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Brinkmann 96 tonearm

Brinkmann 96 tonearm

One by one, he replaced these tiny steel screws with ones made of aluminum, brass, nylon, titanium, and many other evenmore exoticmaterials. Next, he spent countless weeks performing critical listening tests. As the listening sessions progressed, he became more and more astounded by just how much the sound quality changed as he replaced such a seemingly trivial element. After all, these very tiny screws measure just a mere 1mm in diameter!

At the end of his exhaustive research, he concluded that the sound resembled the originalmost closely when only one of three screws were replaced by a model manufactured of titanium. By nomeans is this example a one-off experience: in the end, perfectmusic playback is a careful optimization process that involves 0. As they say, for High Fidelity to truly shine, you need patience, diligence, more patience, a dash of tenacity and of course even more patience — not to mention many tiny screws made of exotic materials.

We were unsettled by this praise of a renowned audio publication: have we reached the end? Is it really impossible to further improve upon our level of performance? Brinkmann does not build according to cost-optimizedmanufacturing processes; instead, Brinkmann is handmade.

Prior to delivery, Helmut Brinkmann personally scrutinizes each and every component, making sure that every piece works and functions exactly as intended. Only this level of rigorous quality control assures that components bearing our name will meet our — admittedly very high — standards. Instead, our facilities utilize only the finest high-performance machines and tools available today, which allowfor precisionmanufacturing not possible only a few short years ago.

This level of precision is of utmost importance, as it allows us to build our components to the exact tolerances we have identified during painstaking listening sessions and product evaluations.

As we then begin to assemble each of the parts by hand as opposed tomassmanufacturing on an assembly line and turn them into amplifiers, tonearms and turntables, we can eliminate any compromises from the equation. Through this process, we can leave assembly line optimizations to others and instead focus on optimal sound quality and perfect execution. The longevity of our products is a direct result of our careful and complete attention to every tiny detail — after all, it is our and our customers' belief that once a Brinkmann component is made, it should ideally never return to our factory.

Naturally, such level of uncompromised performance can't come cheap — even though in absolute terms, the price we charge for our products can actually be considered somewhat of a bargain, especially considering their sonic qualities and manufacturing quality.

Ultimately, we vouch for this with our name; as we said earlier: behind Brinkmann the brand stands firmly! Brinkmann the man. Mechanical engineering by Brinkmann, or the art of extracting colorful soundscapes from black vinyl.

With a dynamic mass of 12 grams, it works well with any modern cartridge; and with For optimum resonance control and high torsional stability, the For the same reasons, the headshell is nondetachable and the surface of the arm tube has also been treated with special anodizing. A double gimballed suspension, with precision ball bearings free of play, ensures precise and frictionless tracking. The vertical downforce and the dynamic mass can be adjusted over a wide range thanks to the split collar counterweight.

Electronics Calvin Preamplifier With remote control and separate power supply. Single ended inputs and outputs only. With granite base. Hybrid design.

No granite. Brinkmann Audio. Updated: August Prices subject to change. Prices do not include shipping to purchaser Turntables. Balance Turntable The Balance turntable is an insanely well engineered, sonically outstanding work of art. Turntable Parts. The Brinkmann Balance reproduces music in a way that is focused, detailed and highly resolving on the one hand, yet refined, nuanced and relaxing on the other. Listening to LPs on the Brinkmann is like reading a well-crafted short story or novel.

In reading, you could, were you so inclined, pause to appreciate individual sentences, paragraphs or chapters. But you don't. Instead, you read on captivated by the movement of the work. Only when you have completed the story do you find yourself pausing to consider the elements of the writing, the construction of the plot, the unfolding of the work's themes, the arc of the characters. And so it is with the Brinkmann Balance turntable.

All the distinct musical elements are displayed and laid bare. Everything is revealed and in its place. Still, listening never invites one to pause and attend to the parts. Rather, to listen through the Brinkmann is to want to experience the whole of a work, to understand it as something organic and complete. There will be time aplenty after the fact to go back and parse the elements that comprise the whole. But that is not time to be taken away from listening. The Brinkmann is that rarest of rare breeds in audio, a turntable for the lover of music who believes, as I do, that not only are musicality and high resolution not incompatible with one another, but that high resolution is a precondition of musicality.

The Brinkmann Balance No Johnny-come-lately to turntable design, Helmut Brinkmann has been designing and building turntables for the better part of three decades.

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  1. Dec 30,  · Brinkmann Specifications Distance platter center to tonearm bearing center: mm Effective length: mm Overhang: mm Cartridge mount: 1/2'' connector, long holes Minimum distance between mounting surface and platter top: 25 mm Mounting depth: 30 mm Cartridge weight: min. 4, max. 16 g Dynamic mass: ca. 14 g Total weight: ca. Brinkmann Specifications.
  2. May 24,  · Brinkmann's tonearm ($) resembles the German company's longer, more expensive and arms, which in turn resemble the legendary Breuer. The new arm includes the same headshell, armtube, mounting socket, and cueing device used in the other arms. The bearing system differs, though the Swiss-made ball bearings are identical.
  3. Sidebar 1: Specifications Description: Tonearm with unipivot horizoantl bearing and conventional vertical bearing. Effective length: mm (mm from pivot to spindle, plus mm of overhang). Effective mass: vivaldiaudio.com Number Of Unit Reviewed: Not vivaldiaudio.com: $ Approximate number of .
  4. stainless steel finish with separate solid-state power supply, without arm. $23, short armboard with clamp. $24, long armboard with clamp. Lagrange Turntable. The Lagrange sounds much like the Balance but with a little more PRaT and a little less authority.
  5. Sep 14,  · The system this year was a Brinkmann turntable that I don't know that well, a Graham Phantom tonearm and an EMT cartridge as the source, the Leben phono stage and CS integrated amp (12 watts). The sound was much like in past years - warm, detailed, and highly listenable.
  6. Brinkmann Anniversary Balance: Specifications Drive: precision ground round belt Dimensions (WxDxH) x x mm Weight: 35 kg Platter: weight 18 kg, Ø mm, height 90 mm. Platter surface: planar polished crystal glass (recessed mounting) Tonearm base: one base for the tonearm with Anniversary engraving.
  7. Virtually all tonearms from 9“ to 12‘‘ length are accommodated. Like all Brinkmann turntables—both direct- and beltdrive—Taurus is equipped with our „Performance Power Supply“ (our „RöNt“ Vacuum Tube Supply is an optional upgrade) and Crystal glass mat, which both facilitates cleaning and improves audio performance.
  8. Jun 21,  · Source Brinkmann Oasis, Brinkmann , Ront II PS, Phasemation PP Marantz NA11 S1, Marantz the Groovemaster excellent in all areas (tracking, sound stage, bass and treble) vs the Origin. Impressive stuff for a tonearm not designed to be used with a higher compliance cart like the VDH. #96 jeffrey_t said.