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Firestone audio bobby

Firestone audio bobby

However, after a quick exchange of emails with Mr Jacky Wang, head of the technical department of Firestone Audio, late at night due to the different time zones, we figured out how to change the voltage from to Volts. Once we reassembled the exterior chassis we finally turned on the DAC and put it inside our studio without causing any risk of electrical damage. At first glance the Tobby appears externally to be a plain DAC. The front panel is characterized by small buttons and green LED lights.

On the right side there is a row of four buttons: Source, Resample, Bit and Pass. The Source button obviously selects the different types of inputs. The Resample button activates the upsampling but in a different way compared to other DACs. In fact, the Tobby allows you to resample the audio signal to any different sampling rate regardless of the frequency of the original source.

The Bit button then re-quantises signal to 24 bit or 16 bit. Finally the Pass button is the abbreviation of passthrough that allows the signal to flow without any kind of alteration of the sampling frequency and the bit depth.

We discuss with customers in each product and make the products from their experience. The goals will let more customers easily entry into Hi-Fi Audio. The accessory for audio system, the rock, cone and headphone stand……. The products will be increase continually.

These are functional, delicate and qualifier. How does this affect the overall jitter spec of the system? I don't know, as Firestone doesn't release that info. To make matters even more confusing there's also a Xilinx FPGA which is probably used for further jitter reduction among other things. Both channels share a single largish toroidal transformer but have separate regulation stages from there on out. Conversion from balanced to single ended is done at the very last stage, handled by another OPA and a separate relay.

I'm not quite sure about the implications. Firestone tells me it is used to power the various microcontroller chips on board, and allows for extremely low power consumption in standby mode. I thought it might also be used to power the USB section but Firestone seemed to indicate that was not the case. Yet due to the slight language barrier when it comes to technical discussions, I can't be sure either way. I'm not sure if that means this unit could be updated down the line to accept DSD signals, or if they would need to release an updated model.

The real limiting factor could be the ASRC reclocking stage which definitely isn't equipped to handle DSD streams, but it may be possible to configure a true "pass through" for DSD signals.

In any case, this is all speculation at the moment. I wouldn't buy the Tobby expecting DSD to come in the near future.

But it would be a nice bonus if it did show up. And I mean that in the nicest possible way. Clarity was excellent, leading edges were very defined, and the whole presentation seemed nicely detailed and transparent.

It's not thin either. Sure, compared to some warmer and more lush sounding designs, the Tobby might come off as being a bit light in the deeper bass regions, or as having a detail oriented sound as opposed to a more flowing and breezy presentation.

But I wouldn't characterize the Tobby as being objectively bright by itself. It's largely neutral overall with just a slight focus on speed and accuracy. Tonally Accurate OK that's two words, sorry! Some words that don't apply to the Tobby - Brittle. Again, I can't stress enough how this is a mild flavor rather than a huge coloration. Consider it a bit of character in an otherwise neutral DAC.

And while this flavor may be the deciding factor for some people choosing or not choosing the Tobby over a competing model, it isn't an overwhelming characteristic. The transients are strikingly clear, and it really feels like it couldn't get much better - assuming of course that the rest of the chain is up to the task.

When I use my Icon Audio HP8 single ended triode amp and the Sennheiser HD, it seemingly goes beyond a "clear window" situation and is more like "they are in the same room as me". The soundstage is expansive, the imaging tight and accurate, the micro-details plentiful. It's pretty much everything you could ask for in a DAC at this price. I played a wide variety of music from Aaron Copland to Zoe Keating and everyone in between - Hayden and Shostakovich, Holst and Wagner, it all sounded very immersive.

Some potentially bright recordings like the XRCD release of Albaniz: Suite Espanola come across as being just shy of too bright at times. But in most cases it stayed well controlled and sounded very convincing. The Tobby excels with technical metal and that sort of thing. I'm not a fan of the ultra-specific labels for each sub-genre - sludge metal versus doom metal versus post-thrash groove metal - but I am a fan of metal in general, and the Tobby seems well suited for a good portion of it.

Bands with a more technical sound and reasonably high recording quality think Meshuggah for example sound excellent with a Tobby-based system. Older Metallica and Slayer and Megadeath sounds great as well. The Tobby gives special insight into details like cymbal decay without over-analyzing, and still maintains a good sense of rhythm and drive.

On the other hand, it's ruthless on some recordings. For example, I have a hard time with Mastodon's Leviathan, which is an album I love but find requires a more sympathetic pairing. As a company, Firestone was founded in under president Jacky Wang. They are investigating strategic alliances as well as "different business sectors to help increase sales volume and brand awareness.

Named like Californian cheer leaders, Libby and Rubby are available in black or silver. The reasons for digitizing analog are different for Rubby—that machine applies power processing directly to a digital signal—and Libby where "the most important reason was to avoid a long analog signal trace.

As you can see their approach is concrete, and the marketed products look to combine high quality at reasonable prices. A combination that we believe perfectly applies to a balanced headphone amplifier such as Bobby.

Although the name Bobby may cause you to smile or laugh, the design and construction of the device is totally serious and leaves no room for doubt. The amplifier is fairly big and hefty, weighing around three and a half kilograms. This may not arouse attention at first, but in the end, it is much deeper than most headphone amps on the market today.

Therefore, once purchased, you will need to take into account the right space in which to place the unit. Like all the amplifiers in class A, the heat produced is quite considerable, however, the designers at Firestone Audio have managed to solve potential overheating problems by creating fissures along both sides.

Although, as a precaution, an appropriate amount of space should be left around the amplifier. The volume is controlled digitally by a couple of TI PGA used for consumer audio systems and high-end professional ones. The front panel is well made and is characterized by a bright LED dislay that indicates the various functions such as the selected input type, the type of output swing and the volume level.

The volume knob rotates freely thanks to a digital controller and if it is pressed you can mute the amplifier. Next to the volume knob there are two 6. In addition to these inputs, Bobby has two XLR female 3-pin inputs that allow you to connect the left and right channel of the headphones in balanced mode.

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  1. Jun 18,  · Bobby is a pure class A headphone amplifier, now everybody knows that pure class A amplifier will exhibit significant level of heat, Bobby is no exception, however Firestone Audio had given a lot of attention to this issue, there is hole (Or we can say it as ‘heat outlet’) on both of the side, while I am surprised Firestone Audio does not make hole at the rear side, I found that Bobby will not become Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins.
  2. May 20,  · [size=small] The subject of this review is the Firestone Audio Tobby which, at $, fits squarely into that "mid-priced" category. You may recall Firestone from their line of compact devices such as the Fubar and vivaldiaudio.comted Reading Time: 8 mins.
  3. Aug 11,  · Firestone Audio’s Fireway series is their highest end products, Tobby and also Bobby that I have reviewed last time are their proud product, in fact the highest end ever in Firestone Audio’s history as far as I can vivaldiaudio.comted Reading Time: 6 mins.
  4. Nov 18,  · All of these little units fit squarely in the budget category, and many of them were well respected around here. Recently Firestone seems to be moving upscale - this Tobby DAC, along with the matching Bobby balanced headphone amp ($), are a whole different class of equipment. [/size] [size=small] [/size] [size=small] DESIGN [/size].
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  7. Firestone Audio Cute Beyond. The Firestone Audio Cute Beyond has a name that says it all: it’s cute, and it will definitely exceed your expectations. Don’t be fooled by its petite size. This little headphone amp is capable of improving the sound quality of a variety of headphones.
  8. Aug 09,  · Bobby Nichols was the PGA Professional at Firestone from to In , he won the PGA Championship at Columbus (Ohio) Country Club .