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2017 audiostream

2017 audiostream

How to set stream on AudioStreamPlayer2D. Any idea? Please log in or register to add a comment. Please log in or register to answer this question.

Social login is currently unavailable. If you've previously logged in with a Facebook or GitHub account, use the I forgot my password link in the login box to set a password for your account. Within one year of the bill's passage, same-day audio release for Supreme Court oral arguments would be required; live audio at the high court would be required within two years and live video for all circuit court arguments also within two years. Donate News. The Justices. Action Center.

Get the Latest. Filter By:. Act Now. Edit: By the way I guess it'd work as long as I can grab the audioclip s and use them with their component which is similar to an AudioSource. It might sandman3 - when you utilize the full FMOD Studio plugin in Unity from which I'm using in the package only tiny part which wraps FMOD low level API - the rest is simply not used and can be removed from unity project , you should be able to use gvr spatializer added in 1.

Last edited: May 3, Joined: Oct 17, Posts: 5. Hello, I'm working on a project which need to play game audio from mobile speaker while it connect to a headphone.

In your description of the plugin, you said "meaning these do not work on mobile platform out of the box". So does your plugin can play audio from mobile speaker while it connects to a headphone or it won't work, I'm abit confuess right now. Michelangeloapple , May 5, Michelangeloapple , May 6, Setup like this will get convoluted pretty quickly - an user wearing headphones expects the audio to be played on them, you'd have to switch between outputs while the app will be running and all audio will be either on speaker, or on headphones unfortunately?

Also, no Android for now; although the plugin itself is not complicated probably , I've no spare resources to integrate native Android plugin for now. Thanks for understanding. I can add this for iOS, but it will take a while to expose everything properly should I choose to.

Michelangeloapple , May 8, For your use I'd have to expose a setting which would set the output on speakers explicitly but again, I find very low value in this since you'd get feedback while recording from sensor which is i. Last edited: May 9, Michelangeloapple , May 9, Last edited: May 10, It seems people had more luck by using external bluetooth device where in iOS 10 there was added new category which preserves external mic.

Michelangeloapple , May 11, New update 1. Update finally just went live, in which the 3D limitation is finally gone yay : V 1. It seems to be showing 0. Was contemplating adding saving streamed audio as. Joined: Apr 21, Posts: 2. Hey I am new to Audio Stream. But i have this problem when i build. In the editor it works fine but when i build the project to windows. I am required to remove the component and add the component again.

Could this be because of the fmod build settings?

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