Composition No. 19 (Part II)

Composition No. 19 (Part II)

No. 19 THE KENYA LAW REFORM COMMISSION ACT No. 19 of Date of Assent: 14th January, Date of Commencement: 25th January, ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS Section PART I—PRELIMINARY 1—Short title. 2—Interpretation. 3—Guiding Principles. PART II—ESTABLISHMENT, OBJECT, FUNCTIONS AND POWERS OF THE COMMISSION.

National Environment Management Act No. 19 of I ASSENT 1.K. NYERERE President 10TH SEPTEMBER, (ii) animals, plants or microbes; or (iii) property, caused by emitting anything. PART II The Council shall prescribe the composition, pow­.

No. 19 of [Rev. ] Non-Governmental Organizations Co-ordination [Issue 1] 6 PART II – ESTABLISHMENT, FUNCTIONS AND POWERS OF THE BOARD 3. Establishment of the Board (1) There is hereby established a Board to be known as the .

Constitution of Zimbabwe (as amended by Constitution Amendment No. 19) - 3 - Parliament. PART 2 The Senate Composition of Senate. Election of President of Senate. Tenure of office of President and Deputy President of Senate. PART 3 Composition of House of Assembly, Speaker and Deputy Speaker and Parliamentary Legal Committee

Case No. UT. ORDER ON RECOMMENDED DECISION ON REPLACEMENT RESOURCES - PART II. THIS MATTERcomes before the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (“Commission” or “NMPRC”) on the J Recommended Decision on Replacement Resources – Part II issued by Hearing Examiners Ashley Schannauer and Anthony Medeiros (the.

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  1. NBH Sax Quintet (Middletown) – Part II NBH Two Compositions (Festival of New Trumpet Music) NBH Composition No. 19 (For Tubas).

  2. No. 19 of [Rev. ] Environment and Land Court [Issue 1] 10 (ii) the cultural and social principles traditionally applied by any community in Kenya for the management of the environment or natural resources in so far as the same are relevant and not inconsistent with any written law; (3).

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