disabilities such as chronic pelvic pain, fallopian tube blockage and secondary infertility. Read our new synthesis brief outlining the four updated recommendations that supersede the previous Guideline, WHO recommendations for prevention and treatment of maternal peripartum infection.

Join us as we help set the stage for a decade of continued learning and collective action. No country is alone in its challenges. Together, we can drive progress for maternal and newborn health and survival and prevent stillbirths. Sign up for our e-newsletter to receive updates from AlignMNH. A micrometer is limited in reach, this is a 24" disk. Yes, i certainly would make a stout enough arm to overcome any deflection over a 12 inch reach.

My main question is, move the part or move the heght gage for ultimate accuracy? Deeper throat micrometers are commonly available if this is a repeat job. If it's not a high tolerance job, I think art. One way this can get messed up is having it machined cocked in the jaws. Micrometer readings around the periphery will quickly show that; perhaps even at the lathe and after a first cut.

Other ways it can get messed up is to have tool wear, a concave or convex cut, or warping. A straight edge or either of your surface plate methods should show that. Cheap CMM another option if the required tolerances are higher.

Tom B I like your logic. Also if it's not flat it can rock and influence what you see on an indicator. Keeping the part still seems to make the most sense to me. Most lathes, when new, will produce a concave surface when facing. The faced side of the part will be a very shallow cone.

Keep that in mind when figuring out how you are going to do the measurements. Another simple trick to see if it is flat on top of a surface plate after you wiped everything off with your hand and let the part set a bit to adjust to heat transfer is to take a plastic coated lead dead blow hammer and tap the part and see if you have a solid thud noise.

The same noise all over. Only need to hit is softly on a small part that size. It won't tell you how much it's off, but will tell you if it is flat. PeteM liked this post. A Lay it on a surface plate and move a height gage with and indicator over the part For flatness, we always put the part up on 3 point risers cone shaped supports all ground to exactly the same height and check underneath with a height gage and indicator, moving the height gage.

I usually move whichever is easiest to move.

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