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Art dudleys review

Art dudleys review

If I had thought about it, which I didn't, I would have rejected the idea of magazine ownership as almost exquisitely stupid. But then, in , I was laid off from my job as a sixth-grade teacher, owing primarily to an alarming shortage of fifth graders Now, to back up: I had worked in magazine publishing before, in the late s and early s, when I worked for Backpacker Magazine , which was still owned at the time by a fellow named Bill Kemsley.

And then in I worked as The Absolute Sound 's Managing Editor, until I quit during an especially heated phone conversation with the then-editor. I kept my hand in, as they say, writing for a couple of small hi-fi mags that no longer exist, but I never did it to pay the bills. Then came June of , when I learned that my teaching job wouldn't be waiting for me in September.

I had been paid through the summer, of course, and I was working on building a deck on the back of our house when the idea of starting a magazine occurred to me. I knew I could make money substitute teaching, but I also knew that substitute teaching would get really old, really fast. Simple, right? So I called my lawyer that day and asked him to do a copyright search, and after a week all he turned up was the internal newsletter of some car rental company, called The Listener. Of course, the search didn't extend to the UK, and I later learned that the BBC's radio program guide was also called The Listener , but no one ever said anything My wife, Janet, who writes well and has a better sense of the visual than I have, devoted a great deal of her spare time, as did my mother, who is a spelling and grammar ace.

And Rebecca Carrington, our advertising sales gal, would come over to the house and stuff magazines into envelopes or sort them out by zip code or whatever else needed doing. But Janet had a job, too, and we didn't have children or a mortgage at the time. Now we have one of each. That accounts for the strange percussive sounds and vibrations on many of the tracks, as the prepared approach typically involves placing items such as nuts and bolts or pillows on or between the piano strings before playing, or simply plucking or thumping them, while maybe bashing the piano lid whatever works!

Nor, indeed, any of the tracks. After that, we had even chatted about doing a book together, but alas, we were both too damn busy. But we always joked about it in the halls. What made Art such a great writer — one of the best, if not the best in the world of audio reporting, was that his motivation was pure.

He lived and breathed this stuff. It was in his soul. And this is what made his articles so enjoyable, whether you agreed with him or not.

More to the point, I thank all our readers for buying Listener during the eight years we published it. And I'm especially grateful for the many kind letters and words of praise we received during that time. How things change, evolve and mature over the years! I loved The Art of Noise when i was a young man in the "s and can recall my dad shouting at me to turn down the volume when i played "A time to Fear who's afraid " from my bedroom.

Iam so grateful Anne Dudley has released this album she is such a talented artist and this album reflects that. I must admit i love this chill out piano version without all the whistles and Dum Dum Dumms!!

One for fans of Art of Noise or modern piano music, so probably limiting its wider appeal but I am both. Really nice to hear some of the creative variations on the originals with some being more like extensions of the piano pieces that end a number of Art of Noise tracks.

There's a lot more sounds than you would usually associate with just playing the keys on a piano making it more varied than you would think. The ways in which some of the more percussive, heavily sampled synth sections are re-imagined with the limited instrumentation really demonstrates how sickeningly talented a musician and composer Anne Dudley is.

I love the sound of acoustic piano, and having seen Ann Dudley make a guest appearance at a Trevor Horn gig a few years ago, even though I was hardly a Art Of Noise fan, knowing only Moments In Love, I knew this would tick my boxes, and I was right.

Report abuse. Firstly I love AoN and bought this expecting a gentle piano wander through the back catalogue. Absolutely fantastic highly recommended to anyone who likes AoN or 50s 60s lounge. Totally brilliant. Really interesting album. I am a lover of the Art of Noise, and this unique way of producing sound from a Piano Fote', using strings plucked, struck, running a key along the larger strings, as well as using the piano body as a resonance board.

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  1. Apr 21,  · Art Dudley Listening Tube Preamp Reviews. Listening # Luxman CL preamplifier. Art Dudley | Apr 21, | 48 comments. It may come as no surprise that the two Recommended Components issues we publish every year, in April and October, are Stereophile's most popular. Both go hand-in-hand with increases in single-copy sales and.
  2. May 09,  · Kalifornia. In Art's review of the Luxman CL, he wrote the following: " I regret that the Luxman has only one stereo phono input; especially for this kind of money". I've also seen him (a YT video I recall) mentioning that he had one of the two phono inputs on his Shindo preamp wired for mono. I recently added a mono turntable to my setup.
  3. Apr 26,  · The May issue of Stereophile just hit stands and it includes Art Dudley’s review of the Luxman EQ phono stage, which we just took to AXPONA. “I did no listening for a few hours, leaving the Lux to warm up—then returned and put on Ravi Shankar’s Sitar Concerto, with André Previn and the London Symphony Orchestra accompanying the composer (LP, EMI ASD ).Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.
  4. Apr 21,  · 14 April is a sad, dark day for those of us in the fraternity of audio reviewers and reporters. Around four that morning the cancer over which he was once victorious finally claimed the life of Art Dudley.
  5. Apr 18,  · Art Dudley was far and away my favorite audio writer. Unlike so many audio journalists, I felt he had something to say outside of the usual audio cliche - palpable soundstages and such. What’s Best Forum is THE forum for high end audio, product reviews, advice and sharing experiences on the best of everything else. This is THE place where.
  6. Oct 26,  · In his review of the MyTek Liberty DAC, Art Dudley, who is the only Stereophile writer I still read, says: "Streaming MQA files from Tidal proved a mixed bag—though here I advise the reader that all of my stated praise and blame may have less to do .
  7. Apr 14,  · What made Art such a great writer – one of the best, if not the best in the world of audio reporting, was that his motivation was pure. He lived and breathed this stuff. It was in his soul. And this is what made his articles so enjoyable, whether you agreed with him or not.
  8. Jul 27,  · Art Dudley | Jul 27, What was the reaction when moving-coil cartridge technology, considered all but dead by the early s, became the perfectionist hi-fi norm just a few years later? And what would the same people make of the fact that a high-mass, transcription-length pickup arm—with interchangeable pickup heads, no less—is one of the most recommendable phono products of ?
  9. Apr 17,  · Sad to hear. One of the originals from way back. I always enjoyed reading his articles and reviews. I thought about it and didn’t realize i followed his reviews for so long. He help inspire me to take vintage gear serious.