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Exclusive phono preamplifier

Exclusive phono preamplifier

Not only is the enclosure a different size but it uses a blue PCB with silver traces while the newer version has a golden board. ASR recommends setting the gain to the minimum acceptable level for lowest noise but I did find that the overall gestalt of the presentation became more dynamic, impactful and expressive as gain increased.

So experiment to find the right trade-off between extreme silence which the Mini-Basis can deliver and expressivity. The consistent double mono structure of the equalizer is easy to see. However, the circuit is not completely symmetrical. Although ASR Audio Systems also provides all inputs and outputs in an unbalanced cinch version, for the best sound results it is recommended to use the balanced versions, whereby the contact is made via the mechanically excellent sockets from Switchcraft.

On the input side, this makes all the more sense since the pickups deliver a native, i. Generally you need a phono cable with XLR plugs. How to connect this correctly can be found in the instruction manual, which is otherwise very comprehensive and detailed.

The resistor for damping, which is usually required for MCs, is selected using DIP switches, also known as mouse pianos, which, due to the symmetry of the circuit, are available twice for each channel.

There are also other mouse pianos to set the amplification factor and the bass cut-off. Without an instruction manual you are quickly lost, but if you follow it systematically, this hurdle is easy to overcome. You are rewarded with a comprehensive selection of impedances.

The range from 10 ohms to 47 kilo ohms should do justice to almost every MC. In addition, different capacities can be set for MM systems, so that further fine-tuning is possible here as well.

The ASR Basis Exclusive HV offers the passionate analog fan a really nice playground and enormous flexibility when adapting the system. Finding a try, as the corresponding tonal changes turned out to be quite understandable. I could not discover any preferences for a certain system, but it seemed to me that the ASR strengths of the respective pickups, with the Titan i for example the grandiose dynamics, with the Aventurin 6 the excellent resolution and lively timbres still supported a little.

What does not exist is the option of different cutting characteristics, which has been increasingly popular in recent times, mostly from the pre-RIAA period. Some of the old discs actually benefited audibly, while others showed only marginal changes.

After switching on, colored, labeled LEDs behind the translucent acrylic glass panes of the ASR phono preamplifier and the battery power supply provide information about the current operating status. You can safely save yourself deep thoughts about the suitability for everyday use of the power supply: Even a Basis HD from sucked on its batteries without any problems.

In the meantime, the control electronics of the power supply unit have been further optimized so that the batteries currently in use last a good 60 hours. Of course, the best sound is offered by the operating mode in which the phono stage completely galvanically interrupts the connection to the house network.

If you forget to switch back to one of the other operating modes in time, you actually run the risk of running out of batteries. But even then, such an occasional mishap generally does not pose a serious problem for their durability. The only relevant concession to the supply of the purest battery power in everyday life was and is that after about six to seven years the batteries need to be changed, which gifted users themselves , let everything else be done by the service of ASR Audio Systems.

A manageable euros are currently being charged for this. The Basis Exclusive has automatic signal detection to avoid unnecessary discharging of the batteries. This ensures that the phono stage automatically switches to battery mode when the tonearm is lowered and switches back to charging mode as soon as it is raised again. The sound is out of this world, providing you pair it with some worthy turntables, that is. The midrange is beautifully layered, the treble full of insight and its ability to convey low-level dynamic shifts is truly mesmerising.

If you want one of the very best, this is for you. Read the full review: Aesthetix Io Eclipse. Switching between moving magnet and moving coil cartridges is as easy as flicking a switch on this, which is welcome, as pricey kit isn't always so user friendly. It boasts pretty much every feature on our wish list, including a bundled test record to fine-tune the balance. And the sound? It packs plenty of punch, but without compromising the warmth we've come to associate with Burmester.

Read the full review: Burmester Phono Premplifier. Our pick of the best record players. Hear this: 12 of the best vinyl test records. Browse today's best hi-fi and audio deals. What Hi-Fi? Our comprehensive tests help you buy the very best for your money, with our advice sections giving you step-by-step information on how to get even more from your music and movies.

Everything is tested by our dedicated team of in-house reviewers in our custom-built test rooms in London, New York and Bath. Our coveted five-star rating and Awards are recognised all over the world as the ultimate seal of approval, so you can buy with absolute confidence. Read more about how we test. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Reasons to Buy Detailed, spacious performance.

Reasons to Avoid Nothing. Reasons to Buy Full-bodied, warm presentation. Reasons to Avoid Lacks some punch. Reasons to Buy Decent amount of detail. Reasons to Avoid Nothing at this price. Reasons to Buy Musically excellent. Reasons to Avoid Not much to look at.

Moon LP v2 A solid entry-level phono stage with a musical sound. Reasons to Buy Smooth, refined presentation. Reasons to Avoid Less convincing with moving coil cartridges. Reasons to Buy Class-leading detail. Reasons to Avoid Not the last word in weight or punch.

Reasons to Buy Open, full-bodied presentation. Reasons to Avoid Lacks some punch and drive. Reasons to Buy Clean, detailed performance. Reasons to Avoid Not class-leading timing. Reasons to Buy Clear and composed sound.

Unusually, the Exclusive is actually two complete, fully balanced stereo phono preamplifiers on a single chassis, entirely independent except for a shared, switchable output. You can have two turntables connected simultaneously, or have two tonearms on a single 'table as I do , and easily switch between them.

Each preamplifier is independently configurable via a series of DIP switches that control gain, capacitance, and resistance. An additional DIP switch acts as a "rumble filter" to allow you to limit low-frequency response to 2Hz or 20Hz. There are switch positions for values of 5, 7, 10, 15, 22, 47, 64, , , , , 1k, and 50k ohms; other values are possible by choosing different combinations of switch positions.

Capacitance adjustment for MMs is more limited: pF or pF. The manual, while informative and pretty comprehensive, needs some organization and a better translation.

The heart of the Basis Exclusive is a super-quiet Analog Devices microphone preamp based, believe it or not, on op-amps. According to the manual, after the adjustable linear gain stage, the signal passes through a passive low-pass RIAA filter and the low-frequency cutoff switch, followed by active RIAA equalization. The low-impedance unbalanced signal can then be output directly. An additional driver circuit is used for the balanced output signal.

Only polypropylene and polystyrene capacitors are used in the signal path. Battery charging is controlled by an optical digital logic circuit.

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  1. Jul 28,  · As with the ASR integrated amplifiers, the transparent, translucent housing of the phono preamplifier is made of gray-bluish acrylic glass with a wall thickness of one centimeter. Corners and edges shape the design, which basically corresponds to that of my old Basis HD.
  2. Jan 05,  · Unusually, the Exclusive is actually two complete, fully balanced stereo phono preamplifiers on a single chassis, entirely independent except for a shared, switchable output. You can have two turntables connected simultaneously, or have two tonearms on a single 'table (as I do), and easily switch between vivaldiaudio.comted Reading Time: 6 mins.
  3. Aug 24,  · The job of a phono preamp is to amplify the tiny signal generated by the record deck’s phono cartridge as it tracks a disc, to line level. The signal created by a cartridge is only around five or six millivolts (think Little Mix), but your amplifier needs something times louder (think Metallica).
  4. Audio Exklusiv P2 Phono Preamplifier Review. I remember when I bought my first CD player in , it was like winning a popularity contest. Armed with the Yamaha CD-X1 player which carried a price tag of $, I was no longer just another teenage audiophile; I was an audiophile with a CD player. On that very day, the salesman reluctantly sold Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins.
  5. May 05,  · Fortunately, phono preamplifiers don’t cost too much. You can get such a device from just $40 and luckily there are a lot of preamplifier tests and guides like this one. The whole thing is, of course, unnecessary if your turntable has an integrated preamplifier. If you ended up here then your amplifier doesn’t have a phono stage/5(9).
  6. Oct 24,  · The best phono preamp under combines superb analog sound quality with excellent technical specifications. Accurate alignment of the standard RIAA curve (within +/- dB). It provides support for both cartridge types: MM and MC. Switchable Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins.
  7. Not only does the 2SE (Special Edition) look different than the Ref Phono 2, with its new circular push-button faceplate and special damped plastic (as opposed to metal) top plate—both derived, as is much of the improved power-supply circuitry from the late, lamented, rather unbelievably short-lived Reference 40 Anniversary linestage preamp Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins.
  8. The MOON P Preamplifier is a dual-mono fully balanced differential design, following in the footsteps of the reference P preamplifer. The MOON is multi-function crossover type product that has the function of a modern network player (MiND 2), DAC, preamplifier, headphone amplifier, and phono .
  9. The Basis Exclusive Revised ($) comprises two discrete, independently operable phono preamps, each based on an exceptionally quiet and pure-sounding microphone-preamp Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins.