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Audio labs castellon

Audio labs castellon

There are many definitions of the term "active", and these include piezo and voice-coil computer-controlled cancellation devices, pendulum based systems, vibration modifiers such as elliptical cup and ball systems, oil and fluid damped spring systems, c-shaped elliptical spring systems and self-levelling pneumatic systems.

Suffice to say, one could fill several hundred pages describing various methods of tackling the problem of isolating an actively vibrating object ie. Damping is an additional consideration into this mix and is a critical part of developing a working solution. Damping is required. Imagine driving a car with a spring suspension and no shock absorbers. It is quickly apparent that a damping mechanism such as a shock absorber is critical to reducing the amount of cycles of the suspension system experiences when exposed to external stimuli.

So the properties of the damping mechanism are important as are parasitic effects of combinations of materials. These must be taken into account when designing a solution. Parasitic effects are caused by things such as bellows, fluid seals and other necessary engineering details to move from the purely theoretical to the real world.

In listening tests we confirmed correlations between the predicted isolation and the sonic results. This led us to question the prior art and forge new approaches to tackling the unique issues associated with turntable isolation.

For example if the motor and platter are connected by a belt and the motor is sitting on separate plane to the suspended chassis and platter then the suspension of the platter and chassis would be constantly excited by the reaction to bearing friction and Young's Modulus constraints of the suspension system. This stops bobbing, twisting, yawing, pitching and flexural modes visible under the Finite Element Method and audible to experienced audiophiles.

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Ps3 Fat. Yamaha's YSP-1 gives you a convincing illusion of surround sound from a single unobtrusive low-profile cabinet. Naim's "n Series" loudspeakers and electronics. See and hear it for youself! The Caliburn turntable takes its moniker from the original name of King Arthur's sword. Butler Audio's AVR home theater receiver will deliver watts of pure tube goodness into seven channels if it makes it into production. Oracle and VAC prove that beauty is more than just skin deep. Wes Bender of Innersound, no small man himself, stands next to the massive Kaya Reference.

Peter Clark of Redpoint Audio explains the mass-loaded, battery-operated design of his Model D turntable. What did you think?

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  1. Castellon. World Class Stand Design. Completing the Caliburn-Cobra analogue playback system, the Castellon was built to defend the Caliburn from external vibrations. Continuum Audio Labs developed a scientifically designed "floating platform" which uses a combination of .
  2. Jan 14,  · Thus was born both the $89, Caliburn-Cobra-Castellon turntable system (less costly products will follow) and Continuum Audio Labs, with Payes as chairman, Doehmann as chief designer, and Dr. Murali Murugasu overseeing general vivaldiaudio.comted Reading Time: 7 mins.
  3. Obsidian Turntable. Obsidian is the latest result of Continuum Audio Labs’ decade-plus of research into turntable design. Following the launch of the Caliburn turntable in , we have explored new areas of materials science, experimented with new mechanical ideas, developed new industrial designs, and recruited new experts to our team—all in the effort to bring the incomparable.
  4. Continuum Audio Laboratories are an Australian-based company credited with creating the world’s reference analogue vinyl playback system, borne out of a collaboration of talented, knowledgeable like-minds, driven by a shared passion and desire to create something beyond the state of the art!
  5. Mar 11,  · A few days later, as I write this, I'm still listening. While I was at it, I switched to some long lengths of speaker cable and sidled the receiver up to the foot of the Continuum Audio Labs Castellon turntable stand ($24,), on which stood Continuum's Caliburn turntable with Cobra tonearm ($65,). I then hooked up the Cobra's RCA plugs to Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins.
  6. Sep 17,  · I was made aware of these Minus K devices by Mark Doehmann, the former Continuum Audio Labs designer, responsible for conceptualizing the design and overseeing the manufacture of the Continuum Audio Labs Caliburn turntable, Cobra tonearm and Castellon stand .
  7. Jul 29,  · That turntable is the Caliburn with Cobra tonearm from Continuum Audio Labs in Australia. The Caliburn consists of several parts, all of which fit very nicely in the optional pound Castellon stand.
  8. Continuum Audio Labs is based in South Melbourne, Australia, but is actually a truly multi-national collaboration between audio entrepreneurs. The aim was to use cutting-edge precision engineering, backed by comprehensive scientific research, to develop the world’s finest apparatus for playing vinyl records.