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Expensive audio company

Expensive audio company

It's nearly impossible to find a store where you could compare, say, a Sennheiser HD with an Audeze LCD 2 headphone, but you can do that with the headphone lending library.

The Cable Company has a large selection, and the best way to buy any headphone is to listen before you buy. You can keep going and listen to as many as you please. There are also a few high-end headphone amps in the lending library. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read.

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Can expensive audio cables improve the sound of a hi-fi? Steve Guttenberg. May 4, a. Analysis Plus Black Oval 9 Speaker Cables The Cable Company Some audiophiles swear that cables can make or break the sound of their hi-fis, while others poo-poo the idea and use the cheapest hardware store wires.

By Alexander Lamascus. Alexander Lamascus. Subscribe Today! Latest Galleries in Electronics. More From Our Brands. Subscribe to Robb Report today and enjoy free digital edition access. Visit RR1. This will allow you to put whatever stereo you want in your vehicle with a housing designed to fit right into the dash.

Metra Kits Metra kits are made to work with most aftermarket stereos. They are made of a high quality plastic that will not break easily. The kits allow for different positioning on your dash for the stereo, and they often provide storage in the gaps that remain. All Metra kits come with instruction manuals for you to put them in on your own.

Picking the Right Kit for Your Car Even though you are looking into a custom kit, you need to get the kit that will fit your vehicle specifically. The kit will come with all the Metra accessories you need to hook up your stereo, but the wires may vary based on the car you have. If you look for your specific year, make and model of vehicle when you start selecting an installation kit, you'll have a lot easier time when it comes to putting the stereo in.

You may also want to think about stereo selection so you know if you have enough room on the face of the kit or not. If you don't, there should be another option through Metra that will work for both the car and the stereo you want.

They see what was once the car stereo as an onboard entertainment center. There are units that provide the traditional radio and CD opportunities as well as working with MP3 players. As you go up the price scale, units also play DVDs, transmitting them to screens elsewhere in the vehicle. Also offering receivers for digital radio in your car, Pioneer stereo is staying at the forefront of the game, with Bluetooth technology available. For those who need more, the company also has CD and DVD changers, which can store up to 12 discs for playing as you drive.

These are small, but ample for a front seat passenger. Other screens for those in the rear seats can be added. In-Dash Receivers The in-dash receiver is the main control of the stereo system. This is where volume is controlled, as is the music source, and all other settings of the different components. Speakers Pioneer offers three series for car speakers: the D-series, A-series, and G-series. They also have special application speakers. The least expensive speakers are the D-series, though these are still excellent, high quality speakers.

The cone in the D-series speakers is made of volcanic rock which provides crisp, accurate and smooth sound. A-series speakers are perfect for those interested in boosting bass and the low frequencies. These speakers outperform all factory speakers and provide plenty of power. The cone is bigger and better, which makes it possible to boost the output.

It also comes with an extra sensitive tweeter for higher frequencies. Subwoofers The shallow mount, Champion series and Champion series Pro are subwoofers available from Pioneer.

The shallow mount is a very thin subwoofer that uses ib-Flat. The "i" stands for the intelligent design and the b-Flat refers to the fact that the subwoofer can easily play the lowest note on the piano keyboard. The Champion series allows for easy installation and greater flexibility. It is the perfect way to create that custom sound you desire from the car stereo. The PRO series uses patented air suspension technology, which provides the maximum sound in a small space. The GM series are built strong and can support multiple power channels.

Compared to other amplifiers, you get more watts per dollar from Pioneer. The amplifiers are all bridgeable, so it is possible to add more as your listening needs change.

The digital series uses digital amplification. Currently, Pioneer offers a full digital stereo line, so it is possible to go completely digital. Sirius Car Stereo A Sirius car stereo system is a satellite radio for your car. Sirius is a subscription radio product, meaning that you have to pay to get it. Many cars come with a three-month free trial.

Here are some benefits and downsides of Sirius. Advantages There is a very large variety of stations available on Sirius satellite radio. They have a great mix of music stations, sports stations and political talk. There are fewer commercials on Sirius, which you should expect since you are paying for the use.

The sports packages are great and you can get games from all over the country, and from a wide range of sports. Many people primarily get Sirius due to its ability to provide political and talk radio in high quality. Disadvantages Even with the variety, there are still some problems. Some of the stations are so specialized, that they are too specific for your own needs. Many people want a variety in the genre of music, but some are too specific.

Another con is the price, since you can turn on the radio or your iPod for free. The monthly fees do not cover the start up costs, which include activation, the system itself and other things. There are reception problems as well in certain situations, like being inside, under a tree or bridge, or living in rural areas. Product Types Decide what medium you intend to use.

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  1. Sonos will release a new app and operating system for its speakers in June - "Sonos is today detailing the future of its multiroom home audio strategy, which revolves around a new app and operating system called Sonos S2 that will run on many current Sonos products and be the foundation for all of the company’s future devices."Images.
  2. Apr 20,  · Acapella Audio Arts is yet another German audio company that has been offering sound system solutions since The Spharon Excalibur costs around $, and combines the Spharon with a horn unit into a single system. This is a more classic design that should be in rooms larger than 40 square meters to full enjoy its vivaldiaudio.com: Garrett Parker.
  3. Aug 23,  · Sitting at a price point of $,, the Final Audio Opus are Japanese made and use sand filled, super thin cones made from aluminum to provide clear and robust sound that sacrifices nothing in the way of giving you concert-quality sound, perfect for any vivaldiaudio.com
  4. Oct 09,  · Typically when it comes to speakers, the best brands are the most expensive ones, and Focal has some crazy expensive speakers for multiple uses. Focal is a French brand that is easily one of the best speaker brands for the home, the music studio, and they may even be .
  5. If it's audio related and you want to buy it, sell it, or look for it, then we are your one-stop, comprehensive resource. A mainstay of the audiophile world since the late '90s, AudiogoN is the largest, most respected high-end audio community in the industry.
  6. Audio Note Ongaku It shocked the audio world. $60, for an amplifier! In , Hiroyasu Kondo’s, minuscule-powered, 27Wpc SET integrated amplifier set the mark for luxury pricing of audio components. This was the first production amplifier to use handmade silver electronic components (transformers, caps, and wire). Cary CAD
  7. Nordost, a company known for their scientific approach to audio/visual cabling, produces the WHITELIGHT fiber optic cable. Made for two-or-more channel audio systems, this expensive cable uses heavily polished, high quality glass fiber with three layers of low loss insulation and an internal damping mechanism to deliver the best possible sound.
  8. Jan 12,  · Based in Breda, a city in the southern part of the Netherlands, Kharma International produces very exclusive high-end audio products. At $ million, Kharma speakers are hands down the most expensive in the world.