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Amplifiers emotiva xpa

Amplifiers emotiva xpa

BasX A2 Stereo Amplifier. Factory Renewed A Factory Renewed. Factory Renewed A Previous page Page 1 of 2 Next page. Browse other Collections All products. Shop Loudspeakers Shop.

Shop Processors Shop. The XPA-1Ls did a great overall job of handling this track. Rather, instruments remained clean and maintained a sense of their tonal quality and weight no matter how loud I turned up the volume.

Perhaps my favorite sessions were listening to the XPA-1Ls with more intimate musical tracks. They continued to drive the Revels, but were crossed at 60Hz to the dual subs. Action sequences from Man of Steel on Blu-ray had superb dynamics. The sound was bold, open, yet always under control. Guardians of the Galaxy was presented in an incredibly spacious soundstage that was deep, stable and always filled with exceptional detail. Scenes from Captain America: Winter Soldier were enthralling.

The opening scene on the cargo ship is filled with pinpoint, detailed audio and not once did I feel that the Emotivas failed to feed the Revels. Lord of the Rings: Two Towers was perhaps the example where the Emotivas shined most. The cinematic energy and clarity of the entire soundstage was reference-level. The XPA-1Ls were able to give the Revels the power and control they needed to sound like the reference speakers they are. Whether it was recreating a musical experience or taming the demands of lossless movie tracks, the Emotiva XPA-1Ls did an admirable job no matter what source material was thrown their way.

Budget-minded audiophiles will want to know how the XPA-1L stacks up to other brands. Sonically speaking, however, the Emotivas did a pretty good job. While aural memory is a dangerous thing, my impression when comparing the two is the Ayre VX-5 sounded better but lacked the low-end dynamics of the Emotiva.

The Ayre is more only a wpc amp vs. If I had to choose between the two, I would still choose the more expensive Ayre. I felt that it simply had a sweeter overall sound that came from a blacker background. Having good, clean, and adequate amplification can bring your loudspeakers to life, recreating the sensation of a real performance.

For more expensive or difficult to drive loudspeakers, amplifier performance is even more critical. You may find them to be very satisfying. I did. With their specs at this price-point, they are incredibly inexpensive, but I balk at calling them a great value.

Am I glad that I kept the Emotivas? You bet. Not once have I experienced a quirk, oddity, or failure. They can range from weeks to perhaps a month or two. I think it speaks for itself when a reviewer choses to purchase the equipment they have reviewed and then has a product in their rack for years.

To that end and with the benefit of perspective not to mention a few more Emotiva purchases , I need to amend my earlier impressions. Not only are these amps inexpensive, but I have also found them to be a really great value too.

Thanks for the review, but it begs the question: Is there such a thing as a value "audiophile" product? You review gives the impression that there is no such thing. By the way I am a "poor" discerning audiophile. Maelob, you make a fair point. I think that a value will depend on values. So for me personally, performance, materials, build, and aesthetics all form part of what I consider an audiophile value.

There is a caveat, though. In general better performing equipment has less features—in referring specifically to receivers and pre-pros.

The higher up you go the less gimmicks. I haven't yet had in house the top of the line Emotiva amps. Upgrade Gear with our Trade-In Program. Sign up for our newsletter and receive the latest news first. Stay in the know and get the latest promotions and product announcements. You may also need one of these:. Close search. Filter Clear. Desire to learn and share knowledge of science required as is 20 years of participation in forums not all true.

Come here to have fun, be ready to be teased and not take online life too seriously. We now measure and review equipment for free! Click here for details. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter amirm Start date Jul 19, First Prev 3 of 7 Go to page. PeteL Major Contributor Jul 19, Joined Jun 1, Messages 1, Likes 1, Oh yeah, forgot you can bridge it for about up to watt? Don't have the exact number in mind but it's about that range.

If I remember the review correctly it's absolutely distortion free until it shuts itself off. So you're free to try to turn your bookshelf speakers into PA speakers. I bet your hearing or the speakers will give in before the AHB2.

This is huge and way above anything you'd ever need. For reference, at about 85 dbSPL it starts getting unconfortable when listening for several minutes. Last edited: Jul 19, Rottmannash Major Contributor Forum Donor. Jul 19, They're in Tennessee- maybe too close to the Jack Daniels plant? PeteL said:. Why Intentional? I'd say an acceptable compromise in their views, It may sound quite alright for most, These THD would have been alright 40 years ago but an amp that powerful would have been the cost of a car, would heat your whole house in the winter and would need 4 people to lift.

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  1. The XPA-DR2 is a high-powered two-channel audiophile power amplifier that combines the exceptional accuracy and finesse of a true balanced differential design with the power you need to deliver musical crescendos and movie special effects with stunning realism and vivaldiaudio.com: Emotiva.
  2. The Amplifier: Boosts your Preamp/Processor Signal to Match the Power of Loudspeakers An amplifier takes the signal coming from each channel of a preamp or processor and boosts it so it can power loudspeakers. For most systems, you will need one amplifier channel for each speaker connected. We, like most audiophi.
  3. The XPA-7 Gen3 is a seven-channel audiophile power amplifier. The XPA-7 Gen3 offers excellent technical performance, and an exceptionally accurate and dynamic rendition of all types of vivaldiaudio.com: Emotiva.
  4. Feb 21,  · In a nutshell, the Emotiva XPA Gen3 amplifier can be configured for two to seven channels depending on the number of amplifier modules installed in its modular case. The high current switch mode power supply is on a separate card and it is shared among all the installed amplifier Estimated Reading Time: 12 mins.
  5. Oct 16,  · Emotiva XPA-2 Introduction A little over a year ago I spoke to the Dan Laufman, President of Emotiva, about making a balls to the walls two channel power amplifier for under $1k that would utilize a single massive power supply instead of mono block construction like the RPA/5.
  6. Exceptional Power Reserves Like all of our X series amps, the XPA-3 Gen 2 is a brute. When we say watts per channel into 4 ohms, we mean watts per channel, all channels driven-for nearly 1, watts of total system power. No caveats, no excuses!/5(34).
  7. Jul 20,  · The modular Emotiva XPA Gen3 can be ordered with two to seven channels. It's quite powerful, the two-channel version specified to output W into 8 ohms, W into 4 ohms, or W into 2 ohms. It's also relatively large, at 17" wide by 8" high Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins.
  8. Jul 20,  · This is a review and detailed measurements of the Emotiva XPA-DR2 "differential" power amplifier. It is on kind loan from a member and costs US $ from the company direct. This thing a beast both in size and weight: This, despite usage of switchmode power supply to .
  9. The Emotiva XPA mono block power amplifier is the perfect foundation of a truly superb audiophile stereo, or multi-channel sound system. Each XPA incorporates one amazingly powerful, dynamic, clean sounding X Series amplifier module. With watts at 8 ohms and watts at 4 ohms on tap, sonic nirvana is just the twist of a knob away!/5(15).