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Amplifier stereophile amplifiers

Amplifier stereophile amplifiers

Like a waterslide? Jul 30, Joined Jul 21, Messages 1, Likes 1, I'm not bothered by Herb Reichert's essays because I think his passion is chasing hifi rainbows. Other people restore vintage automobiles which will rarely be driven, or buy comic books which are encased in plastic and hence cannot be read.

Hifi as it's own hobby, apart from mobile devices and computers has been struggling since the s. I think what you're seeing reflected in the pages of Stereophile is the reality that tube-and-vinyl guys are some of the only ones still spending big bucks.

John Atkinson Member Industry Insider. Joined Mar 20, Messages 97 Likes Maybe John Atkinson will measure this one later? Blumlein 88 Major Contributor Forum Donor.

Joined Feb 23, Messages 12, Likes 18, At about 83dB per watt he must have had to sit REAL close to hear anything at all without clipping from 8 watts a side. They are possibly the worst speakers in existence to use with a low power tube amp. I suppose their minimum impedance is high-ish at I believe 7. Here's a great option for those who demand the taste of champagne on a beer budget. It produces the kind of sound that transports from your lounge to a live recording session.

Timing is impressive and it fills the room with an addictive sense of energy that seems to soak into the walls. In terms of authenticity and scale, few amps can beat the Elex-R — especially at such an appealing price. As you may have guessed from the typically-solid case, this is very much a traditional amp. It not luxurious but it is well-engineered and reliable — our test unit has been running for over three years without any issues.

There's no digital inputs, no Bluetooth and no headphone output. But if you're all about the music, you'll almost certainly be wowed by the Elex-R's sonics. Read the full review: Rega Elex-R. The Rega Aethos delivers an fantastic combination of insight, dynamics and rhythmic precision to produce a class-leading sound.

It's not the most highly-specced stereo amp we've seen, though. There are no digital inputs, nor is there a phono stage for a turntable, which is surprising at this level. You do get five line-level inputs and a 6.

IF you can live with that, the Rega will reward you with a captivating sound, that majors in clarity and dynamic fluidity. Its sense of timing is second to none at that level, which is part of the reason it's a What Hi-Fi? Awards winner. Read the full review: Rega Aethos. Just like a Cadillac, the Moon i offers power and performance in a classy, understated case.

Sound is smooth and defined, layered with texture and refreshingly clear. The i partners well with almost any speakers but to show off its true capabilities, you'll want to hook it up to some serious kit. The superb sonics are matched by impressive specs.

So, whether you want connect a CD player, laptop, TV or media streamer, the i will oblige. If all that hasn't won you over, take a closer look at the Moon i's classy metal casing and crisp OLED display. If you're working with a healthy budget and want a versatile digital amp, take a trip to the Moon. Read the full review: Moon i. This stripped-back amp is pitched at the hifi purist.

With no digital connections, no wireless connectivity, no headphone socket and no phono stage, the M2si is all about going back to basics and focusing on what really matters — sound. In the M2si, Musical Fidelity has created an brilliant performer capable of delivering large-scale sound without breaking a sweat.

Complex rhythms are handled effortlessly; individual instruments are rendered precisely and tonal balance is such that this amplifier is a lot less fussy about partnering with equipment than many of its rivals. Of course, cheaper alternatives such as the Audiolab A give you far more features for the money. But if a remote control, six line level inputs and a smattering of solid metal controls are really all you need from a stereo amplifier, this simple, clean-cut affair is great bang for your buck.

Read the full review: Musical Fidelity M2si. Cambridge Audio Yoyo L review: The perfect audiophile streaming speaker. July 18, How to play high-resolution audio with Apple iTunes February 29, June 10, Load more. March 3, They are just so lovely Jimbob54 Major Contributor Forum Donor. Jul 30, Joined Oct 25, Messages 6, Likes 7, Ah, but their reviews are about feelings. How does it make you feel? Personally it makes me feel a bit sick.

Jimbob54 said:. Thread Starter 6. Pretty much most hifi reviews are about feelings. So, nothing out of the blue here. I am not exactly a fan of tube amps so i dont think i will run out and audtion them after reading this article. Btw the article did mention 8 ohm taps. Audio is realy strange. I mean who would buy a car with a steam engine?

Semla Active Member Jul 30, The cherry on top? Wireless active loudspeakers and one-box integrated amplifiers, which include both wired and wireless digital streaming connectivity, have made a system of various expensive boxes mostly obsolete for the average listener. The resurgence of vinyl has forced manufacturers to include a phono pre-amplifier in most integrated amplifiers and the myriad of streaming services such as Tidal, Qobuz, and Spotify are supported along with playback platforms such as Roon.

Integrated amplifiers are available with a wide range of features and power ratings. The one thing to remember is that better sound quality and a more extensive features list comes with a much higher price tag. Support for wireless streaming has become a standard feature on some integrated amplifiers, including Bluetooth aptX and aptX HD.

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  1. Jul 01,  · During my tenure as a Stereophile writer, I've reviewed a lot of integrated amplifiers. The mostly moderately priced integrated machines I've reviewed have included the Heed Audio Elixir ($), Luxman SQ-N ($) and LX ($), NAD C Hybrid Digital ($), Octave Audio V 80 SE ($10,), Rega Brio ($), and Schiit Ragnarok 2 ($ as equipped).
  2. May 21,  · ELAC Alchemy Series DPA-2 power amplifier. Once upon a time, in the early days of class-D amplification, the very notion that the ELAC (ELectroACoustic) Alchemy DPA-2 Stereo/Mono Power Amplifier ($ each) uses a class-D output stage would cause some readers to turn the page (footnote 1).
  3. Aug 20,  · The Boulder integrated amplifier's chassis somewhat resembles an accordion, with an angled front panel and irregularly shaped, oddly angled, smooth-edged heatsink fins. Dominating the view is a large color display that's easily read from 12' away. Four large buttons (volume up and down, mute, standby/on) are lined up on the right under the.
  4. Aug 23,  · Consistent with that last characteristic is the Brooklyn Amp's output architecture: it operates in class-D, a technology that remains controversial. In my first review for Stereophile, I evaluated the Spec RPA-W7EX Real-Sound class-D power amplifier ($). That hefty silver box warmed my cockles with sound that was worthy of comparison to that of tubed amplifiers: delicious spatial performance and tonality that .
  5. Sep 26,  · The Aegir. The original Aegir was a Norse sea giant, but this one is extremely compact: a lb, 9" by 13" by " stereo amplifier which, conveniently, is fitted to the same chassis as Schiit's lower-priced/higher-powered amp, the Vidar, which is named after a silent and reliable Norse god.
  6. Feb 25,  · According to the Decware website, the latest revision, model SE84UFO, is a class-A, zero-loop-feedback, single-ended, stereo tube amplifier using just two resistors and one Jupiter Beeswax film capacitor in its signal path. It costs $ The Zen Triode Amplifier is .
  7. Jul 07,  · Best stereo amplifiers Welcome to What Hi-Fi?'s round-up of the best stereo amplifiers you can buy in A great stereo amplifier is the engine of any great hi-fi system. All you need to do is find the right one for your particular set-up, and we hope this carefully curated list can help.
  8. Jul 20,  · Each of the Gen3's amplifier modules (two for stereo) has switch-selectable unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR inputs, and a pair of five-way speaker binding posts. The XPA Gen3's input impedance is 33k ohms balanced, k ohms unbalanced—which should be sufficient for use with tubed preamplifiers.